The Origin of: Makenzi

The very first nick name I ever used for computer games was Makenzi. Its origin is kind of weird. Many moons ago, the beer company Budweiser had a dog for its mascot. The dog's name was Spud Mackienzi. (I'm not sure on the spelling) The name was kind of humorous, so I used it when I played Paper Airplanes with my brother. I also used it the first time I played the game Wing Commander. (AWESOME GAME!) From then on, every time I make a science fiction character or poilet, I use the name Makenzi. (Note, that it is spelled differently from most variations.)

Makenzi doesn't have a great history like Lukrain and TheAlmightyGuru, as Sci-Fi games aren't my favorite past time, but it still has its memories. I've beaten Wing Commander 5 using the name (twice actually). The weird thing about Makenzi, is that I still haven't come up with a suitable last name. Oh well.