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This is the page where I dump all my other Ultima stuff that doesn't really fit into any other pages. Enjoy.

Ultima Fonts


Most companies these days make a manual that simply shows you how to play the game and that's all. Origin was special in the fact that they actually made their manuals as such that they could exist in the game world itself. They not only showed you how to play the game, but also had an entertaining story along with them. In order to preserve a generation of gaming that now seems lost I'm scanning my manuals to show just how interesting they truely were.

Black Gate: Fellowship
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Ultima Album

This is a project I've been working on ever since I first played Ultima VII The Black Gate. If you've ever watched the credits for Ultima VII they say that the soundtrack for the game is available. Origin wrote this as a joke, and were quite surprised when they received hundreds of requests for the album, which they never produced. In the credits of Ultima VII part 2, they wrote that there wasn't a soundtrack so don't ask!

I, like many of those people who sent in a request, wanted the soundtrack darn it! Although Origin did eventually make a few soundtracks for assored games, Ultima VII being one of them, It wasn't complete. I've had the Ultima MIDI's for some time, but the process of converting a MIDI to an MP3 doesn't give you the true sound of the original.

I had pretty much given up hope until I found Tom's Ultima MP3's which contained several Ultima MP3s. I made a test album from them, but was rather disappointed because several tracks are still missing. Then I found Dor-Lomin's Ultima Page which contained even more MP3s. With all these MP3s at my disposal I set about creating an Ultima Album.

I weeded through the duplicates and picked out the ones that sounded the best and then setup play list that would sound as though you were traveling through the game itself. The final track list looks like this.

Upgraded Ultima Exodus NES Tiles

These are some sprites from Ultima Exodus for the NES. It was the first Ultima I ever played, so this is sort of a bit of nostalgia for me. I just upgraded the 4 color sprites into 256 color sprites for the fun of it. I also made the characters a bit more diverse, and removed the crosses and replaced them with the more fitting ankhs.

Fighter (Old) Fighter (New)     Druid (Old) Druid (New)     Ranger (Old) Ranger (New)     Wizard (Old) Wizard (New)     Illusionist (Old) Illusionist (New)     Alchemist (Old) Alchemist (New)
Barbarian (Old) Barbarian (New)     Thief (Old) Thief (New)     Cleric (Old) Cleric (New)     Paladin (Old) Paladin (New)     Lark (Old) Lark (New)

Goblin (Old) Goblin (New)     Orc (Old) Orc (New)     Skeleton (Old) Skeleton (New)     Ghoul (Old) Ghoul (New)

Golem (Old) Golem (New)     Titan (Old) Titan (New)     Giant (Old) Giant (New)     Pirate (Old) Pirate (New)     Thief (Old) Thief (New)     Brigand (Old) Brigand (New)

I've recorded the ripped soundtracks of several Ultima games for the Videogame Music Preservation Foundation including: