The Detroit Comic Convention - 2002/05/19

This weekend marked the spring Detroit Comic Convention. After last year's convention (which I loved) I was determined to go to this one. I traveled to the con with Sarah aka Abbagirl. We made it there at around noon, and got some breakfast at Boston Market. Which can't really be considered breakfast, but you get the idea. From there, we went across the street to the Novi Expo Center, where the con was being held.


We began walking around, stopping at each table, checking out their stuff. I was dressed very interesting. Vinyl pants, spandex shirt, and a patent leather collar. (hee hee) The only thing I was looking for in particular was a back issue of Dork Tower, issue #5. We kept looking and I kept not finding Dork Tower 5.

Beatie Edney

I saw a nice full glossy picture of Beatie Edney, as Heather from the movie Highlander, in a very sexy bodice. Of course I bought it! (She's such a babe!) The picture is about 12x14 inches. Then, I met the fantasy artist Susan Van Camp, who I haven't seen in two years. She is still an amazing artist, with a very unique style, with a very nice personality. I regret not bringing any Magic cards, but I didn't even know she was there. Speaking of artists, Larry Elmore, the man famous for Dragonlance paintings, was there as well. He wasn't at his booth, so I never did see him. I should have brought a Dragonlance book too!

Dork Tower Issue #5!

The time was drawing to a close. It was nearing 3:30, and that is when we had to leave in order to catch Star Wars 2. So we began to leave, and yet I still was without an issue of Dork Tower #5. As we were walking out, there was one final comic booth. I asked the man if he had any Dork Tower... and like everyone else, he said no. However! He said that there was a table -way- in the back who might have it. So I ran to the back, and lo and behold, there it was! Dork Tower issue #5! I now own every issue of Dork Tower!

Quickly, we left to the movie theatre to watch Star Wars. (The proper thing to do after leaving a comic convention.) The movie ended up being quite good. It was certainly better than Episode 1, but was that really hard? Sadly, Jar-Jar didn't die. Of course, it doesn't rank up to 4, 5, or 6, but those are hard to beat.

Afterwards, we went back to Sarah's place, and watched the last episode of Survivor. I've only seen one other episode ever, so I wasn't too impressed, but I did enjoy it. Although, the girl I wanted to win, didn't. Doh! Well after that, I went home arriving a little after midnight, to swiftly go to bed. All together, this year's convention was much bigger, but not better than last year's.