Independence Day - 2003/07/04

My Independence Day this year was awesome! I spent it at my friend Dave's house which has been the past site of two other ID4's. Lots of open space for fireworks and in a nice remote area.

We arrived at Dave's at around five in the evening. It was quite hot and humid as it had just rained heavily for about an hour. This is actually a good thing, because all the trees and grass were wet, adds some safety when you plan on using fireworks.

A large party was expected at Dave's house that day and a live band was even scheduled to play! But for most the of the simple daylight hours, I was just shooting off rather boring stuff like fire crackers and bottle rockets. A little after nine, once the sun was beyond the horizon, I started pulling out the big stuff.

Smoke Bomb

It started with a 5 minute-long smoke bomb to clear the air of those pesky bugs. It worked out really well and covered the entire area with smoke. The picture doesn't even give you the full effect. It basically looked like the entire area was covered in a thick fog. Visibiliy was about 20 feet. It was great!

After the huge smoke bomb I started doing a few rockets, missile batteries, roman candles and other medium stuff. Once the sky was getting dark I pulled out the cool stuff. My 100-shot batteries were nice, but the really big 225 shot was spectacular. My big red/blue peony mortar was very cool too. Some of the rockets sucked, some were really cool, and I forgot again to write down which, oh well.

We stopped the fireworks as the band got ready to play, and went over to watch them. They were a metal/punk band, which isn't really my taste, but that kind of music is always cool to see live. So they started playing to an audience of about thirty. Now everyone was just sort of sitting there chilling, as this band was playing right in front of them. It seemed like nobody was really enjoying the music. So Dave and I decided that we should do something about it. Now, normally I don't dance because I suck at it, but the adrenaline from the fireworks, and the desire to do something with all the energy got the better of me. I started dancing, poorly, but dancing none-the-less.

We were able to entice a few others to dance as well which was good, but I just kept on dancing even when I was the only one doing it. I had let my hair down, which was now all over the place. Through some really heavy songs I really danced, and we even had a small, but lively moshpit going. I pushed my way into the fray several times and made it through unscathed. Sadly no pictures, as I didn't want my camera broken.

The band played for about two hours and, except for an occasional water break, I danced for all of it very heavily. When the band finally ended their set I was completely drenched in sweat. I was actually complemented by a few people and the band themselves about my dancing. That I did it, not that I did it well ;-), which made me feel pretty good.

Bon Fire

The band packed up at around 11:30 and after that we were getting ready to start the bon-fire. One of the guys wanted to start it with gasoline, but we were able to convince him not to. The brush pile was about five feet tall and twenty feet wide and contained plenty of wet stuff from the rain, but there were a few dry patches which I was able to get started. I got it started slowly with a cardboard box and in a few minutes we had a very large fire going. It was the actually the largest fire I had ever seen. The flames were about fifteen feet high, off the five foot pile, which was really quite beautiful.

A few more fireworks were lit off and it quickly became 1:00 AM. I decided I had my fill and got ready to leave. I picked up a little and said my good-byes and drove home. The party was a huge success.

When I awoke the next morning my entire body ached. Although every joint and muscle felt stiff and painful, the worst part was my neck, which still hurts a little two days later. Too much head-banging. Oh well, I had a heck of a time. Independence Day is certainly one of my favorite holidays.