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Spells are the main force of a magician. There are ten spell levels and three spells per level. If you do the math you'll discover that there are in fact thirty spells. Each time you go up a level or read a spellbook you'll get more magic power. Each spell consumes one point of magic in its level. Warriors are able to learn spells if they read spellbooks. Spellbooks with + bonuses allow higher level magic gaining.

Some of you more clever players might have noticed that the names of the spells were actually in Spanish. I've translated them into their English equivalent which is in gray (although, some may not be fully accurate as there were misspellings in the game).

1Vida (Life)Heals a small amount of wounds
1Pocofuego (Little Fire)A minor bolt of damage
1Mapa (Map)Tells you your coordinates in the dungeon
2Muedo (Musical)Paralyzes some monsters with fear
2Amparo (Shelter)Increase defense for a short while
2Pocohelio (Little Ice)Medium bolt of damage
3Fuerza (Force)Increases strength for a short while
3Salud (Health)Cures blindness and poison
3Anublar (Darken)Confuses enemy
4Inflamar (Inflame)Large bolt of damage
4Disipar (Dissipate)Paralyzes most monsters with fear
4Devancer (Precede)Randomly teleports you on same level
5Fantasma (Ghost)Project your vision around for several spaces
5Viva (Live)Heals a good amount of wounds
5Helio (Ice)Large bolt of damage
6Viento (Wind)Huge bolt of damage
6Masfuerza (Force)Greatly increases strength for awhile
6Masamparo (Shelter)Greatly increases defense for awhile
7Pocomudar (Little Change)Teleport on the same level (short range)
7Melaza (Molasses)Paralyze and poisons enemy
7Espiritu (Spirit)Like Fantasma, but lasts longer
8Masviva (It Lives)Heals many wounds
8Muchohelio (Much Ice)Massive bolt of damage
8Encontrar (Find)Tells you the location of a character (alive or dead)
9Metabolico (Metabolic)Removes all enemies from the level (no experience)
9Granamparo (Great Shelter)Raise defense for both characters
9Meurte (Death)Kills most monsters instantly without experience
10Mudar (Change)Teleport to any location on any level (except 8)
10Infierno (Hell)Brutal bolt of damage
10Resucitar (Revive)Resurrects a character you are on or adjacent to

Somtimes Pocomudar and Mudar fail and send you to a random location on the level. Also, neither spell works on level 8, and Mudar cannot be used to teleport you to level 8.

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