Silverleaf, Second Weekend - 19th of July, 2003

The second weekend of the faire started at 8:00 AM. I did my normal morning stuff, finished loading up my car, and started off towards Muskegon. The drive was very Michigan-like, which means lots of trees and corn fields. Boring for most people, but when you've grown up with it, it's a nice reminder of home. There was some rain as I headed towards Lake Michigan, but it let up as I neared my destination.

I arrived at Freya's house after only one wrong turn, even earlier than anticipated. We set off towards the Faire in Galesburg chatting along the way and the rain picked up again. I was hoping the clouds would rain themselves out before we got to the faire.

When we finally arrived and the rain had indeed stopped, but it looked as though it may start up again at any time, so I decided to dress-down. I started changing into my okay-to-get-wet garb and noticed that I had forgotten my footwear! I was wearing bright white shoes instead of my hefty black boots. Well, there was no way I was going to be caught at the faire in tennis shoes, so I dropped the shoes and decided to go barefoot.

Bird of Prey Red Hawk

We got in and started looking around. A lady with a pretty bird of prey walked by, and I had to get a shot of the animal. She also informed us of the red hawk at the other end of the faire. I've met both these birds before, but this time I decided to actually get pictures of them. The poor red hawk had an injured wing, as you can see from the picture. The people who take care of the birds don't give them names, because they don't want people to think of them as pets, a logical idea.

After more wandering we found ourselves at the Voluptuous Viking, where Freya picked up a very beautiful black and white dress. She was quite excited. More wandering took us to the joust, which was good even if obviously scripted. After a few hours had passed Freya noticed that she had dropped her brush, so we retraced our steps for the morning to try and find it, but alas, it was no where to be seen.

Found her brush!

Almost near the end of the faire we checked the lost and found booth and lo and behold, there it was! Freya was overjoyed, so I snapped a shot of her hugging the lady at the counter.

Me Freya As the faire was ending, we got a picture of each other. You can see my bare feet that were feeling quite sore at this point. Then, there's Freya's lovely brown hair. I'm rather jealous of it.

We hit Burger King for dinner. It's amazing how good fast food can taste when it has been nine hours since your last meal.

After dinner, it was more driving back to Muskegon, and it started raining again as we passed Grand Rapids, but let up as we got near her house. I stopped in, chatted a bit with Freya and her mother, and then began the long drive back to Grand Blanc. As I left, it started raining again! Amazing, the entire day, and all the time I was in the car it rained, and every time I got out, the rain let up. I must have appeased a rain god or something.

All together, I drove 8 hours that day! That's the most driving I've ever done in one day in my life! We have a new personal record!

It was a good day at the faire.