Anal-Retentive and Obsessive Compulsive
Habits I have

I am mildly anal-retentive and obsessive compulsive. What does anal-retentive mean? Well, if you're anal-retentive you would have noticed that the word "have" in this page's title isn't capitalized and you will be annoyed by it. I am, but I must leave it that way as an example. Obsessive compulsive is a disorder that people can get that involves odd behavior like washing your hands 100 times a day and the like. I'm not that bad, but I have a few habits that seem obsessive compulsive.

I have many little quirks that many people find odd, strange, or just plain annoying. Here is the current list of strange things that I compulsively do. Some of these things I don't even know why I do and yet I do them. Bizarre. I'm sure I have more habits that I don't even notice, but this is all I could think of at the time.

  • When looking at merchandise at a store, if a product is in the wrong spot, I'll move it to the correct place. This isn't to help the store keep things tidy, it's because I hate seeing things out of place.
  • After shaving, I always make sure that there aren't any little rouge hairs on the sink.
  • I correct people who say improper phrases like "Me and him". (People really hate this!)
  • After eating at a restaurant I put all my used dishes and napkins on one plate. Again, this isn't to help the server, it's because I hate to see a mess on a table.
  • I always clean up any gobs of toothpaste in the sink basin, they bug me.
  • I -always- put the toilet seat down, including the lid (I blame my mother).
  • My pant's pockets each serve their own purposes, which is strictly enforced.
    • Front left: Keys and silver change.
    • Front right: Writing utensils, comb, and pennies.
    • Back left: Empty.
    • Back right: Wallet.
    • Fifth pocket: Hair tie.
  • I always push the little buttons down on pop lids -before- drinking anything at fast food restaurants.
  • Toilet paper -must- roll from over the top. Otherwise I will switch it, even if I'm at someone else's house.
  • I have to sleep with my pillow covering my head (Not sure why).
  • I clip my finger nails so that they are parallel to my fingers, not the skin beneath them.
  • I heavily document my code even when not forced to (If you're a programmer you understand why this is anal).
  • The contents of my medicine cabinet are structured and keep their structure at all times.
  • I remove all the loose hair from my hairbrush every time I use it.
  • I cringe when people say they are doing "good" as opposed to doing "well".
  • I hate it when disc jockeys talk during the beginning or ending of a song.
  • I always close opened doors, cupboards, cabinets, etc.
  • I love when digital clocks read unique numbers like 12:34, 11:11, 4:04, 4:11, etc.
  • When I use a fork the tines must all be properly parallel or I will bend them so they are.
  • My shampoo and conditioner bottles have to be facing the same direction in the shower.