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Finished Stories

This is the place where all of my finished stories make their way to. Technically, they're not finished, but instead in their final draft phases. Because, there are still several inconsistencies to Legendworld, the "finished" stories will have to go through minor revisions each time I add any major changes to the world. Well, anyway here they are, the finished stories.

The Legend of David of Wolf

Plot Lines

The following is a list of all the major plot lines, and how everything interacts in one way or another. Each of the following could be made into a short story, novelette, or possibly even a novel.

The Legend of Sir Jezin Drake

Hadaxx Azriel is born quite weak. He grows way too quickly in power. He runs from the Council, and becomes a renegade. Several Magi go out to kill him, but can't. Later an Elder-Magi goes to kill him, and he is killed, placing one of Hadaxx's friends in the Elder-Magi's spot on the Council. Hadaxx talks with the wrim and gains more power by offering them knowledge of mass destruction spells that nobody else knew at the time. Hadaxx then talks the crimson dragons and helps them kill many gold and silver dragons. Then Hadaxx starts a battle with the angel Drake. Hadaxx begins the fight with himself and many crimson dragons all attacking Drake. Prior to this, Jezin was born. He becomes Drake's best Paladin. Jezin finds out what Hadaxx is up to and goes to kill him, but by the time he finds Hadaxx, Hadaxx has already ascended to kill Drake. Drake kills off all the Crimson dragons, except a few who run away. Hadaxx takes advantage of this by seriously hurting Drake. Drake fights back do massive damage to Hadaxx, but Hadaxx continues fighting. Drake knows he is about to lose, so he ascends Jezin, and Hadaxx then kills Drake. Hadaxx is totally drained by this and as he sits regaining his mana, Jezin battles him, and kills Hadaxx.

The Tale of Simkin Lordaxe

Duncan Lordaxe was the king of the clan Lordaxe. The Lordaxe clan was one of the most prestigious ogre clans. They were very good warriors, as well as very rich miners. They sculpted a great and vast castle into the face of a huge cliff on a mountain. They were very well off. Simkin was the only son of Duncan. Simkin was to be Duncan's heir, after Duncan died. Duncan didn't know it was so soon though. Duncan took deathly ill from a disease the angel Adreial made. Duncan passed on, and Simkin was left to rule at a very young age. The advisors to Duncan, were of the greedy nature. They decided that they didn't want a child to rule their clan. Although they could have taught him to be a great king, they instead concocted a terrible lie, which caused Simkin to be shamed, and banished. Duncan's cousin, Dougal was to take the throne. Dougal was a very bad king, and the advisors made him worse. The clan Lordaxe suffered, but its leaders were happy spending its wealth. Simkin carried with him a ring his father Duncan had given to him just before he died. The ring was a symbol of the clan Lordaxe, and the proof of Simkin's birthright. Simkin had hidden it away before he was banished. Simkin was supposed to have been killed, but through great luck, and a little help from Rath, he escaped into the wilderness. Simkin was taken in by a family of caring fain and he was taught how to be a man, and the fain also taught him what it meant to be an ogre. When Simkin was old enough to learn what had actually happened in his clan he went and recovered his ring, and went back to his clan. There was a great political and bloody battle. In the End Simkin took his rightful place as king, and Dougal, along with the advisors, were punished. Simkin became a great leader, and made a great peace with the fain.

The Tale of Te'Ada Crim

When Jezin was on his way to find Hadaxx he came across a thief named Te'Ada Crim. Te'Ada Crim was not blessed with a rich family heritage, or even a family at all. So he turned to stealing. He was not lacking ethics though, because he only stole from those he felt deserved it. Now Jezin being a paladin was supposed to right all the wrongs. He tried to punish Te'Ada only to find he was very good at combat. Jezin and Te'Ada talked and discussed their morals, and philosophies. Jezin told Te'Ada that stealing is bad, Te'Ada told Jezin that he only stole from those who were bad themselves. So Jezin told Te'Ada that just because they are bad that doesn't make it right. Te'Ada then told Jezin that Jezin was going to have to kill Hadaxx in order to stop him, because what Hadaxx is doing is bad. Jezin being wise, understood this, and questioned his own actions. Jezin and Te'Ada became friends. They both learned a lot from each other, and Te'Ada was there when Jezin ascended.

The History of The Order of the Bear

Turk Broadshoulder wasn't born into a rich family. He became a blacksmith like his father, and his father before him. All the men in his family were blacksmiths. They never had much money, but they were always happy. They were also all very strong from the long line of heavy workers. A Magi found the town where he lived and began to take it over. The ogres became as slaves and Turk wouldn't stand for it. He assembled a group of other peasants who were all very strong. They then proceeded to kill the Magi. They learned of other towns where Magi were enslaving people. They went to the other towns and killed the Magi there too. Their group was known as the Bear, and the Magi began to fear them. At the next Council meeting the Elder-Magi learned that many of the Magi were killed, and found out why. They apologized to the peasants and ratified the group known as the bear into a Knighthood. The Order of the Bear as they were to be called. This was the first humbling of the Magi.

The History of The Order of the Lion

Palaron was a member of the Order of the Bear. He was a good warrior, but he took a bit of abuse because he used to be a politician for the Council of the Magi. Some of the Magi who were punished by the Elder-Magi when their evil ways were found out, began to rise again with their notoriety. They swore revenge on the Order of the Bear. They soon lowered the power that the Knight's had, and were soon about to dissolve the Knighthood completely but Palaron began to speak. He spoke very elegantly and true. The Elder-Magi not only kept the Knighthood around, but also gave it more power than before. Turk spoke with Palaron, and thanked him greatly. Palaron was happy that he was favored and truly accepted by the Knights. Then Turk told Palaron that he must leave the Order of the Bear. Palaron was devastated by this because he had tired for so long to become a part of them. Turk told him that he was not right for the Order of the Bear, and that he must form his own Knighthood. Thus the second humbling of the Magi occur, and the Order of the Lion was formed.

The Creation of The World

Covers the creation of Šther, the angels, The World, the near destruction of The World, the angel's government, the races, the wrim, and the dragons.

The History of the Council of the Magi

Starts at the beginning of Kendra's first involvement in magic, to her ban on powerful magic, to the death of several powerful magic users, to her cult, to the fight with Aster, to the truce, to the actual creation of the Council of the Magi.

The Story of the First Dragon War

Starts with Drake's creation of the Gold Dragons. The creation of the crimson dragons, then they greed of the crimson dragons, then the battle of the gold dragons and Drake versus the crimson dragons, then the defeat of the crimson dragons, and their punishment.

The Story of the Arcainen

Starts with the creation of the fain, then the trick of Adreial and Tendral, then the creation of the arcainen, then the rise of the arcainen.