Game Genie


The controls for Section Z are quite intuitive. Movement is simple with the directional pad. Be careful not to get caught behind a wall as the level scrolls or you will be crushed to death! A neat feature of the character is how the animation changes depending on your movement. While moving back, your legs are swept forward, and you can walk along the floor. These are minor additions, but they give the game more depth.

At the end of most sections there is a two-way transporter. Each one takes you to a different section. I suggest keeping track of which transporter takes you to which location otherwise you could easily continue looping around in circles. Also, you will see red transporters every so often. Red transporters will kill you if you touch them. You must first find and defeat the Generator to unlock the red transporters.

Unlike many shooters where you are always facing one direction, Section Z gives you the ability to turn around so you can shoot behind you. To fire you press A or B. A shoots forward, B shoots backward.

At any time you can press START to pause the game.

Another one bites the dust

If your energy ever reaches zero, or if you touch an enemy, you will die. Death from touching an enemy also results in a loss of five energy. Each time you die you lose a life. If you lose all your lives, you will be given the option to continue or retry (losing lives isn't a big deal in this game because you get infinite continues). When you continue you will be given 20 energy and filling it back up late in the game is a chore. If you die and your energy is at zero, you will be sent back to the beginning of the stage (level 1, 20, or 40) which can be quite a set back.

There are two types of special weapons you can obtain. The first type are your weapons the second are your transmission shells. Check the power-ups page for more information.

Weapons are found in metal eaters. Once you get the weapon it shows up in the top right of your screen. Use left and right to switch between them, and select to use them. Once you use a weapon it becomes part of your gun. If you die, you lose the power-up.

You start with the megamissile and there are two other shells to collect in the game. To access them, press both the A and B buttons together. This will make the item flash in in middle of the screen. Touch the flashing item to activate it. Keep in mind that activating a shell will cost you four energy points.