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RENT is a musical written by Jonathan Larson which has inspiration from the opera La Bohème. It's an emotionally stirring story of a community of young artists struggling to live in the unforgiving New York City's East Village.

I came into the RENT scene late in the game. A friend lent me the RENT soundtrack years after it had been out. I listened to it once, and thought it was cool. I listened to it a second time and started getting into it. I listened to it a third time and I was hooked. The music is -that- good. Since then, I've bought my own copy of the soundtrack and the production book and I have seen it on stage (which was amazing). I've memorized the entire soundtrack, and can easily sing any section of it (though I'm a terrible vocalist, so you wouldn't actually want to hear me sing it). I have a great deal of passion towards this, my favorite, musical. So here is my little RENT shrine. It's nothing spectacular, but it does have some neat little RENT tidbits to look at. I hope you like it.

Since its release on November 23rd, 2005, RENT is also a movie.

RENT is the 7th longest running show in the history of Broadway with 4,705 performances.

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