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My real name is Dean Tersigni, my Dragon name is Guru Dragon. I've been a member of the UDIC since July 6, 1998.

Why Guru Dragon?
Because I'm TheAlmightyGuru.

Ultima is a love of mine and it has been ever since I rented a Nintendo game called Ultima: Exodus at the local Blockbuster Video many years ago. I've seen many bad ports before, but the Nintendo port was actually very good and in some ways even better then the original Apple game. I eventually bought the game and played it for many hours.

Then a friend of mine told me about his game of Ultima. It was Ultima VII the Black Gate. It had just been released. We played the life out of it. Those are some very good memories. We never did beat the game though. When he got a new computer, we were forced to go back to Ultima VI because his new computer couldn't run the Black Gate. Damn you Windows 95, damn you! Oh well, we played Ultima VI for a long time, and then a computer friend helped us install the Black Gate on the dreaded Windows 95 platform. We totally forgot about Ultima VI and went right back to a new game of Ultima VII. Again we got dreadfully far, but never beat it.

Then Serpent's Isle came out and we abandoned the Black Gate for it. After massive playing of the Serpent Isle, Ultima VIII came out! Well we dropped Serpent Isle for Pagan and began to play Pagan for continuous hours. And we did eventually beat Pagan! Which proved to be a great game regardless of the bad publicity it got. (Well, after you got that patch anyway.) To this day it is the only Ultima game I've ever finished entirely. Which is kind of disappointing, but after all I've read up on all the Ultima's, I pretty much know how they all pan out. (Which I know is not the same as playing them.) I guess I'm getting too old to sit and play an Ultima all the way through these days.

Ultima's I own:

  • Ultima Underworld (Original)
  • Ultima Underworld 1 and 2 (Collection)
  • Ultima VII - The Black Gate (Original)
  • Ultima VII - The Complete Ultima VII
  • Ultima Collection - (0-8)
  • Ultima IX - Ascension (Original)
  • Ultima Dragon Edition - (0-9)