Renaissance Festival Week 3 - 2001/07/28

Remember last week when I said I had the best time at a Ren Festival ever? Well, that record has been broken! First I'll explain the days leading up to the weekend. On Thursday, a friend of mine was turning 15, and had nobody to take her anywhere on her birthday. So I took her and her friends out for the night, not returning home until 1:00 am. And of course I had to wake up at 6:45 the next morning for work. Okay, five and a half hours of sleep isn't bad. Last week I said I would accompany my friend Eric to Ypsilanti, and Friday was the day we were going (I forgot about the faire! I don't know how!). We didn't get back home until 5:30 am. (ugh!) Well at least I didn't have to drive. So then Saturday I wake up at 9:00 am. With only a little over 3 hours of sleep, I drive towards Galesburg.

Somewhere near Lansing I grabbed breakfast at a Wendy's (a baked potato was all that sounded good.) And kept on driving. I finally reached the Silverleaf Renaissance Faire at around 12:45. I garbed up, with a black velvet shirt, my Spanish leather doublet, and my hooded cloak. I visited several shops where I purchased a hematite cross necklace. I also bought an ocarina (which I'll probably never be able to play, but it's still cool).

Shortly there after, I met April (one of the girls I met last week), who was wearing her very nice hand-made green dress. With her help I found Eric and Larissa. Eric was dressed as Merlin, with a full gray beard, and long gray hair. He also sported a long black cloak, and full black robes. With him he carried a skeletal staff (Very impressive). Larissa was clad in her very beautiful white velvet gown. It was a nice reunion, and we were all happy to see each other again. (I was really happy!) We strolled around the Faire and came across a place where there was practice sword fighting taking place. April and Larissa were both feeling murderous and tried to kill poor Malthatos Dark. This of course didn't happen, as they were both happily slaughtered.

(Larissa is in the white, April's in the green)

The rest of the day went smoothly and before I knew it, it was already closing time. We went to the camping grounds and set up the tents. Luckily, April had an extra tent, and was kind enough to let me sleep in it. (What a gal!) Of course putting it up became rather difficult, as she was intent on stabbing me with the tent poles! Not only that, but the dress and the face paint really make her look EVIL.

Tent Stake Attack!

April met a man named John, and the two hit it off quite well. So the five of us went out to eat at Perkins, which is a family restaurant similar to Big Boy. The night was beautiful, despite it being rather overcast. We stayed up until around 1:00 am, and had a great time. It was fairly warm, and as I crashed in the tent I felt very content. Aside from the spider crawling up my arm, everything was perfect. Well I was awoken around 7:00 am by the rain. It wasn't much, but it was loud enough. (That's what I get for killing the spider!) All I wanted was 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep, was that too much to ask? Anyway, I got up, and faced the morning. Blah! The light rain stopped and all was well again. As the day progressed, all that rain evaporated and it became VERY humid. I was sweating buckets. So I toned down my wardrobe, and went with just a black velvet shirt.

All through the days of the Faire, Merlin the Magician was seen wandering about, performing magical acts. However on the last day, Eric slew Merlin, and made a staff out of his corpse. Ain't it cute!

Dead Merlin

Larissa was innocent and pure yesterday in her white velvet dress. Today, however she was evil and corrupt. She wore a black and maroon dress, leather handcuffs, a bull whip, and a gold choker. (Yeah-baby!) We wandered around the Faire, and she came across a leather shop. (Uh oh!) She bought a pair of patent leather handcuffs, spiked and studded. Then she proceeded to put them on me, and tie a leather strap to them, and to her wrist! I was being dominated, and I liked it! She couldn't help herself, and bought a leather collar with a chain, and tied Eric to wrist as well. Then April was added, and finally John. And what could possibly make things worse? (or better depending on your vantage point) She led us into the parade! Senior Citizens, and little children alike witnessed a little chain of leather, led by the Queen Mistress. Although it being the Ren Faire, it was okay. (Even got a few shouts and hollers!) Oh yeah, at one of the vendors I bought a nice set of Oriental balls. Uhhh... It sounds worse than it is!

The day went on, and I wanted to get a picture of myself. There was a very nice place called mystical mist, where water came down in mist to cool people off. It seemed the perfect spot. So the lovely Larissa took my picture. Now normally I'm not too thrilled about getting my picture taken, but when I'm in garb, I Looove it! I normally don't look this evil, but It just fit so well with the clothes.

Me a'la Evil

All good things must come to an end... Sadly, this was no exception. The day was almost over, though I wanted it to last forever. We took down the tents, and packed up the site. Then we went out to dinner once more, and returned to the campgrounds. We listened to music and danced (Yes, I actually danced, but I sucked so it was okay.) Unfortunately, I was not able to get a suitable picture of the beautiful Larissa, although I tried. Hard to believe a woman like her could possibly be non-photogenic! Well, the good-byes were said, and I will definitely miss all three of them. (Larissa mostly ;-) ) We'll keep in touch, and I will definitely see her again.

The drive home was L-O-N-G, and I almost fell asleep at the wheel, but luckily I had David Bowie's Greatest Hits to keep me company. I blared the CD as loud as possible, and still almost fell asleep! Yet, I made it home and instantly crashed in my bed and was out like a light (Which is totally unlike me. I usually toss and turn for at least an hour, but I was running on empty.) For the next two days, I've been hearing Bowie's song "Velvet Goldmine" going though my head over and over again! MAKE IT STOP!!!