Shadowgate NES - Music


All the music is in vorbis format and has been recorded from the NSF rip of the game ROM.

Title - The opening music of Shadowgate.
Entranceway - The music played upon your arrival to the castle Shadowgate.
Wandering - Several of the rooms use this music.
Dragon - Here there be dragons!
Mirror Room - Just like an elven fun house.
Danger - You'll hear this tune more than once.
Courtyard - The lovely cyclops filled courtyard. Death to the infidels!
Hallway - Exploring the dark hallways of Shadowgate.
Library - Learning makes magic easier.
Torch's Dieing - The aggravating music that occurs when your torch runs low.
Dead - It will happen more than once in your journey!
Ending - For those who were able to stop the warlock and the behemoth.
Unknown - Track 13 in the NSF file. If you know where this music is played please let me know.

Download the NSF ROM rip in ZIP format.


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