Game Genie


First Generator

Each generator works the same way. It will continuely shoot two types of bullets at you, normal and seeking. The normal bullets function like all the other ones, but the seeking bullets will change direction and follow you until they hit something. If you shoot the green sphere the generator will eventually be destoryed.

The first generator is a breeze. Simply hide above or below the green boxes. This will prevent the seeking bullets from hitting you. Quickly, move to the center, shoot the sphere, and hide again as soon as the seekers get close. Run the seekers into the green boxes as you hide. Repeat this until the generator is destroyed.

Second Generator


Zamuza is pretty simple. You can only hit him when he opens his beak, which makes you wonder why he does at all. Just watch his pattern and avoid his bullets. Shoot at his mouth when it's open. Keep it up and he will eventually die.

Third Generator

Fourth Generator


Balaba is only a mini boss. He kind of looks like a deformed balloon.

Fifth Generator

Sixth Generator


To me, Galga was the most difficult boss in the game. He breaks up into 8 pieces and swirls around. The pieces are just like any other enemy, one touch and you die. To make matters worse, each piece can shoot bullets. After a bit of swirling, Galga will dissapear and come back in another spot. You can only hurt him while he's visible. Once you do enough damage to a piece it will be stop shooting, but it can still kill you by a touch. Once all the pieces are destroyed Galga will die.


L-Brain is the final boss of the game and he's pretty tedious to defeat. He has four turrets and two shields protecting him.

Shoot the turrets first. Once they are destroyed, shoot at the tiny shield generators at the top and bottom of L-Brain. With the shield generators gone, you can hit L-Brain.

Seems simple right? Well here's the tedious part: everything regenerates! The turrets only stay dead for a few seconds before growing back, and the same goes for the shield generators. Basically, you'll only get a few shots in before to have to go back and kill the turrets again. Just be careful, both the turrets and the shields count at enemies that can kill with a touch.

Defeat L-Brain, and you win the game.