Renaissance Festival Week 2 - 2001/07/21

Okay, so I got up at 8:00 am on a Saturday. That right there is a sin punishable by death. But since it was for a good cause, I let it slide. I got ready, and my friends Jeremy and Dave came over. Me being the sweet well-mannered guy that I am decided to share my garb with my buddies. (Should of charged the free-loading weasels rent!) ;-) So after getting the beginnings of our costumes on, we hopped in my car and began the two hour drive to Galesburg Michigan.

We stopped only once at a Hardee's somewhere near Swartz Creek. There we thoroughly harassed the nice girl at the counter. She didn't seem to hate us too much. So then it was off to the Faire. While driving south on I-69 just before I-94, we were met with some serious rain. "Terrific!" I thought, as traffic was slowed down to about 45 mph. We pressed on undeterred by mother nature's display of power. And as we neared Battle Creek the rain subsided.

I thought that was it. I thought "Great the rain is too far away from Galesburg for us to get wet." Have you ever heard the expression: "You thought wrong"? Well I know what that means VERY well now.

So we arrive, get to the parking lot, and toss on the remainder of our garb. My friend Jeremy was wearing my white frilly shirt, my Spanish leather doublet, black pants, and a pair of my boots. My friend Dave wore my brown peasant shirt, and a pair of black jeans. (He felt apprehensive about accidentally ruining any of my more expensive clothing.) And I wore a black velvet shirt, with a long black velvet hooded cloak, a pair of black jeans, and black leather boots. (I felt necromancer-ish that day.) So we got our tickets, and went into the Faire. We looked around for awhile, examining some combat-ready carbon steel weapons, and other interesting items. From a distant stage I saw the act of those charming gentleman: Rouges and Rapiers. They were performing there act, so we decided to catch the last half. At this time it was very lightly sprinkling, and we still didn't think we were going to get hit hard. As part oftheir act, the performers grabbed a victim (volunteer) and locked her into a medieval torture device. The act continued, and it began to rain. Not rain, like light sprinkle, but rain like lifting an ocean above solid ground, and letting it go. Everyone ran under trees, and tents trying desperately hard not to get wet. I pulled out my trusty garbage bag, and we quickly unloaded my more fragile garb into it. However, everyone forgot about the poor woman in the torture device! She was happily getting dumped on! Well they quickly unlocked her, and she ran to safety.

We made our way to the other side of the faire, getting drenched quite nicely. Finally when the rain started to come down painfully hard, we too went under a tent. I was hoping to get some nice pictures of my trip this weekend, but that wasn't going to be all that possible due to the rain. I remember making a comment like: "Well it's still true, Mother Nature doesn't like switching her plans to suite us!" And how true it was.

From under the Legend of the Five Rings Tent, I took a nice picture of the rain.

Well we stayed under the tent for a good five minutes. It was quite boring... I decided I wasn't about to let a little rain spoil my fun. (Well a lot of rain, but who's counting.) So I ran out into the melee. I let the rain pour down on me. And darn it, I liked it! It was then I saw this woman sitting on a picnic table getting heavily rained on. I walked up to her and made a comment about the slight bit of rain. She was trying to get her shoes off, I helped her untie the wet knots, and we talked for awhile. It was about that time that I noticed she was VERY pretty. *Blushes* It turned out she was going to perform at the faire, but now her act was, pardon the expression, all washed up. Undaunted by the rain, she still gave a very nice performance of Scarborough Faire, while standing on a picnic table in the rain! She was very good too! Her friend arrived and also sung a nice drinking song, (even if the only drink was water.) and also sounded very good. We wanted to do something, and since most everything was closed, shopping wasn't an option. So she suggested playing on the swings. We ran over to the swing set. (A very smart place to go during an electrical storm, what with it being made of metal and all.) and stayed there for a few hours, as the rain subsided.

These two girls were very nice, very smart, and very pretty. :-) We talked as it rained, and we sung songs, recited poetry, and just plain had fun. It finally stopped raining and people started to come out of the wood work. It was decided that we would go out to lunch (or dinner depending on how early you eat.) Then everyone from both our groups showed up. Six total. (Another man from the women's party.) We all went to change out of our wet clothes. (I had to spend $40 bucks on a pair of cheap, but dry, pants. GRRR!) We met up again, of course neither of us lived around the area, so neither knew any restaurants. I asked some people who looked like they were from around the area, and they gave semi-accurate directions. Good enough for us though. We went to a Japanese steakhouse, which was part of the same complex as a medical center! HA! We made several interesting comments about that, And I even got a picture, although you can't make out the writing.

Well, dinner was great, and sadly it ended. It was 6:15 pm, (The faire closes at 6:00) but we went back anyway. You never know what people might want to sell cheaper. Didn't get much then, just looked around at the damage that the water caused to everyone's stuff.

I now regret not getting a picture of the two lovely ladies that I met, but I'm going again this weekend, and hopefully (God willing) I'll see them again. Despite the downpour, this was the best time at a Renaissance Festival I've ever had.