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Cheating and Hacking

Well first let me explain the levels of cheating. First there is light cheating. This includes things like swapping items between characters and free healing for magicians. Most people don't mind this kind of cheating, because it's within the rules of the game (thought not necessarily there on purpose). Then, there is heavy cheating, which includes things like backing up the vault data to get as many plate armors as you like and cheating death. Thirdly, there is hacking which allows you to pretty much do anything to the data files. Most people don't mind light cheating and frequently do it. If you're gung-ho about not cheating you might want to leave this section so you won't have to resist the temptation.

Light Cheating

Vault Swapping
Suppose you're playing a magician and, while in the dungeon, you come across a suit of plate armor +2. Naturally, this is quite a find, but your magician cannot wear this armor. However, your warrior who's still in the city certainly can. Take your magician back to the city and go to the store. Deposit the plate armor in the vault and leave. Get a new party with your warrior and enter the vault and withdraw the armor. Ta-da, you've switched ownership. This can be duplicated by going into party mode and giving an item to the other player, but it's safer to do it in town.

Free Healing
Where a warrior has to go to the hotel to get healed, a magician doesn't have to waste all that money. When you return to the city after a long battle, just simply re-enter the dungeon. All your magic points will be restored. Cast several healing spells and return to the stairs. Woo-hoo, free healing! You'll never have to pay for resting again. Be careful, because every so often, there will be a monster lurking near the stairs. A warrior can mimic this behavior when they get magic.

Early Power
Suppose you create a brand new warrior. The initial gold given to a starting player is not enough to buy him all the equipment he may need. Just take an existing player who has plenty of gold and go buy the best armor and weapons your new warrior can use. By using the Vault Swapping technique, you will be able to give the equipment to the new warrior and he will have all the best equipment before he even begins.

Heavy Cheating

Vault Stealing
Because the vault's contents are stored in a separate data file you can 'steal' from it quite easily. Go to the store with any character. Purchase the most expensive thing you can afford and store it into the vault. Then quit the game. Make a copy of the Vault.DAT file in a backup folder. Re-enter the game and go to the store. Withdraw the item and sell it back to the store. Then quit the game. Copy the backup Vault.DAT file over the existing one and re-enter the game. Take the same player to the store and go to the vault. Lo and behold, the item is still there, and you still have the gold from selling it! Withdraw the item and sell it again and continue doing this until you have tons of gold. You'll never need to work for your money again.

Cheating Death
When you die in Swords of Glass, your character's body becomes a tomb stone. You must then spend tons of money, with another character, getting a revive potion and getting them to safety. Of course you will lose all their equipment in the process. Instead of doing that there is way to cheat death. Every few times you leave the dungeon quit the game and go to DOS. Make a copy of the People.DAT file in a backup directory. The People.DAT file contains all the character data for every player. Return to the game and keep playing. Should you be killed in a dungeon, quit the game and copy the backup People.DAT file over the existing one. When you re-enter the game your character will still be alive, but maybe missing some of the stuff that you got last time. Certainly worth the price of resurrection. Actually, this was a common practice in the golden days of RPGs on the PC.

Spectral Money
When you enter a dungeon, you can only take two players with you. Those two players cannot be the same... Or can they? Have an empty party and enter the dungeon. The game will ask you to select a party. Find the character with the most money and enter the dungeon (remember the number of the character). You are then asked for a second character if you want. Enter the same number as your last character (even though it's not visible). You and your clone will enter the dungeon. Have your clone give you all of his money, items, soul, etc. Then, have the clone return to town. Then have your normal character return to town also. The clone will magically disappear, but your character will have double everything! Sell what you don't need and you'll be rich in no time. (Warning! Make sure your clone exits the dungeon first! Otherwise, you'll lose everything!)

Many Blessings
The people at the temple can bless your weapons and armor, but nothing else... unless you remember which spot its in! When you have something blessed you pick the item from your inventory. Only weapons and armor are displayed. However, if you pick a letter of an item you have that doesn't show up, it too can be blessed. Not only is the blessing free, but if you bless an item that can have a quantity, you will get around 60 extra items of that type. This will let you quickly stock up on arrows and potions. Warning: If you're too greedy you can damage the saved game file, so always make a backup before using it.


Hacking the Data Files
The data files in Swords of Glass are encoded in a fairly easy to figure out format. If you open them in notepad and trying to alter them can prove disasterous to the workings of the game. However, with a hex editor and a lot of patience, you can alter the files to suit your will.

Save Game Hacking Notes

Doug O'Hara's Vault Editor - Lets you populate the vault with anything. (screenshot)

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