The Origin of: Lukrain Dreamweaver

This is the name I use for any of my fantasy game characters. The first time I ever used this name was the first time I played Dungeons and Dragons. I haven't played D&D in years, and I probably will never play it again due to its lack of entertainment. However, the name Lukrain Dreamweaver will endure forever.

That's great, but where did you get the name? Back when I was still new to computers, back when they were much more exciting because of the mystery they held, my brother bought a computer gamed called: Might and Magic III, Isles of Terra. This game was a masterpiece, which I recently re-played (It's amazing how much it's changed.) Well anyway, the story behind the land told of its creation and mythology. It seemed that the humans were created by a god called Lucren. He was the god of magic, mystery, and enigma. Well magic of course is mysterious to a kid, and I was enticed by it. So of course, Dungeons and Dragons was a thrill. The first time I played I created a wizard. His name was... Lukrain.

Now at the time Lukrain had no last name. He just went by "Lukrain". It wasn't until I played Magic: The Gathering when I finally gave him a last name. The card, from the Legends Set, was called: Rasputin Dreamweaver. Now the card sucks, but the name is very fitting. Lukrain has always been a mysterious character.

Thusly, Lukrain Dreamweaver was created.