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The Ultima Encyclopedia

The land of Britannia is a rich world with an extensive history. Because I love the land so much, and because I have a good deal of knowledge about the land, I've decided to make an encyclopedia about it. There have been a few attempts at an Ultima Encyclopedia in the past but it seems that they are now all abandoned. This page will never go too long without an update of some kind. I will continually update this page when I have the time and the motivation. I have plenty of time left in my life to work on it. For now it is still incomplete, but it's already grown quite extensively since its first posting, and it will continue to grow until there is nothing left to write. (Which will take years!)

This document is written as it would exist in the land of Britannia after the Avatar's companions returned to Britannia and the Avatar has been sent to the void. Anything that exists in Pagan is unknown to Britannia at this time and The Guardian hasn't started taking over Britannia yet.

I have taken a few liberties on some of the topics that are not truly brought to light in the games as well as some continuity issues. I expect that I will make an occasional error within this text, as I expect it to be very large when it nears completion. (As well as some topics I'm not too knowledgeable on) I hope that all my fellow Dragons will help me correct my mistakes by emailing the error in question to me.

Questions I need answered:
Q. What was the last game to mention the four shrines of Ambrosia, and how/why were they destroyed?
Q. Was Jaana's hawk supposed to be a weapon, or a real hawk?

Thank you,
-Guru Dragon.



Aakara was the first mayor of Trinsic

The Abyss
See The Stygian Abyss.

Abyssal Colony
The abyssal colony was formed by Sir Cabirus a famous knight. It was composed of many different races including that of Humans, Mountain Folk, Goblins, Trolls, and Lizardmen. The abyssal colony was meant to be a place where all virtues were to be united and respected as a guiding dogma. Where all virtues were followed, it was thought, only peace would be the result. Unfortunately, the leader of this doomed colony, Sir Cabirus, died in the recesses of The Stygian Abyss and with his death the peace within the colony collapsed. Fighting broke out and since many of the colony members had great quarrels with the other races, civil work took place. The remaining who survived, left the colony to return to their life on the surface. Some who had grown too attached to life underground refused to leave. Later, after the colony had been forgotten, The Stygian Abyss was employed as a prison where once put in, you were never allowed to leave. Some say this is a fate far worse then death. The Abyssal Colony was fully disbanded when a demon known as the Slasher of Veils was banished from the deepest dungeon by The Avatar and the entire Abyss was consumed in magma.

Acids are liquids that cause corrosive damage to anything they touch. Acids can be taken from the acidic glands of the acid slug, found in pools near volcanoes, or it is often artificially made by alchemists. Acids come in varying degrees of strength. The stronger the acid the faster it will corrode the object it touches.

Acid Slug

Acid Slug
Acid slugs are large subterranean slugs measuring about two feet long. These beasts are a pale white in color, except for their heads which are dark gray. They secret a corrosive acid which covers their entire body and is left as a residue when they move. This acid is fairly potent and can dissolve wood, plants, and flesh rather quickly. After prolonged contact with the acid, even metals will be dissolved. Acid slugs aren't usually hostile, but if you enter their nests they will almost always attack. Luckily, acid slugs are quite slow, and you can usually run away with ease. When engaging an acid slug in combat, it's often best to fight from a distance.

Ages of Darkness
There were three ages of darkness in the history of Sosaria before it became known as Britannia. Each has their own section in this encyclopedia.
See The First Age of Darkness.
See The Second Age of Darkness.
See The Third Age of Darkness.

Alcohol is a drug that causes a slowness in the mind, and a dulling of pain. For that reason it is used by many healers. The drug is also used for more social purposes and can be found amidst many of the parties throughout Britannia. Alcohol comes in many different forms including that of Ale, Mead, and Wine. Each one is made from different plants, but they all have one thing in common, they all are fermented. The chief exporter of wine in Britannia is Empath Abbey, who for generations has produced the best wine in all the land.


The alligator is a reptile that lives in many swamps throughout the land. They are found in great quantities in the Bog of Desolation where they run rampant. They have been know to attack humans when extremely hungry, but they will usually stick to their main food consisting of small mammals and fish. Alligators are cold blooded so they must remain in warm climates in order to maintain a healthy metabolism. If you should ever come across one, be sure to keep your distance, Alligators are not especially fast runners but they can make a fast sprint for short distances. Alligators are the smaller cousin of a much larger reptile, the dragon, however they cannot breath fire or wield magic.

Ambrosia is an artic island thought to have been destroyed when it was battered by large rocks that fell from the sky. Four shrines were built on the island prior to it becoming lost. During The Third Age of Darkness, the heroes who killed Exodus, found the lost island of Ambrosia after sailing into a whirlpool. The shrines were very important to heroes as it was the location of the four cards that were used to defeat Exodus. It was also a place where the heroes were blessed by the priests. Though the island was proved to still exist, its location was still unknown. Later during the time of The Fellowship the island was truly found again by The Avatar. It seems the four shrines were destroyed or lost since The Third Age Darkness, for they no longer existed. However, a mineral known as Caddellite was discovered on the island, presumably from the rocks from the sky. The Avatar had to defeat a great Hydra in order to get to the blue rock. The mineral was instrumental in the destruction of the Cube Generator.


The ankh is a symbol that Lord British uses to represent the eight virtues in general. An ankh is usually made from stone, metal, or wood. It resembles a circle with a long crossed shaft on the bottom. Because of its symbolism, Ankhs have become common place in our culture. They can be seen in all manner of things from art and architecture to standards and jewelry. It is considered both heresy and bad luck to destroy an ankh.

Trapped within the black rock sword, the demon Arcadion is a pure evil manifestation. It was employed by The Avatar and used in the Serpent Isle.

Arid Desert
The largest desert in Britannia was once a glorious lake called: Lake Tranquility. Through horrible circumstances the lake was drained, and in its place came this dry wasteland. Little exists out in the desert save scorpions, snakes, and cacti. There is one small amount of civilization even in this desolate place. The city of Vesper is setup in the dunes near the sea.

Armageddon means, the end of all life. It is also a very powerful eighth circle spell. Supposedly, the spell has the power to kill every living thing in the world. The spell is thought to have been cast by a man known as Zog, but this can not be proven, as no history dates back that far.

In the land of Britannia lurk many foul creatures. It is wise for a traveler to equip themselves with a set of armor. There are many kinds of armor, and seven parts of the body to cover. The parts are, the head, the neck, the body, the arms, the hands, the legs, and the feet. Armor can also be magically enchanted to form magical armor.
Cloth, Leather, Scale, Chainmail, Plate, Gorget, Helmet, Swamp Boots, Buckler, Spiked Shield, Butterfly Shield, Curved Heater, Greaves, Kidney Belt

Armor, Magical
Magical armor functions similar to mundane armor. It covers vital areas of your body to prevent injury during combat. Magical armor however is magically enchanted to be stronger, and much lighter. Each item that exists as a normal piece of armor, can be enchanted to be magical.

Arrows are a commonplace weapon in Britannia. They are a smooth shaft of wood, with fletching on one end and a sharp point on the other. They are fired from bows to inflict a good amount of damage from a safe distance. Arrows are often times enchanted with spells to become magical arrows.

Arrow, Burst
A different form of arrow is known as the burst arrow. It has a fiery glow to it, and is a remarkable enchanted weapon. When it hits a solid object, it explodes into several other arrows, allowing the shooter to not even have to hit his mark, only hit near it.

Arrow, Love
This light pink colored enchanted weapon will charm the victim that it hits. Making them believe what ever the shooter wants. This arrow fires very well also.

Arrow, Magical
Magical arrows can be easily identified from a mundane arrow by the magical glow they give off, like many enchanted weapons do. Magical arrows have they ability to "home in" on their target, and almost always hit. This makes them very useful in combat, as well as hunting.

Arrow, Sleep
The now famous ranger Tsramned creates these enchanted weapons from the poison sacks of giant bees. When the target is hit, it will instantly fall into a deep state of unconsciousness. Although they are not a true magical arrow, they are categorized as one due to their sheer power.

The Avatar
The Avatar is the incarnation of the eight virtues. He has saved the world of Britannia back when it was still only known as Sosaria many times. The Avatar has many Companions who have helped him along the way. The Avatar is the most trusted friend of Lord British.

The Avatar's Companions
Before The Avatar was known as The Avatar, he went to find the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom. Along the way he befriended eight companions. They are:
Iolo Fitzowen
Sir Dupre



A bard is a jack-of-all-trades. Their profession requires that they be skilled in almost every different trade imaginable including, but not demanding: singing, playing instruments, fighting, and even casting spells. A bard is a follower of the virtue compassion as they care a great deal about the lives and well being of others. Bards are often caught cheering up the dreary lives of poor and sick. Bards are usually very knowledgeable about the current events of the world because they travel all around it. Bards are most often found in the largest of cities because there are so many people. This of course makes Britain a perfect place for bards. Some of the more famous bards in Britannia are Iolo Fitzowen, and his wife Gwenno Fitzowen.


Bats have always existed in Britannia. These beasts have been around even before we documented history properly. Bats are rodents, very similar to their cousins rats and mice. The difference of course is that bats fly. There are several different species of bats including, fruit bats, insect bats, giant bats, and vampire bats. Fruit bats are light tan and eat only fruits. Insect bats are a darker brown and eat insects. Both of these bats are totally harmless to people. Giant bats are eat meat including small animals and possibly even small children. Although they only attack humans when provoked, they are very distempered. The dark black vampire bat, can be dangerous because it drinks blood. Even though they usually don't attack humans, if they are very hungry, they will. All bats are nocturnal meaning they are only active at night. A bat will usually make its home in a cavern or abandoned mine.

Batlin was born in Yew, and became evil due to The Guardian's influence. He founded the cult known as The Fellowship. According to the returning members of The Avatar's party from Serpent Isle, Batlin was killed by The Guardian.

Bee, Giant
Giant bees are the size of a large dog and will attack any intruder in its hive. They attack with a powerful stinger, that injects a poison the causes severe drowsiness. The poison sacs are often taken from a dead giant bee and used for making sleep arrows.

Britannia has seen many beasts in it's time. All have there own different appearances and behaviors. Here is a listing of the many creatures seen since the dawn of Sosaria:

Acid SlugAlligator BatBalron
Bee, GiantBlood Worm BradleBobbit
CatCorpser CowCyclops
DeerDemon DogDragon
DrakeElementals ElfEmp
Etheral BeastFairy FishFuzzy
GargoyleGazer GhostGoblin
GolemGremlin GriffonHarpy
HeadlessHorse HydraImp
InsectKraken LicheLizardmen
Man-o-WarMinotaur MongbatMouse
OrcRabbit RatReaper
Rot WormScorpion Sea SerpentSheep
Silver SerpentSkeleton SlimeSnake
SnatchSpider TrollUnicorn
WispWolf Zombie

Blackthorn, Lord
See Lord Blackthorn.

The Black Gate
Created by The Fellowship under the control of The Guardian, The Black Gate was supposed to be a portal from Britannia to the land of The Guardian. It was constructed from the mineral black rock, but was thankfully destroyed by The Avatar before it could be used.

Black Ruby
Only one Black Ruby existed in the history, it was originally a large red ruby created by Wolfgang. However, it was stolen when his son Mondain killed him, and took it in his lust for power. After Mondain began using it for evil, the ruby turned black. When the man who was to be known as The Avatar destroyed Mondain, the Black Ruby was shattered. Three large fragments were lost. The fragments contained the three Shadowlords, who would later be released when The Codex of Ultimate Wisdom was taken from The Stygian Abyss.

Black Rock
Black Rock is a newly discovered mineral. It has very powerful magical, as well as anti-magical properties. According to current studies, black rock has the ability to explode, as well as be formed. There have been several creations made from black rock including the sphere, cube, and tetrahedron generators, as well as The Avatar's black rock sword.

Black Rock Sword
The Black Rock Sword is the enchanted weapon The Avatar obtained when he finally laid the Isle of Fire to rest. The Black Rock Sword is made mostly of black rock, but it also has a ether gem in the hilt in which a demon by the name of Arcadion is held captive inside.

Blink is one of the oldest spells ever used. It allows the caster to very abruptly teleport short distances away from their current location at random.

Bobbits were a short race from the time of Sosaria long ago. They grew only about four feet in height, but were wise beyond most other mortals. After the great cataclysm the bobbit race dissappeared.

Bog of Desolation
Located between Britain and Minoc, the Bog of Desolation is a vast wasteland. It is infested with all manner of poison and disease carrying vermin. It is a good idea to wear swamp boots while traveling through the bog, as well as to be well prepared of animal attacks.

Book of Prophecy
The Book of Prophecy is an ancient gargish text written by Naxatilor the Seer. The book tells of a false prophet who will come and destroy the gargoyle race. The gargoyles originally thought this false prophet was The Avatar, and because of this, they tried to assassinate him.

Boots, Swamp
Whist walking through the deep swamps of the land, you can catch various diseases and poisons from small cuts on your feet. Sharp plants, with stalks strong enough to pierce leather grow in the swamps, and only special made boots will protect your feet. Swamp boots are a specially made armor composed of a thick hide that has been cured to be exceptionally hard. The height of the boots is much higher than that of ordinary boots, preventing cuts on the calves and thighs. With good quality swamp boots the wearer is protected from the poisons of the swamps. In a time not too long ago, people thought that the foul smelling gases caused the poisons. Although these gases can make you extremely nauseous, recent tests have concluded that the barbed plants are responsible for poisoning those who tread through them.

A bow is a weapon of great power and speed. They are a shaft of springy wood, with a string attached to each end causing the wood to arch. A projectile, often an arrow is placed on the string, and the string is pulled back. The release of the string will fire the arrow towards its target.

British, Lord
See Lord British.

The capital city of Britannia, is also the largest city, as well as the home of Lord British. Britain is the city of compassion, it also has a great economy, and population.


The land of Britannia is a vast and fascinating land filled with mystery and enlightenment. It is inhabitated by many great people, as well as many great beasts. Since the dawn of time, Britannia has undergone many changes, and events. The land was originally called Sosaria back in the Ages of Darkness. Once the creature Exodus was destroyed there was a great cataclysm that shook the land, changing the face of Sosaria forever. Sosaria was shattered and reformed into this land that we all know and love. The name Britannia comes from our great leader Lord British, who's guidance has allowed us to have made this world such a wonderful place to live. The face of the world has had many smaller changes since that day, but nothing to match the scale of the cataclysm.

A buckler is a small shield that is fixed on to the arm of the wearer. It protects the arm, and is wielded as a part of the arm to stop on coming assaults. It's a fairly cheap piece of armor and easy to make.

Butterfly Shield
A butterfly shield is very nice article of armor that is used by many warriors. It is often decorated with a crest or banner. They are fairly inexpensive, and very useful to any swordsmen.


Sir Cabirus
The famed Sir Cabirus was leader of the failed abyssal colony. He obtained permission from Lord British and made a call out to the land for men and women of great strength and virtue to go and form a new city, where all of the eight virtues would be followed. Sir Cabirus devoted his entire life to the abyssal colony, and eventually died in its depths. It is said that Sir Cabirus died from natural causes in the abyss, though this is still much debated by the few surviving ex-citizens of the abyssal colony.

Caddellite is a blue mineral that was found on the island of Ambrosia. The Avatar used the mineral and made helmets from it to protect from the cube generator. Caddellite is mineral that is foreign to the land of Britannia and came from the meteor that hit the island thousands of years ago.

In order for the heroes to destroy Exodus four cards were needed. Each card was made of metal, and had a series of holes punched through them. The four cards represented a power, Love, Sol, Moons, and Death. The four cards were given to the heroes when they prayed in the shrines of Ambrosia. The cards were lost upon the destruction of Exodus, and nobody remembers the exact appearance of them.

Carpet, Magic
There existed a device of transportation, that was quite mysterious. It was a carpet that could fly and carry the riders over the mountains and oceans to their destinations. This amazing contraption was created by the wizard Rudyom of Cove.

A cart is a transportation device usually hauled by horses and used to carry large loads for long distances. Carts are the most common means of heavy transportation and are used in nearly every civilized area of the world. A cart is most often made of wood, with a few metal riggings to add structure. Carts have been in use since before recorded history. Because of this, their origin is unknown.

Upon the destruction of Exodus a great and powerful cataclysm shook the entire land of Sosaria totally reshaping the land into what we now called Britannia. Many people and beasts alike died in this great destructive time.

Chainmail is made from many small metal rings chained together to form armor. It is a passable armor that is as protective as scale armor, but much quiter. It can easily be fitted to pretty much anything and formed to protect every part of the body. It is considerably heavy, and even a sturdy warrior may be weighed down after prolonged wearing. Chainmail is very widely used among fighters, and other combat intense professions.

A man who has been a big as a help to The Avatar as well as an extreme annoyance. Chuckles is Lord British's court jester. He is quite smart for a bumble, and has been known to help The Avatar on several occasions.

Cloth Armor
Armor made from cloth is of course the weakest of coverings. It is often employed by mages because of its light weight and ease of maneuverability that doesn't hinder thier spell casting abilities. Cloth armor can be made into robes and thick pads to protect the body.

A club is the simplest form of weapon that exists. It can be made from practically any solid material, and wielded by even the most inexperienced combatant. Any heavy object that is longer than it is wide, and can be gripped in the hand, will do as a club. Most clubs are hardened wood from trees, and often used by creatures of lesser intelligence.

The Codex of Ultimate Wisdom
The Codex is a book that contains the answers to all life's questions. It is a magical tome that whenever opened will be at the page, that will answer you current quandary of life. It was originally taken from the bowels of The Stygian Abyss, by the man who would later be called The Avatar. Upon removing the Codex from it's underground shire, a horrible earth quake collapsed a large portion of the underground caverns. The race of gargoyles was almost destroyed because of this. Thinking The Avatar was the foretold False Prophet from the Book of Prophecies, tried to assassinate him. The Avatar was saved at the last minute by his closest friends, and after much strife it was found that the gargoyles were just trying to reclaim their property. Thus, in order to prevent further bloodshed, The codex was cast into the Ethereal Void, and two lenses were crafted for viewing it. The lenses were presented to the leader of the humans, and gargoyles. A shrine for the Codex was then constructed on the Isle of The Avatar.

See The Eight Virtues.

The city of cove is located directly east of Britain. It is the city of romance, where people are happy and romantic. Many important figures are from Cove including the wizard Rudyom.

Cube Generator
See Generators.

Curved Heater
A curved heater is one of the most expensive, but finely crafted shields that exist. It offers a great deal of protection due to it's size, and as far as armor is concerned, it is a necessity to any swordsman. It's very heavy, and can only be wielded by those who are broad in shoulder, and it is very expensive, making it only able to be bought by those of high family lineage. It's made from high quality steel folded many times and curved at the bottom for ease of use. It must be weighted properly in order to be used correctly, and is often engraved with the family's crest. Though difficult to use, due to it's weight, it remains the favorite of shields for all warriors.


In The Third Age of Darkness there existed a city called Dawn tucked away in the southern forest of Sosaria. Dawn was a very magical city, because it could only be entered when both moons were new. Once inside you could remain indefinitely. Dawn was the holding place for the Gold Pick, as well as home to the best tinkers, and craftsmen in the land. After the cataclysm the city of Dawn was abandoned, and most of the tradesmen went to the new city of Minoc to start up shop again.


Originally, gargoyles were thought to have been demons. It is now known that they are not, but the demons of old do still exist. Most demons are found deep in the bowels of magical dungeons where the fabric between our world and theirs is very thin. There they can come through into our world to wreck havoc. Demons use powerful magic in combat, and are also very physically strong. Two demons are readily named in Britannia's past. They are Arcadion and Slasher of the Veils.

This native to Jhelom was the original founder of the Library of Scars. He was killed by The Avatar in self defense when he tried to murder The Avatar.


Dogs are a domesticated animal who over the years have been trained to be very useful for hunting and herding. They can be quite intelligent compared to many other beasts, and have been referred to as man's best friend because they are so friendly. There are several breeds of dogs, each one is suited for different climates and terrains. Dogs can be trained to be used for combat, and can be very deadly allies. Dogs are related to wolves.

Douse is a liner spell that allows the caster to put out a small fire. It is often used by mages as a convenience spell for putting out candles and torches without having to touch them. This combined with the ignite spell allows the caster to masterfully affect fires. This spell has an improvement called great douse.


Dragons are huge fearsome beasts who live in their dens, often in large caverns. They are very powerful creatures, capable of wielding awesome magic and breathe searing hor fire. Combat with a dragon is extremely difficult, as their thick scales protect them from most attacks. Dragons are very evil often spending much of their time stealing riches from the citizens. A dragon's life span is that of several hundred years which they have a long maturation period starting from hatchling, to the drake stage, and then finally the adult dragon.

Through the process of maturation, and young drake will eventually become a full grown dragon. While even drakes can breathe fire, they have a very limited use of spells making them much less of a threat as their parents. They are still a formidable foe, and should never be attacked alone.

Druids are kin to nature. They are most often found in the city of Yew. They are firm believers in the virtue of Justice. The most famous druid in history is Jaana.

Sir Dupre
One of The Avatar's greatest companions, Sir Dupre was a skilled paladin hailing from the great city of Trinsic. Sir Dupre has done many great works, as well as compile a book on all the best drinking establishments in the land. Prior to leaving for the Serpent Isle, Sir Dupre was knighted by Lord British himself. In Serpent Isle, Dupre was possessed by a Bane, causing him to destroy the city of Monitor. Although this act was not under his control, Dupre was struck with grief. Sadly however, the life of this great man was ended when the ashes of a hero were needed to stop The Guardian. It was a truly selfless and honorful act on Sir Dupre's part, and we will always be grateful for this martyred knight.

See Mountain Folk.


Eight Virtues
The Eight Virtues are what every upstanding Britannian tries to excel at. The eight virtues are as follows:
Compassion - The dominate virtue of the bard. Britain is the city of Compassion. Compassion is the virtue of caring for others.
Honesty - The virtue of Mages. Also the patron virtue of the city Moonglow. Honesty means not telling lies. It also means speaking the truth even if you don't have to.
Honor - Honor is a virtue that most men try very hard to sustain. Having honor means never stealing, and never killing the unarmed. Trinsic is the city of honor, and Paladins are the firmest believers in it.
Humility - One who is humble will not need reward for their good deeds. Nor will they boast about their triumphs. shepherds are people of humility, and the patron city is New Magincia.
Justice - What is right, must be done. That is what justice is all about. Yew is the city of justice, and also where the courts and jails reside. It is the druids who enforce justice, as they are very just.
Sacrifice - For those who don't mind working without reward, and giving all that they have so that others may prosper, sacrifice is their virtue. Sacrifice is the prime virtue of the city of Minoc and is mostly followed by tinkers.
Spirituality - Pure and holy, rangers are very spiritual. They come from the city of Skara Brae the city of spirituality.
Valor - To be full of valor one mustn't run from a battle, nor should they be afraid to fight a larger foe. Those who are full of valor are often known as fighters. Most of which live in Jhelom

Elementals are embodiments of air, earth, fire and water. They wield magic of the same realm as their makeup. They are very dangerous beasts which are usually very angry at humans who use their kin as mere tools. Fire elementals, which were common in The Stygian Abyss, were capable of throwing pieces of themselves at their adversaries.

A long time ago during The Third Age of Darkness there existed a race known as the elves. They were a shorter race, who were powerful in magic and speed, but frail in structure. Although they now longer exist as a race, it is thought that with the cataclysm they evolved into the creature that is now called the Fairy.

Recently discovered in the forests of Yew, emps are monkey-like creatures that live in the Silverleaf trees. They seem to have an empathic ability to communicate and discern information from creatures. They are also highly magical in nature, though not in deeds. They are friends to an the even more magical beings, the Wisps. They have the ability to grasp the common Britannian tongue, but are reluctant to speak with most humans. Emps might possibly be an evolved race of fuzzies that disappeared so many centuries ago.

Empath Abbey
Empath Abbey is a holy place located north of The Deep Forest. The Abbey is tended to by the monks, as well as a few other locals. The best grapes in all of Britanna are grown near the Abbey, and thusly the best wine is made there as well. Empath Abbey is also the dedicated building of the principle of Love.

Ether Gem
The ether gem is a special gemstone used to house creatures from the ethereal plane. There is one located in the Black Rock Sword.

The half man, half machine child of Mondain, and Minax. Exodus' home was on an island called the Isle of Fire. Exodus was finally destroyed by a group of heroes led by the man who would later be called The Avatar.


The ancient sage of reptiles.

A creature of mischief, and lust. A full grown fairy stands about three feet tall, and has wings much like that of an large insect. They are thought to be evil, though no factual proof exists of this, as they are very rare. It is though that these are the evolved race of the elves that disappeared in the cataclysm.


The Fellowship
When it was originally founded it was thought to be an enlightening group, now it is seen as the evil cult that it truly is. The Fellowship was founded by none other then the vile charlatan Batlin himself. It was a fiendish organization used to corrupt and defile the minds of the citizens of Britannia. The creature known simply as The Guardian was the evil mastermind responsible for the creation of the group. He poisoned Batlin's mind when he was on a pilgrimage to Skara Brae. At that point Batlin was under the control of The Guardian, and was told to form The Fellowship through means of his Inner Voice. Almost everyone was fooled by the cult, even the wise Lord British was unaware of its hidden evil. However, through strength, courage, and wit, The Avatar was able to figure out the true intentions of The Fellowship, and bring their reign of torment to an end. Although almost every member of the fallen cult has denounced its beliefs, a few heretics still follow the evil religion. Those who are found to still practice worship of the Triad of Inner Strength, are brought up to the authorities.

Fighters are full of Valor and very capable warriors. They practice with all forms of weapons and armor. They often come from the city of Jhelom where fighting has always been commonplace. One of the most famous fighters in Britannia is Geoffry.

Fire Wand
See Wand, Fire.

The First Age of Darkness
After Mondain murdered his father, and stole his gem of magic, he became corrupt with power. He conducted strange experiments, and created monstrous beasts to attack innocent townsfolk including the minotaur. During his life hundreds died at the hands of these beasts, or at the plagues caused by the wizard. This was called The First Age of Darkness. Many people tried to stop Mondain, but only the man who would later be known as The Avatar was able to finally vanquish him, and put an end to his reign of terror.


There are many different types of fish, but the most useful ones are the trout, salmon, and tuna. These are taken from the aquatic habitats and used as a staple food source for many costal cities, as well as many other species of beasts. All of the island cities rely on fish as a major part of their diet. These include Jhelom, Moonglow, Skara Brae, New Magincia, and Buccaneer's Den. The cities best known for their fish exports are Trinsic, Britannia, and Cove. Fish live in large families called "schools" they are easily caught by fishermen who use either a rod and hook or a net.

Fitzowen, Gwenno
Gwenno Fitzowen, wife of the famous Iolo Fitzowen, and friend of The Avatar is a bard like her husband. She is known for writing the lyrics to the ever loved song Stones. She was one of the few survivors to return from Serpent Isle, although it is claimed that she was in fact quite dead while residing there.

Fitzowen, Iolo
Often times hailed as the best bower in all of Britannia, Iolo Fitzowen is a bard by trade. When The Avatar came to Britannia Iolo became a companion of The Avatar writing himself into Britannian history, and this tome. He is wed to Gwenno Fitzowen, another well known bard. Iolo is known for writing the music for the song Stones, as well as creating the Triple Crossbow.

Flame Sword
Often viewed as one of the ingenious tools ever made, the flame sword is the perfect subterranean weapon. Not only is it a powerful enchanted weapon which can cause massive damage with one strike, but it also emits bright flames that act as a torch in darkened tunnels. Because of its innate brightness torches become obsolete to the wielder.

When the land was still called Sosaria there was a race of fast and very magical creatures known as fuzzies. Because of their size, they were not very strong, but they made exceptional mages. Since the cataclysm after The Avatar destroyed Exodus they have completely vanished. Although nobody can give an accurate timeline of their history, the most accepted theory is that they evolved into another life form. Because they share striking similarities to another race now known as the emps, it may have been that the fuzzy race evolved into the emps over the eons that have passed since then.


Originally thought to be demons, gargoyles are actually much more intelligent then we first gave them credit for. There are two species of gargoyles, the larger, and more intelligent winged gargoyles, and the stronger, yet less knowledgeable wingless ones. Gargoyles do not reproduce in the same way as humans, as there is no male or female gender in the gargoyle race. Because their underground home has been destroyed, gargoyles have slowly been integrated into our society. Though their customs and cultures still differ greatly, we totally accept them as brothers.

Gem of Power
See Black Ruby.

One of the original companions of The Avatar, Geoffry is now Lord British's personal body guard, and head of security at Lord British's castle. Geoffry is a fighter by trade, and hails from the city of Jhelom.

There were three generators used against us. Each was constructed of Black Rock, and made to help allow The Guardian entrance into Britannia. They are:

The Cube Generator - Allowed the followers of The Fellowhsip to hear their Inner Voice (the voice of The Guardian.)

The Sphere Generator - Was a prison for the Time Lord. It also kept the Moongates partially functioning, which have been permanently stopped since its destruction.

The Tetrahedron Generator - Created harmful ether waves, which drove most mages insane. After its destruction the mages slowly returned to normal.

Gold is a precious metal found in the caves of the land. It is originally found in ore and nugget form. The ore and nuggets are then melted from their impurities into bars, and stamped with Lord British's seal. From the bars, they are again melted and stamped into coins. The global currency of Britannia is that of the gold coin. Most intelligent creatures take a liking to gold, and often horde it.

Gold Pick
The Gold Pick was an tool used by the man who would later be known as the The Avatar in The Third Age of Darkness. It was made by a tinker from the city of Dawn and "borrowed" by The Avatar to uncover the Mystical Armor, which was instrumental in the destruction of Exodus.

A gorget is a piece of armor that one wears to protect one's neck. Gorgets can be made out any material, and should cover the entire neck region, as well as the collar bones of the wearer.

Great Douse
The first circle spell great douse, the improvement to the douse spell, will immediatly snuff out all mundane fire sources in the area. Great douse's sister spell is great ignite.

Great Ignite
The first circle spell great ignite, the improvement to the ignite spell, will make all non-burning fire sources in the area burst into flame. Great ignite's sister spell is great douse.

Although rarely used anymore, greaves are a piece of armor that guard the shin and knee region. Because the newer design of leggings have become more popular due to their better protection, greaves have for the most part become obsolete.


In the days of Sosaria gremlins were subterranean, and never came to surface. After the cataclysm they moved above ground, and are now often seen plaguing travelers along roadsides. Gremlins have an extreme fondness of food of all kinds, and their small size, and agile movement makes them good at stealing it. They will almost always have food on their person, and if they do not, you can be sure they are looking for some. Gremlins can be detected by their small size (about the size of a two year-old child), and bright green skin. They will often wear bright clothes as well.

The Guardian
A demonistic villain, who tried on two occasions to take over the world of Britannia. The first person to be effected by The Guardian was the man known as Batlin. He began hearing what was referred to by the late Fellowship as "The Inner Voice" when he encountered Horance and was injured mentally. The Guardian then influenced Batlin's mind until he formed the evil religion of The Fellowship. Because people were purposely putting themselves in a state of mental surrender, they became susceptible to The Guardian's influence. The Guardian them directed his followers to construct Generators to allow the construction of The Black Gate. With this he was almost able to travel into the land of Britannia. However, thanks to The Avatar he was stopped and banished from the world. Exactly one year later he tried again to take over the land, by encompassing the bulk of Lord British's castle in a huge Black Rock sphere. Through the use of a magical portal, The Avatar traveled to other worlds where The Guardian had already taken over, and freed them. With this he was able to shatter the Black Rock sphere and Britannia was safe again. It was then The Avatar, and his companions traveled to Serpent Isle to finish him off for good. The return information from The Avatar's companions says the The Avatar has vanished into The Void, along with The Guardian. Both of there whereabouts are unknown.


Used as both a weapon and a craftsman's tool, a hammer has become a necessary tool throughout the land. The standard hammer is about fifteen inches long and has a head that weighs about two stones. When wielded as a weapon, the hammer is very good for damaging the opponent's armor, because it delivers such a concentrated blow. It also used by many tradesmen including, smithies, tinkers, carpenters, and shipwrights.


Do not show pity for this abomination, for although it's missing its head, its thoughts are that of pure evil. Nobody knows where this strange creation came from, nor does anyone know how it sees, hears, and thinks. It uses crude weapons, such as clubs and slings, to attack weary travelers. It seems to have a fondness for gold, leading us to believe that it has some degree of intelligence. A headless is usually not that good at combat and it's attacks are crude and predictable. Still, exercise caution when approaching these beasts for they usually travel in small packs.

Helmets are pieces of armor that protect the wearer's head. Helmets come in many different styles including the standard bucket helm, to the more elaborate crested helm, to the heavy duty great helm. Helmets like all pieces of armor can be made from many different types of material. A proper helm will cover from the top of the neck, to the top of the head. Some helmets have a face covering as well.

See The Eight Virtues.

Horance was a powerful wizard that lived in Skara Brae. He isolated himself from the rest of the city, and built a large tower from the mineral black rock. Inside his tower he became mad, and in an effort to become an immortal he turned himself into a Liche. With his new found power he tried to kidnap the love of his life, who was a married woman. He sent his undead minions to take her in the night, but the ended up killing her in the process. Horance is also responsible for driving Batlin insane and causing him to hear the voice of The Gaurdian. He lived secluded in his tower until The Avatar put an end to his unlife by trapping him in a soul cage.

Along with many other beasts of Britannia the horse is mostly harmless. It is often employed as a beast of burden by farmers, and travelers alike. Horses are bred for different purposes. A farm horse is often big, and able to pull plows, and carry heavy loads of produce. A war horse, used by knights, are also big, but much more agile, and spry. A traveler will employee a very sturdy horse for pulling carts long distances. Horses are very common, unlike there rare cousins the unicorns which only resemble horses.

See The Eight Virtues.

The dungeon on The Isle of the Avatar was originally called Hythloth, until The Avatar took The Codex of Ultimate Wisdom from it, changing the name.


Ignite is a liner spell that allows the caster to start a small fire. It is often used by mages as a convenience spell for burning candles and torches without having to touch them. This combined with the douse spell allows the caster to masterfully affect fires. This spell has an improvement called great ignite.

Inner Voice
The Inner Voice is a term used to the former cult of The Fellowship. It was supposed to be a voice that a person heard inside their head after they were a devout enough follower. This voice was actually The Guardian's voice, which was projected through use of the Cube Generator, which he used to control people.

Iolo Fitzowen
See Fitzowen, Iolo.

Isle of Fire
The Isle of Fire was the home of the vile creature known as Exodus. Upon the defeat of Exodus, the isle sank into the sea. It wasn't until recently that the isle arose again due to volcanic tremors. It was then learned that Lord British had constructed three tests for a hero to become the Avatar. However, because the isle sank into the sea, they were forgotten. Due to isle surfacing, The Avatar went back to it, and complete the three tests. There was also found on the Isle of Fire, a demon whom The Avatar trapped into a gem, and placed in a sword. The sword was made from the strange mineral called Black Rock, and is a very powerful weapon wielded by The Avatar himself.

Isle of the Avatar
The Isle of the Avatar is so named because The Avatar fought off the vile monsters that lurked here, made his way deep into the heart of The Stygian Abyss and took The Codex of Ultimate Wisdom. The Isle of the Avatar is also the place where The Guardian constructed The Black Gate, and tried to take over Britannia.


Jaana was one of the eight companions of The Avatar, and is a druid of some caliber. Although she was born and raised in the the city of Yew, she has recently taken up residence in Cove, with her new husband Lord Heather. Jaana is an advocate of Justice like most druids are.

The city of Valor is located on the largest isle in the Velorian Islands. It is the home of many fighters, who are very good at what they do. It is also the home of the famous Library of Scars, and the birth place of the Knights Crux Ansata. Jhelom's main export is weapons and armor, which are often hailed as the best in the land.

The Juggernaught is an enchanted weapon of awesome power and magnitude. The Juggernaught is a large two-handed hammer that is thrown towards its target much like a boomerang. After it hits its target, which it does with great accuracy, it will then return back to the thrower, so that they may catch it, and throw it again. The origins of the Juggernaught still remain a mystery, but it is a devastating weapon.

Julia is a companion of The Avatar and a highly skilled tinker. She currently lives in the city of Minoc where she was born and raised. Julia is a firm believer in the virtue of sacrifice, like most tinkers. She is credited with the creation of many great works.

See The Eight Virtues.


Kanos was a historical tower in ancient Yew. It is unknown as to when this tower fell, but most scholars estimate it was during the cataclysm.

Katrina is a shepherd who proves that humility is a virtue. She became a companion of The Avatar when she was found in the destroyed city of Magincia by The Avatar. She was the only person left untouched when the demons destroyed the city. She was left unscathed because of her great humility.

Kidney Belt
A kidney belt is a piece of armor that protects the kidneys. It's made of leather, and is rather light weight. It's often worn by rangers and assorted rouges because it's cheap, and easy to make. It's also offers a good deal of protection to the weaker mid rift of the body.


The Land of Danger and Despair
Serpent Isle.

Leather Armor
A good form of armor because it mixes light weight, and maneuverability, with protection. Although it is not the best armor, it certainly protects from many unwanted wounds. Leather is often used by bards and rangers.

Library of Scars
The school of combat training in Jhelom. It was founded by DeSnel, who was later killed when he tried to murder The Avatar, because he was found out to be a member of The Fellowship. It is now held taught under the expert swordswoman Syria.

When a powerful wizard wants to cheat death, they often turn themselves into a liche. A liche is an undead mage of extreme power. They usually loathe the living and will perform experiments on them to try and make their un-life last longer. Liches are very evil because of the pact they make with the dark forces. They are also very powerful magic users. The now fully deceased liche Horance is an example of what a liche is capable of.

Lightning Wand
See Wand, Lightning.

Lord Blackthorn
Lord Blackthorn was one of Lord British's most trusted nobles, until he was corrupted by the Shadowlords.

Lord British
Lord British is the ruler of the land of Britannia. Although not a native Britannian, he still cares very much for the citizens of this fine land. His champion The Avatar is his closest friend. Lord British was the leader who rebuilt the land after the great cataclysm that destroyed the land of Sosaria.

The Lyceaum is a huge library located near Moonglow. It is also the building dedicated to the principle of truth. Although it was originally a castle, the Lyceaum has been slowly converted to a library over the years.


A mace is a bludgeoning weapon, similar to a club. Like a club it is made from a thick shaft of wood. However, unlike a club, it has a large metal ball for a head. This metal head is often spiked or riveted to allow for maximum damage against foes.

A mage is a magic user. Their chief city is Moonglow. There have been many famous mages in Britannia's history. Some of them include Mariha, Nystul, Nicodemous, and Rudyom.

There is an enchanted weapon that all mages fear. This weapon is in the form of a glowing saber, and is called "Magebane". The reason mages fear it so much, is because any attack landed by the Magebane, will remove all of the mana from the mage, causing their Spells to become worthless. There is little information regarding the creation of these weapons, however it is very doubtful they were created by any sane mage.

All forces that come from the Ether are referred to as magic. This includes the following:
Magical Armor
Enchanted Weapons

There are other forms of magic, as well as some not yet seen.

Magic Wand
See Wand, Magic.

The city of Magincia was located where the city of New Magincia now resides. After The Third Age of Darkness the people of Magincia became full of pride. A group of demons (or possibly gargoyles) saw this pride and put a stop to it by destroying the city and all who lived their. Only one citizen was spared, and that is Katrina. This is why Lord British gave the town of New Magincia the virtue of humility.

The words of power for casting a spell.

One of the companions of The Avatar is a mage named Mariha. She comes from the city of Moonglow, and is a firm follower of Honesty.

The spell Mark is used for transportation. The spell is cast onto a marking stone at any location to "mark" the stone. When the spell Recall is cast on the marking stone, the caster and his party will be transported to the location where the marking stone was marked, regardless of where they are when the Recall spell is cast.

Marking Stone
Certain stones made from blackrock can be used as marking stones. Marking stones are special stones that can have the spell Mark cast on them. When the spell Recall is cast on the marking stone, the caster and his party will be sent to the location they were when the marking stone was marked. The most well known marking stones are those carried by The Avatar and Lord British called Moonstones.

Mondain had a child apprentice. Her name was Minax, and she was learning the dark arts from him. As Mondain wrecked havoc on the land, Minax watched him and was amazed at his power. She fell in love with him and conceived a child named Exodus. When the man who would later be called The Avatar killed Mondain, Minax was still quite young and inexperienced. There was a period of a several years, when Minax studied powerful magic, so she could one day destroy all of Sosaria and its inhabitants. Her magic became so powerful that she could wield even stronger magic then that of Mondain's Black Ruby. She also uncovered the secret of the Moongates in her lust for arcane knowledge, and traveled through the very flow of time to try and destroy Sosaria. During her time it was known as The Second Age of Darkness. She was finally killed by the same man who killed Mondain.

Minoc is a mining city based off the virtue of Sacrifice. The majority of the inhabitants there are tinkers. As you can expect some of the most useful inventions have come from this city, and its tinkers. The world-renowned tinker, Julia is an inhabitant to this city.

During The First Age of Darkness, the foul warlock Mondain preformed strange experiments with his servants. One of his creations was made by mixing a human with a bull, and the result was a Minotaur. The creation was a success for Mondain, but a plague for Sosaria. Minotaurs were much stronger than the other humanoid races of the time, and could easily have taken over the land. Luckily for the people, the man who would later be called The Avatar, with help from many citizens, killed every last minotaur, completely eradicating the entire race. The creation known as the minotaur exists now only in memories.

Misty Channel
The water way between Skara Brae and the mainland. A mysterious ferry man will take you across.


The moongates are magical gateways that open and close due to the alignment of Felucca and Trammel, our two moons. Their original origin is unknown, as they were forgotten for many eons. However they were reopened when the witch, Minax used them in The Second Age of Darkness. There are eight standard moongates in Britannia each one is located near a major city. When the moons align just right a blue doorway open from the ground, and anything that enters the door will come out somewhere else in the world. Buried below the place where a moongate opens and closes is a moonstone. During the time of The Guardian the moongates became very unstable causing great pain, and sometimes death to those who entered them. When the Avatar destroyed the Sphere Generator he also stopped the ability of using the Moongates permanently.

The city of Honesty is located on the Verity Isle. It is as well the home for the most Mages in Britannia.

Moons are satellites that circle around a planet. Britannia has two moons. Felucca and Trammel. Their alignment effects the moongates.

A moonstone is a black stone that has the power to open and close moongates. There have been two moon stones know to exist. One is used by our leader Lord British, while the other is employed by The Avatar himself. Since the recent discovery of black rock, it has been found that the Moonstones are in fact made of black rock, thus giving them their ability to harness the moongates.

Mondain was the second son of the wizard Wolfgang. He murdered his father and stole the his gem of power, which would later be turned into the Black Ruby by Mondain. Because of his rage and immaturity, Mondain caused horrible suffering and sorrow for the people of the land. The time when he lived was called The First Age of Darkness. Mondain was destroyed by the man who would later be known as The Avatar by means of decapitation. Mondain's head was taken (probably by his apprentice Minax) after the battle.

Mountain Folk
Thought to have been annihilated in the cataclysm after The Third Age of Darkness, the race of short stocky are thought to no longer exist. When Sir Cabirus decided to create the underground city in the The Stygian Abyss, the Mountain Folk, who it seems that carved out the majority of the caverns in the abyss, answered his call. The last clan of Mountain Folk came to join the settlers. Due to their small size, and natural ability to discern their way underground, they were very helpful to the settlers. However, when The Avatar fought The Slasher of Veils the entire Abyss was filled with lava. Any remaining people are presumed dead. Mountain Folk are often called dwarves because they are so short, though they detest this name.


Naxatilor the Seer
Little is known about Naxatilor the Seer except that he is the gargoyle who authored the Book of Prophecy.

New Magincia
The city of New Magincia was built upon the ruins of Magincia. It is located on a wide open island where shepherds can watch their herds. When Lord British gave all the cities their own virtue, he gave New Magincia the virtue of humility as the destruction of Magincia was a humbling experience to the land.


Oil Flask
The oil flask is used as a deadly weapon. It's a bottle of flammable oil with a rag, or similar piece of cloth clogging the mouth of the bottle. The rag is lit aflame, and the bottle is thrown. When the bottle breaks, a large ball of fire will erupt from the burning oil. Also, because oil sticks to things, the flames will stay on anything that gets splashed with the oil. Oil fires are also quite difficult to put out and they burn for a long time.



A person of pure honor may choose to become a paladin. Paladins must be intelligent, as well as be combat able. Paladins have a very strict code in which they live by. They value this code above all things including their own life. Paladins never steal or start petty squabbles. Paladins are not only exqusite warriors, but they are also able to cast magic spells. Because a paladin is so skilled and trustworty, they are respected by everyone, and doubted by no one. Most paladins hail from the city Trinsic.

Plate Armor
Plate armor is the best armor money can buy. It covers the body very well and its sturdy plates can take quite a beating. The downfall of plate armor is that it is very heavy allowing only the very strong to wear it, and it's also very expensive. Thusly, plate armor is usually worn my those of great stature and need. Paladins and knights are often the wearers of plate armor. Some of the best plate armor comes from Jhelom and Minoc.

Poisons are any number of chemicals that, once in the body, will continually cause damage to it. There are many ways for a person to get poisoned. Many creatures have poisonous bites, swamp plants are often poisonous, and through the casting of spells one can become poisoned. When you are poisoned you will become deathly ill, and slowly you will die. It is imperative that you seek medical help as soon as possible, or drink a red potion. Poison will not go away on its own, so medical help is necessary to prevent death.

Potions are magical liquids used for many different reasons. In order to discern what the reasons are, you need only to look at the color of the potion.
Black - Allows the drinker to become invisible for a short while.
Blue - Puts the drinker into a deep sleep.
Green - Poisons the drinker.
Orange - Awakens the drinker.
Purple - Protects the drinker form attacks for a short while.
Red - Cures poison, as well as many serious wounds.
White - Allows the drinker to see in the dark for a limited amount of time.
Yellow - Heals minor wounds.

The originator of the rarely-used 'fourth person' point of view.


A Quaaxetlornicom is a mythological snow beast of the North. Although there is no real proof of the beast's existence, it remains the topic of discussion by sailors.


Rangers are forest dwellers who are great fighters, decent spell casters, and admirable woodsmen. They are very similar to druids by many respects, but much more aggressive. Most rangers could be found in the city of Skara Brae, though since it's destruction the majority have moved to The Deep Forest. Shamino is a prime example of a ranger. Rangers strive for spirituality and are often to be found visiting Empath Abbey, where they will pray for enlightenment. Rangers are also the protectors of the wild, and will fight anyone who looks to use nature for personal gain.


These beasts are cousins to mice, but are larger and more aggressive. They infest homes, surviving on food scraps that are often spoiled. Their rugged stomach allows the rat to eat rancid meat, which will often let them carry sicknesses and diseases. The pestilences that rats carry can easily spread to humans through their bites and claws. Rats have very little use to Britannia except healers sometimes use them for test subjects. Deeper in the dank dungeons of the land, the rats tend to grow in very large proportions. These giant rats, are often much more aggressive then their smaller kind, and have even been known to attack humans. Rats keep warm through the use of their waterproof fur coats.

In order to cast a spell you need specific reagents. The reagents are:
Black Pearl
Blood Moss
Mandrake Root
Spider Silk
Sulfurous Ash

Recall is the sister of the Mark spell. It is cast on a marked marking stone when the caster and his party wants to return to the place where the stone was marked, regardless of distance or barriers. This spell should never be cast on a marking stone of unknown origin, as it is impossible to tell for sure where the stone was originally marked. You could find yourself transported into a very dangerous location.

Royal City
During The Third Age of Darkness back when the lands were still called Sosaria there was a city called: The Royal City. The city was located outside of Lord Biritsh's castle, and was a magnificent city of government and diplomacy. After the cataclysm the city suffered a great deal of damage. In its repair the city's name was changed to Britain, and is now the capital city that we see today.

Rudyom of Cove is a wizard of fine standing. He was very important in the banishing of The Guardian, as his research on the mineral black rock proved invaluable to the Avatar in his quest, especially the creation of the transmuter wand. Rudyom is also the only known creator of magic carpets.

Rubies are gemstones that come in several different colors. The rarest, and most valuable type of ruby is when the color is dark red. Rubies, like many gemstones, are often turned into devices of magical power. The most famous ruby is the Black Ruby.


See The Eight Virtues.

Scale Armor
Scale armor is comprised of small sheets of metal sewn together over a thick tunic. It protects quite nicely, however it makes loud flapping noises when it is walked in, thus losing the wearer the element of surprise. Often time scale armor is used for hired soldiers, because it's fairly cheap to make, yet strong enough to ward off weaker attacks.


Scorpions are an arachnid similar to spiders. There are two species of scorpions, the smaller less harmful scorpions, and the larger more aggressive, and much more deadly scorpions. Scorpions have three means of attack, each one is more deadly then the next. The first is their bite, which is rarely used unless the victim is already dead, making it a rather fearless attack. The second is their pinchers. The larger scorpions' claws are so powerful they can cut leather armor with ease. The third attack, and by far the most deadly is the scorpion's stinger. The injection can pierce chainmail, and the poison is quite potent. It's enough to kill even a full grown adult. Luckily, the scorpion is fairly easy to kill making them much less of a threat, but for an inexperienced traveler these beasts can spell disaster. Scorpions live in the Arid Desert, and have sometimes been known to forage too close to the town of Vesper.

Scrolls are manuscripts containing information for casting a spells. Scrolls are created using special inks and then sealed. Once invoked, the scroll will release the power of the spell that has been written in it, and then turns to dust.

The Second Age of Darkness
The time during Minax's reign of power was known as The Second Age of Darkness because of the horrors the Sosaria had to endure. Minax was even more powerful then Mondain, and caused even more destruction. This time of sorrow was finally ended when Minax was slain under the power of the man who would later be known as The Avatar.

Serpent Isle
Serpent Isle was originally called the Land of Danger and Despair long ago when the lands were in four large continents. When Sosaria was lost, and Lord British was forming the new cities of virtue, many settlers didn't want to adhere to the eight virtues that Lord British had planned. Since their departure, we had never heard a word from them, but only retrieved rumors from sailors. Recently The Avatar had left for the Serpent Isle and only some of his party returned.

When Mondain's Black Ruby shattered, three large shards were lost. Within each of these three shards held a Shadowlord. When The Codex of Ultimate Wisdom was taken by The Avatar from The Stygian Abyss a great cataclysm occurred, releasing the three Shadowlords. The Shadowlords were, Nosfentor of cowardice, Astaroth of hatred, and Faulinei of falsehood. They then kidnapped Lord British in the Abyss. While Lord British was in the Abyss, Lord Blackthorn took over ruling Britannia, until they were later vanquished by The Avatar, and peace was brought back to the realm.

Few people in history have accomplished as much as Shamino. While having his own castle back in the time of Sosaria, Shamino was at one time a great noble. When our very own Lord British came to the land of Sosaria, the first man he met was Shamino. Their kinship was instantaneous. Later, after the death of Exodus, Shamino's castle and all of his land was destroyed in the great cataclysm. Leaving behind his nobility, Shamino decided to take up the spiritual life of a Ranger and lived in the city of Skara Brae. During the Age of Enlightenment, he joined the companions of The Avatar. Recently, Shamino has been added to the list of nobility once more, and is now the lord of another castle.


For thousands of years the ancient sheep have been domesticated into the animal which we use now. Sheep are a source of much of our clothing due to their great coats of wool. The best wool comes from the island of New Magincia where the sheep are bred in the finest pedigree. There, wool has become the chief export as the shepherds skillfully acquire the wool by shearing the sheep. Sheep also provide a staple food for all of the land from their mutton. Unfortunately, sheep are also a food for more dangerous beasts, making a shepherd's job often quite life threatening.


A shepherd is a person who herd's livestock for a living, expressly sheep. Their job holds little reward and no grounds for improvement. It is very monotanous work, but it is the backbone of much of the industry of Britannia. Thusly, the shepherd is the true epitome of the virtue humility. Most shepherds live on the island of New Magincia where there is plenty of open land on the island for the sheep to graze. Throughout history, the only shepherd to ever make a name for themselves is Katrina.

On the island of Ambrosia four shrines were erected and dedicated to the four categories of life; Strength, Wisdom, Intelligence, and Dexterity. Although thought destroyed when Ambrosia was lost, they were found once more during The Third Age of Darkness.

The silverleaf is a tree that grows in The Deep Forest of Yew. It can be distinguished because of its silvery leaves, and light tan, almost white trunk. Although the leaves of a silverleaf are considered a delicacy to many people, it has recently been found out that the race of creatures known as the emps make their homes in these trees. Since then, the destruction of silverleaf trees has been halted.

Skara Brae
The city of Spirituality, was the home to the majority of the rangers of land. However, just before the foundation of The Fellowship, the city was destroyed in a huge fire when the townsfolk tried to stop the crazed liche named Horance.The city is scheduled to be re-built.


A skeleton is an undead creature of evil. They are animated by corrupt mages to fulfill their dark deeds. Because a skeleton is controlled by a mage, and they have no brain, they are usually very perdictable and easy to dispatch by any skilled warrior. However, in large numbers, skeletons can be very dangerous. Skeletons rarely use weapons, instead they use their bony fingers to claw at their targets. A fully armored defender has little to fear.

Skull of Mondain
When the man who would later be known as The Avatar killed Mondain, he did so by removing his head from his neck. The head was taken after the battle. Chances are that his apprentice and lover Minax took the head, and removed all the flesh. The skull was possibly later cursed by a great magic so that it could be used as an implement of mass destruction. Luckily Minax was killed before it could properly be used. However, in The Avatar's quest to become The Avatar, the skull was found again, and thrown into The Great Stygian Abyss, finally destroying the skull, and permanently opening the Abyss.

Slasher of Veils
The nearly invincible demon who caused the downfall of the Abyssal Colony, as well as its final destruction of being filled with lava.

A sling is a weapon often used for hunting, although it can easily be modified for combat. It is a long strip of leather, cut, and sometimes braided. A small pocket area is used to hold a projectile. The sling is then swung over head, and one of the ends of the sling is released to cause the projectile to hurtle towards its intended target. The projectile is often a smooth stone, however many other objects can be employed. A more interesting form of a sling is the magical sling.

Sling, Magical
The magical sling is an enchanted weapon very similar in appearance to the common sling often used for hunting. However instead of using stones for projectiles the magical sling hurls small balls of fire towards it's target. These miniature fireballs are the equivalent to getting struck by a bowman's arrow. The most interesting thing about the magical sling, is that you will never run out of ammunition, because every time it's release a new fireball is created.

Before the land of Britannia was formed out of the great cataclysm, it was known as Sosaria. Sosaria was a large land, but it was also a land of feuding city states. Because these city states always fought each other, the land grew bitter and warlike. Some of the more important cities included: The Royal City, Monitor, Fawn, Moon, Grey, Devil Guard, Death Gulch, Yew, and Dawn. It wasn't until The Third Age of Darkness when the foul creation known as Exodus ruled, that the land was focused on a common goal. When the man who would later be called The Avatar destroyed Exodus, the land was rocked by the great cataclysm completely reforming its face. It was at this time that the guidance of Lord British allowed the people to rebuild the land into the new found splendor of Britannia.

Spark is a young man who once traveled with The Avatar on his journeys to rid Britannia of The Guardian. He is the son of Christopher of Trinsic, and is a skilled marksmen with the sling.


Spell Book
A spell book is a tome containing the arcane instructions for casting spells. It is the prime tool mage, and is always kept at the ready. Spell books are usually made of very high quality paper, and written in ink with magical properties. Often, the more powerful the mage, the more spells are in their spell book.

When magic is concentrated into a physical form it's called a spell. Throughout the history of the world, there have been many spells. In order to cast a spell you need the written text of the spell from a scroll or a spell book, then you need the proper Mantras, as well as the required reagents. The spells include:
Armageddon, Awaken, Awaken All, Blink, Cause Fear, Charm, Clone, Conjure, Create Automation, Create Food, Create Gold, Cure, Curse, Dance, Death Bolt, Death Vortex, Delayed Blast, Destroy Trap, Detect Trap, Dispel Field, Douse, Enchant, Energy Field, Energy Mist, Explosion, Fire Blast, Fire Field, Fire Ring, Fireworks, Flame Strike, Glimmer, Great Douse, Great Heal, Great Ignite, Great Light, Heal, Help, Ignite, Invisibility, Light, Lightning, Locate, Mark, Mass Charm, Mass Cure, Mass Curse, Mass Death, Mass Invisibility, Mass Might, Mass Sleep, Magic Storm, Paralyze, Peer, Pick Pocket, Poison, Poison Field, Protect All, Protection, Recall, Restoration, Resurrection, Reveal, Sťance, Sleep, Sleep Field, Summon, Swarm, Swordstrike, Telekinesis, Time Stop, Thunder, Tremor, Unlock Magic, Weather, Wind, Wizard Eye

Sphere Generator
See Generators.

Spiked Shield
A spiked shield is held in the hand opposite the sword hand. It's made of high quality wood or metal, and has metal spikes driven through it. Because of this it can not only be used as a shield, but also a weapon. Although it may be tempting to use, the spiked shield is often more of a hindrance than a blessing. The spikes tend to make it clumsy, as well as risky to use. Most serious combatants never use this armor. However, their allure still finds them in the hands of many an inexperienced warrior.

See The Eight Virtues.

Where this enchanted weapon came from is unknown. It's a very rare device, that is quite powerful. It works much like a standard throwing star, however when it hits, it explodes into eight similar stars. It's a very effective weapon to fight small groups of foes, and still be able to hit them all with one throw.

Stones is a traditional Britannian song written by the Bardic couple Iolo and Gwenno Fitzowen. Iolo wrote the notes, while Gwenno wrote the lyrics. They lyrics are as follows:

Long ago ran the sun on a folk who had a dream
And the heart and the will and the power:
They moved the earth; they carved the stone; moulded hill and channeled stream
That we might stand on the wide plains of Wiltshire

Now men asked who they were, how they built and wonder why
That they wrought standing stones of such size
What was done 'neath our shade? What was pray'ed 'neath our skies
As we stood on the wyrd plains of Wiltshire

Oh what secrets we could tell if you'd listen and be still
Rid the stink and the noise from our skirts
But you haven't got the clue and perhaps you never will
Mute we stand on the cold plains of Wiltshire

Still we loom in the mists as the ages roll away
And we say of our folk, "they are here!"
That they built us and they died and you'll not be knowing why
Save we stand on the bare plains of Wiltshire

The Stygian Abyss
A deep cavern located on the Isle of the Avatar formed from a dormant volcano. Where The Codex of Ultimate Wisdom was found. After The Avatar destroyed The Slasher of Veils the entire abyss was filled with lava killing all who remained. (Though most of those who died were criminals, or totally insane.)

Syria is a very skilled fighter. She is the current head master of the Library of Scars.


Tetrahedron Generator
See Generators.

The Third Age of Darkness
The time during the reign of Exodus.


A tinker is a person who fixes and creates all manners of devices and contraptions. They are the true followers of Sacrifice and live mostly in the city of Minoc because of it's close proximity to many precious raw materials. Being a good tinker involves sacrificing much of your time and energy so that you can fix broken articles of others. Tinkers are often skilled in several crafts including: blacksmithing, clock making, glass blowing, explosive devices, sculpting, carpentry, architecture, engineering, and many other forms of creation. Throughout the years many tinkers have come and gone. However, there is one tinker who has proven herself to be a fully competent tinker. Her name of course is: Julia.

For those who explore the depths of the dungeons, a source of light is required. Most prefer to use a torch for its brightness as opposed to candles. A torch is usually made from a green branch for the handle (so it will not burn) and a piece of cloth wrapped in pine sap for the head. This will give a long lasting bright burn.

Being the only city in Britannia that is fully walled in, the first appearance of Trinsic may be intimidating. However, Trinsic, the city of Honor, is one of the safest places in all of the land. Very rarely do crimes happen in Trinsic. Paladins are common place in Trinsic, thus making the city even safer, due to the concentration of law abiding citizens.

Triple Crossbow
The triple crossbow is a very deadly weapon created by the bow master himself, Iolo Fitzowen. It shoots three crossbow bolts at once, making it a very efficient implement for killing. However due to its consumption of ammunition, it is usually only used for special occasions.


Undead is the term given to any creature that has died, yet still walks amoungst the living. From the lowly skeleton, to the powerful liche, undead creatures are filled with evil. They hate the living and will do everything they can to vanquish all forms of life.

Thought to be creatures of legend, the Unicorn does exist. Although they are extremely rare and very difficult to find, they do live in the land of Britannia. Unicorns are creatures of legend, and their history is also legendary. Unicorns were originally created by crossing spirits of fertility and horses. The wizard who created them was using them because of his sexual inadequacies. On a night when the wizard was in need of the Unicorn's "services", the Unicorns were out visiting some mares. The wizard became enraged at their absence, and cursed the Unicorns. Now they can only be approached by those who are pure of intimate iniquity. (They can only be touched by virgins.) Unicorns are also a magical race, because of their spirit blood, and due to this they are immortal.

A Utopia is the proposed manifestation of the time-honored concept of a perfect society.


Vargaz is a contemporary storyteller and compiler of legendary parables. His best selling book, Vargaz's Stories of Legend, has caused his name to become fairly commonplace.

See The Eight Virtues.

Velorian Islands
In the southern lands of Britannia, on the western coast of the mainland, a large group of islands exist. Not only a great place for the fishing industry, it is also the home to the city of Valor, Jhelom.

Verity Isle
The island where the city Moonglow is located.

Vesper is a city located in the Arid Desert. It was once a town of evil mages, but has recently been used for mining.

See Eight Virtues.


Walled City
See Trinsic.

There exist several magical wands which are often used as enchanted weapons. The most common of these wands is the magic wand. Two more powerful wands are the fire wand, and the lightning wand. There is even speculation about a very rare wand called the zot wand.

Wand, Fire
Fire wands function like all other wands, and its power is to shoot balls of flame at its targets. This wand will only function for a limited number of uses before disappearing. A fire wand is an enchanted weapon.

Wand, Lightning
Often considered the most powerful wand, the lightning wand is capable of shooting bolts of electricity at its targets. The damage from this enchanted weapon is severe, and the wounds never heal properly. The lightning wand can only be used a limited amount of times before its energy runs out.

Wand, Magic
A basic magic wand is not the most powerful enchanted weapon but it can be very usefully in combat. It shoots bolts of energy with power equal to that of an arrow shot from a bow. Unlike many other wands, the magic wand has unlimited charges allowing it to be used indefinitely.

Wand, Zot
Little is known about this extremely rare wand. Many historians debate the existence of such an enchanted weapon. Those who claim it is real, say that it was capable of poisoning its target, as well as damaging them quite severely. If it did exists, it can no longer be found, though plans may still remain for creating new ones.

There are many implements of destruction in Britannia. Because the wilderness of the land can be so dangerous, there many different weapons have been devised to help one better protect themselves. Here is a list of the more common weapons. For information on more exotic weapons see: enchanted weapons.

AxeArrow BlowgunBolt
BoomerangBow CannonClub
CrossbowDagger HammerHammer, Two-Handed
HalberdMace Main GaucheMorning Star
Oil FlaskScythe SlingSpear
SwordSword, Two-Handed

Weapons, Enchanted
There are many enchanted weapons in the realm. This is of course not a complete list, as new ones are created all the time, but here is a list of the more common enchanted weapons.

Arrow, BurstArrow, Love Arrow, MagicalArrow, Sleep
Axe, MagicalBlack Rock Sword Bolts, MagicalBoomerang, Magical
Bow, MagicalDeath Scythe Firedoom StaffFlame Sword
Glass SwordGreat Dagger Great DefenderHoe of Destruction
Jaana's HawkJuggernaught Lightning WhipMagebane
Sling, MagicalStarbursts Sword, MagicalWand, Fire
Wand, LightningWand, Magic Wand, ZotVenom Dagger

Wolfgang was the father of Mondain. He was said to be a very powerful wizard who, through the use of his Ruby of Power, was immortal. Wolfgang had two sons, Mondain was the younger son. It's unknown as to what happened to the older son, some scholars claim that Mondain killed his older brother, but the facts are unclear. Wolfgang taught Mondain the arcane arts. Mondain was a very impatient child, and in his lust for power he murdered his father, and stole the Ruby of Power.

Wrong was originally meant to be an underground prison, but it never worked out. It's composed of three different sections, the third of which was never finished. Because it's been forgotten, the inhabitants in it are left to fend for themselves. Some of the original workers have stayed and gone insane. Many of the beasts and creatures that were once locked away, have broken free. Some still remain, forever trapped in their cells. Some should never ever be let out.



Yew is one of the oldest cities in Britannia having a history back even in the day of Sosaria. In the heart of The Deep Forest, this vintage city of Justice has been for the most part untouched in the past several centuries. Yew has always had a past with the druids, because of this it is a place of healing and rejuvenation. The famous Yew Tree derives its name from this city.

Yew Tree
The Yew Tree is an enormously large tree that grows only in the forests of Yew. A full grown Yew Tree has a trunk diameter measuring close to fifteen feet and they can grow taller than any other tree.


The name given to the oldest human remains. According to the wisps he cast the Armageddon Spell. There are rumors of a cult of Zog existing in another land, but these ideas are merely speculation.

Zot Wand
See Wand, Zot.

Zyand was a prehistoric island.

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