I remember back in the day when The 7th Guest first came out. It was a very controversial game, because it depicted graphic bloody scenes of devils, demons, and ghosts. It had a horror theme, like many games before it; but for the first time, cartoonish people were replaced with real people. The game was to be a revolution.

The 7th Guest was monstrously large, boasting two CD's when most other games could fit on just a couple disks. It was the first high selling computer game to ever be put on CD-ROM. Due to its high resolution graphics, and the fact it has only available on CD-ROM, it actually caused an increase in hardware sales! The Seventh Guest was a pioneer being one of the first games in history where a game required more hardware than most of the business software on the market. It needed a higher edge video board, as well as a CD-ROM. (Two things very few people had at the time.)

The game is AWESOME! Getting it to run was like pulling an alligator's teeth with your fingers, but once you did you were immersed in sheer terror and excitement. This is a game that actually scared people. That may sound a little silly to you, but try playing this game alone in your basement at 1:00 AM. It's as though the game itself is alive. The game had a mood that just made your adreniline pump constantly. The music was done by The Fat Man and it is pure artwork, just like all his music.

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