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The following in the story taken directly from the game manual. Obviously there are a few over sights like the technology expected in the 21st century. It's also written in a very cheesy old comicbook style. The story mentions that the sections are alphabetical, but in the game they are numerical. Perhaps the game should have been called Section 59! That doesn't sound as cool though.

It is now the 21st Century. High frequency radio and television communications between Planet Earth and the space-exploring Saturn Space Station blast warnings of approaching invaders, then abruptly cease.

You shed your earthly identity to become the one remaining astronaut in space. You unite with freedom-fighter Captain Commando to enter the outer regions of space. Concealed in a special solar-energized, jet-propelled supersonic spacesuit, and armed with multi-directional weaponry, you depart Earth's surface on a death-defying mission.

You and Captain Commando must maneuver safely through four levels of adventurous battle scenes, penetrating the defenses established by the Space Soldiers of Balangool. You are challenged as you fight through Sections A to Section Z - where "L-Brain", Balangool's Master Control, programs domination of the universe.

Your goal: penetrate Section Z, destroy L-Brain Master Control, defeat the evil Space Soliders of Balangool, and save Planet Earth.

L-Brain, Master Control of Balangool, secured in Section Z of Fortress Balangool, headquarters of this brutal enemy force, transmits communiqués throughout the universe. Balangool Space Soldiers receive instructions from L-Brain while engaged in interplanetary invasions. Their goal is to conquer the universe.

Balangool Captains are stationed at each stage, guarding giant super powered transmitters. Strong, red barriers surround two transmitters found at Stage One. To clear these red barriers you must destroy the Enemy Generator supplying power to the barriers. Should you successfully eliminate the generator, proceed to eradicate the Balangool Captain. For only then can you proceed to another Stage.

As you progress, increase your supply of weapons and energy. Without them, you cannot reach Section Z to bring L-Brain Master Control to extinction, heroically saving Planet Earth.

Wow! Now that is a neato story!