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Black Tubers - this plant grows in dry regions. From the surface it is a thorny shrub with small leaves. Below ground it has a large root, which from the outside is a dark brown to black color, but inside the layer the flesh is white and moist like a water chestnut. The plant absorbs water into its root, and stores it. Although the root has little to no flavor, it absorbs everything around it, making it very useful in cooking.

Hard Corn - This is a much sturdier, shorter version of normal yellow corn. Because it grows in dry areas the plant isn't as soft or as sweet. The kernels are hard and tough, but when put into water they plump up nicely and become much more palatable. The Plains Catmen will often be seen eating it dry, as it makes for a wonderful toothbrush.

White Moss - White moss is a special type of moss that grows on the rocks of certain underground caverns. It naturally contains an amount of phosphorous which makes it glow in the dark. It is also a reagent used for casting some spells pertaining to light.