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In Swords of Glass you can choose to play either a Warrior or a Magician. Each class is described in detail below.

Warriors are certainly the best at hand-to-hand combat. Not only can they wear all the most powerful armor, but they can also wield the best weapons. Because they rely on their combat skill to survive, warriors should have a very high strength. This will allow them to do more damage in combat. Also, warriors should have a decent amount of dexterity in order to hit monsters, dodge their blows, and use the stronger bows. Because so much money is spent on better weapons and armor, repairs, and hotel visits a warrior will always be at a loss of money. Once a warrior does get all the best equipment, then they will start gathering a nice horde of gold. Warriors also have the ability to go berserk. This will massively increase your strength, until it wears off. When it does wear off, you will have very few hit points. Warriors are great for the inexperienced player.

Magicians are mysterious spell casters who weave powerful magic with their keen intellect. Because a magician casts spells to survive, they are unable to wear cumbersome armor, or use heavy weapons. Although this makes them weak in melee combat, they save plenty of money because of this. A magician starts out rather weak, but becomes very strong as they begin leveling up. Magicians will eventually become more powerful than warriors and stay that way for awhile until warriors start getting spellbooks which will give them the same spells that a magician can get. Magicians are great for patient players who don't mind spending lots of time on their character. The higher level spells have amazing effects that can do massive amounts of damage, and give great beneficial effects.

Class Progression

From this crude drawing you can see how the level progression of each class goes. The warrior starts out the strongest with better equipment, but then the magician soon gets the more powerful spells, but then the warrior starts to get the same spells too giving him the benefit of better weapons and armor and spells.

Because the game allows two players to play at the same time, and also two players controlled in party mode, it's best to have one warrior and one magician fighting cooperatively. The magician acts as a helper casting spells to buff up the warrior and heal him when he's low on hit points. Since the magician doesn't need much money he can give it to the warrior for better weapons. In return the warrior will protect the feeble magician from the stronger enemies.

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