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The City

The city is a grand place where many things can happen. You can heal your character, buy better equipment, and level up. There are several places in the city, each one is described in detail below.

The City

This will let you create a new character to play with. The creation is very simple. You give the character a name and then the computer generates some random stats. You get to modify these stats slightly and then choose a class. Afterwards you have a new character to use.

Chracter Creation

The store is one of the most important places in the game. Here you can buy new weapons and armor, as well as new equipment. You can also sell any unneeded equipment you found in the dungeons. A very nice feature of the store is the vault. This allows you to keep any items you may want in storage for awhile. This also allows you to switch items between characters.

The Store

This is where you enter the dungeon. If you have a selected party, they will automatically enter, otherwise, you will have to select a party to enter.

Get Party
Before you enter the dungeons or go shopping, you should form your party. A party can have one or two people. Because Swords of Glass allows for two player split screen gaming, you can take two members into the dungeon together and fight cooperatively.

Not only is the hotel a place where you can come and rest, but it's also the place where you can find out if you've gone up a level. The hotel charges you gold per level to rest there. Each rest will increase your hit points by one. Rests are usually very cheap and you should be able to rest until your hit points are full again.

If you no longer want a character, or if their body has become hopelessly lost in a deep dungeon, you can go here to delete a character. Be weary though, for a deleted character can never be recovered.

The temple is a place where you can go and get your weapons blessed. Suppose your handy broadsword +3 is chipped and dull. If you get it blessed, the clerics will fix it up, good as new. The temple also sells reviving potions to resurrect dead heroes. These potions are usually very expensive, and are also hard to use. You need to find the hero's grave stone and sprinkle the potion on their corpse. This brings them back to life naked and with very few hit points. You then need to get them back to the city alive, which is very hard to do. The temple also gives the descriptions of items for a price. They will tell you how powerful an item is or what special abilities it has.

When you have finished playing you can quit back to DOS.

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