The Origin of: Demi-Lich

Most non-gamer people don't know what a demi-lich is, so I'll explain. A lich is an undead creature similar to a zombie or mummy. In folklore, when a powerful wizard wanted to cheat death, they could cast certain spells on themselves that would keep them alive forever. To do this they would have to suck their life essence out of their body, and become a soulless abomination. Though their body would live forever they would become twisted and evil in their non-life. (Charming isn't it?)

A demi-lich is a lich that has been around for thousands of years, who has slowly degenerated into nothing more than a pile of dust and bone. Yet, they are still very powerful, and can steal the souls of the living.

Of course, that is just folklore and legend, nothing to really get all worked up about, but still it creates a certain mood when you think about it.

Anyway, when I was going through the destructive stage of my life, in my early teens, I began to write documents on how to cause mischief. None of the documents ever made it to the web, and very few remain. They included instructions on how to make fireworks and low order explosives, the kind of stuff you can find in the Terrorist's Handbook or Anarchist's Cookbook.

I never actually made any real big stuff, I was mostly pleased with homemade fireworks, and it was a short lived alias, but a fun one for the time.