Food of love, emotion, mathematics, isolation, rhythm, feeling, power, harmony, and heavy competition!

Here are all the Rent MIDI files I could find on the web. All of the more popular songs are covered, some have several mixes to them. Find out which mix you like best. If you have a Rent MIDI that I don't, please notify me so I can post it.

Tune Up #1-
Voice Mail #1-
Tune Up #2-
RENT1 2 3 4 5
You Okay Honey-
Tune Up #3-
One Song Glory1 2
Light My Candle1
Voice Mail #2-
Today 4 U1
You'll See-
Tango: Maureen1
Life Support1
Out Tonight1 2
Another Day1 2 3 4
Will I?1
Santa Fe1 2 3
I'll Cover You1 2
We're Okay-
Christmas Bells1
Over the Moon-
La Vie Boheme1
I Should Tell You1
La Vie Boheme B-
Seasons of Love1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Happy New Year-
Voice Mail #3-
Happy New Year B-
Take Me or Leave Me1
Seasons of Love B-
Without You1 2
Voice Mail #4-
Contact1 2 3
I'll Cover You (Reprise)1 2
Halloween1 2
Goodbye Love1
What You Own1 2 3
Voice Mail #5 1
Your Eyes1 2 3 4
Finale B1

All the Rent MIDI's zipped