Campfire - 2001/07/01

Last Sunday my friends and I had a small campfire in my backyard. Because of this we've become a little wiser, a little more grown up, and a little more mature. For example, when you toss a lighter into a pile of red hot coals, you should expect to see an nice sized fireball shoot embers everywhere! YEEE-HA!

Okay, so we're reckless male pyromaniacs. We can live with that.

Here's a step-by-step way to have your own fiery torch race at your house.

Step 1 - Take dried cedar branches, and place them into your fire. (Cedar branches TORCH!)

Step 2 - Get a nice flame going between you and your competitor.
Eric one the left, Sean on the right.

Step 3 - Run like the Dickens! (If burning branches land in your hair put them out!)

Step 4 - Make it to the finish line.

Step 5 - Declare your winner. In this case Sean.

Of course, not all of the night was running around almost killing ourselves. We also made a darn good dinner wrapped in tinfoil. This is how a MAN eats food! Potatoes, Onions, Carrots, and of course Garlic! That was pretty darn good eating.

And what fire would be complete without tossing in something that you're not supposed to at the end of the fire. In this case, an unopened can of pop. It started out kind of boring, as we all backed off a good fifty feet. All of us except for Sean, but he's not all there. So we sit waiting, and hear a small pop. Was that it? How boring! Sean runs up and looks at it, like the genius that he is. Well, it explodes like a gunshot right when he's about five feet from it. The rest of us thought it was pretty funny!

Here's what happened to the can.