The Origin of: TheAlmightyGuru

A number of people often ask me why I carry the nick name: TheAlmightyGuru. Well okay, only two people ever have, but I like to think that's a lot. Well anyway, for those of you who don't care to know here's why my nickname is TheAlmightyGuru

The name "TheAlmightyGuru" dates back to when I was about fourteen years old. It was when I first saw a book called Tricks of the Game Programming Gurus The term Guru was a word I was unfamiliar with, so I went to my trusty Webster's and looked it up. The word Guru was the title given to a wise hermit or holy man. Well, me being a plethora of useless knowledge and trivia, I scooped that name right up. So all through High School I was "The Guru".

Well it's not like everyone called me that. My teachers refused to call me that, saying my grades reflected otherwise. Well book learning isn't a sign of true intelligence anyway! (Or so I tell myself.) Well anyway, it seemed that in the computer field there were many people (ingrates really) who called themselves gurus! Well, these wannabes all copied off my nickname! Really they did! Absolutely nobody used the title before me. So these posers who think they compare to my vast guruness, have the nerve to claim they are gurus too! Well that was it! I had to elevate myself beyond these feeble mortal children.

Thus the title: TheAlmightyGuru was coined.

Well, the conceited little kid who originally came up with this name still lives within me even to this day. I keep him hidden most of the time, but he does have a tendency to rear his arrogant face every so often. The name has stuck, and so it will forever. (Well at least until I die.)