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The Races

Legendworld is full of intelligent life forms. Some of them have raised in population to become an important force in the world. The major races of Legendworld are as follows.


Average Age: 65-85 years
Average Height: 5-6 feet
Singular: Human
Description: Humans are the very first creations of Legendworld to have a soul. They were made by Starr right after she created Legendworld and they adapted to the world perfectly. They quickly became the dominant living creatures and bent the world around them the fulfill their needs and desires. They have no intuneness with Šther, and thusly no mana, but can still wield magic through the use of reagents. Humans fit the world so well because they have high ambitions because of their short lives, and they can become skilled at pretty much anything. They have average intelligence and average physical strength. They are also the most diverse race having many different cultures that range from different sizes and shapes, as well as different colors of skin and hair. Each culture has their own laws and taboos and each culture worships their angel of choice.


Average Age: 500-5000 years
Average Height: 4-5 feet
Singular: Fay
Description: After seeing how the humans would abuse the world and break it into submission, Starr grew sad because of this. Her second creation was that of a much gentler, more logical, more loving race; the fain. She made them smaller and weaker than the humans so they wouldn't be able to dominate as easily, but she made them much wiser to counteract this weakness. Fain are a very controlled race, they rarely let their passions overcome their reason and are great advocates of order. Fain have pointed ears and never grow facial hair. They always look young regardless of their age. Fain are naturally in tune with Šther, and can cast all manner of spells and magic without the use of reagents. When fain come to the point where they are to die, (when they have accomplished all they wanted to do) they have to make a conscious effort to do so. Their death is actually them passing into the afterlife. Fain can be killed like any other mortal through violent means. Most fain worship Starr as their dominant angel.


Average Age: 200-250 years
Average Height: 6-7 feet
Singular: Ogre
Description: Ogres are a strong and passionate people much like their creator Rath. When Rath created the ogres he did it quickly and without spending very much time planning, so the outcome was fairly primitive compared to the more planned races. Ogres are very social amongst themselves, but care little of other races who they claim "don't understand them". Ogres tend to live in gigantic underground caverns where they don't have to interact with other races, but they come to the surface very often, especially during storms. Ogres are mildly intelligent and are smart enough to carve out their own passages underground. They also create high quality and efficient weapons, along with pieces of art wrought from precious metals. Ogres can be extremely brutal at times and their sports are dangerous and violent, which they gamble from. They have a good deal of honor which is a different type compared to most other mortals, but honor none-the-less. They are very strict with their ways of honor and will make an outcast out of those who don't share their ways of honor. Ogres enjoy a good belt of hard liquor every so often. Ogres are hairy, all over their bodies, but it is usually kept well groomed, as they pride themselves on their outward appearance. Scars are considered fashionable. Ogres naturally have six fingers on both hands and six toes on both feet. Although ogres don't care for other races very much, they especially dislike the fain because of their so-called "weak" attitudes and constantly berate them. They do tend to value the friendship of the catmen who they will treat as equals. Ogres also do not like magic and they are rarely smart enough to cannot cast it. Even though they live underground, most ogres worship Rath because they are so similar to him. The ogre's have a primitive language and writing system which can be seen here.


Average Age: 60-70 years
Average Height: 5-6 feet
Singular: Catman


Average Age: 85-100 years
Average Height: 4-6 feet
Singular: Hyiesk
Description: Created by Daria as the protectors of the seas, hyieskis live under water and make sure that their world is kept in harmony. They are very social, speaking with all intelligent aquatic life forms, but tend to shy away from the surface dwellers which they think of as lessers. Hyieskis have adapted well to their environment. They have grown webbed hands and feet and longer legs that help propel them underwater. Although hyieskis possess both gills and lungs, they rarely venture on the surface. Not just because their bodies must always remain moist, but because of all the terrible problems that the surface mortals cause. They keep in good standings with the fain, whom they bond with very well, but have almost an instinctive dislike towards ogres, humans, arcainen, and catmen. Hyieskis of course worship Daria.


Average Age: 175-225 years
Average Height: 4-6 feet
Singular: Arcainan
Description: Right after Starr created the fain, Tendral and Adreial tricked some of them into a disfiguring magical experiment. They turned their skin to a pale white, and made their hair and eyes black as night. The worst thing of all though, is that they turned their souls from a caring wise soul into a soul filled with hate and malice. They made their desires no longer around loving logic and Šther, but around creating all manners of chaos and abominations. From animating the dead, to causing plagues and diseases in all sorts of mortals and beasts. The arcainen live underground where they have a society based with various evil beasts. The arcainen are hated amongst all other mortals. Many angels dislike the race as well, especially Starr. The arcainen tend to worship both Tendral and Adreial.


Average Age: 450-550 years
Average Height: 1-2 feet
Singular: Faerie
Description: The lesser of the wrim also known as a faerie, still have a mortal body and can still think independently. They are not fully part of the wrim so thusly have independent thought and memories, but are slightly influenced by the decisions and actions of the greater wrim. Faeries stand no more than two feet tall and have iridescent wings like that of insects. Because they were created by Nicerion they are part of Šther, and thus have an extremely large amount of mana. Faeries live a long life and in that time they accomplish little as far as other mortals are concerned. They neither build houses or roads. They live in the flows of Šther, and derive nourishment from it. They shelter themselves with magic and never worry about anything unless it effects the flows of Šther. Although they don't actually worship Nicerion they use magic all the time which gives Šther to her.


Average Age: 100 years (exactly)
Average Height: 1 foot (exactly)
Singular: Wrim
Description: While the lesser wrim still have bodies and think independently, the greater wrim have shed their inefficient mortal coils. The wrim have taken on a different shape and resemble balls of glowing green light. The wrim all share the same brain, which is actually not a brain at all, but more a pool of Šther where all their thoughts join. Nicerion first created the faeries as a being of magic, but then grew annoyed at how mischievous they became. Because they never did anything useful, they would get bored and then go play tricks on other mortals which they derived great pleasure. So to counteract this Nicerion created the greater wrim who would possess a goal. The goal of the wrim is simply to learn. They all learn and never stop learning nor do they ever forget anything. Wrim care very little about mortal affairs and will only help someone provided that they get new information from them. Wrim don't really die, instead they live for exactly 100 years and then their light goes out, but they are instantly replaced by another wrim. The term 'wrim' is actually a misnomer, as the entire collective is called the wrim, not each individual. Speaking with the wrim can become very confusing because of this. Although the wrim understand the terms mortals use such as: he, she, they, I, etc. they refuse to use them as they have no real use for them. Wrim will usually grow frustrated talking to mortals which is why they rarely do. Only the faeries will actually speak normally with the wrim and the fain are sometimes, yet rarely, permitted conversation. All other races and almost always ignored, with the exception of dragons of course.


Average Age: 40-50 years
Average Height: 3 feet
Singular: Fretmus
Description: Fretmuse are a nomadic race of weasel-like scavengers. They were created by Daine a long time ago when she was creating all manner of animals, but they have evolved very rapidly to exists along side the other intelligent humanoids. They still have a long way to go however, and are usually viewed as a demi-race. They grow around 3 feet tall and are thin and lanky walking upright, but very slouched. Their bodies are covered in a tawny bushy hair that is often lice ridden. They wear tattered clothes which are usually stolen or pieced together from rags. They possess enough intelligence to survive, but have little understanding of higher learning such as math or physics. They speak their own language which is mostly compromised of hisses, growls, gestures, and a several words. Their hands and feet, which are like paws, grow small but very sharp claws. Their hands are articulated enough to hold weapons, which they can become mildly skilled at. Their teeth are always sharp as they are mostly carnivorous, but can eat some easily digestible fruits and fungus as well. Fretmuse can see very well in the dark and have good hearing and olfactory senses as well. Fretmuse live in small tribes and use physical violence to determine social status. This form of hierarchy helps them by keeping the leader the strongest member of the tribe. In large enough tribes they will have a shaman who gets magical powers from Daine. Bartering with the fretmuse is difficult because of the language barriers and the fact they they prefer to steal stuff. They love shiny objects especially metal and jewelry.

Size Comparison

Here you can see how the races size up against each other.


Drake saw that mortals were similar to the angels when it came to creating a form of government. For this reason he created a race that would be like him. He created the Dragons as the peacekeepers, in case of any real problems. Dragons come in many sizes, colors, and temperaments. Dragons are enormous reptiles who are very intelligent. They have large quantities of mana and a special breath weapon that changes per dragon. As a whole, they are extremely solitary, and keep to themselves.

Gold Dragon

Max Age: 10,000 years
Body: 180
Tail: 70
Weight: 20,000
Breath: Fire
Description: When Drake originally decided to create the dragons to govern the mortals in the event of an emergency, he first created the gold dragon. The gold dragon is one of the dragons. They are also the most powerful spell casters possessing the most mana. Gold dragons on average are the most powerful of all dragons. Their name is derived from the metallic gold tinge of their scales. The breath weapon of the gold dragon is a blast of searing white hot flames. Gold dragons normally live high in the mountains, but due to their innate ability to shape change they are sometimes found living amongst mortals in towns and cities for short periods at a time. There they will get political information on the mortals to make sure they are not trying anything too radical. Most mortals aren't very thrilled with gold dragon spies, so gold dragons are very careful to keep their disguises a secret. If a gold dragon incognito is found out they are usually asked, very politely, to go home. Gold dragons will almost always return home, only to come back again at a later date in different disguise. Gold dragons rarely interfere politically with the humanoids races, but if there is a desperate issue that needs to be resolved, for example if an angel's life were in jeopardy, the dragon would attempt to set things right. Gold dragons are very obedient to Drake's wishes and will always do what he tells them to do. Drake converses regularly with gold dragons and keeps tabs what the mortals are doing. Gold dragons will never attack a mortal unless they feel threatened, which doesn't occur often.

Crimson Dragon

Max Age: 9,000 years
Body: 170
Tail: 70
Weight: 25,000
Breath: Fire
Description: Crimson dragons are very wicked dragons. Like the gold dragon the breath fire and live in the mountains. They were created right after the gold dragons. They are stronger in body, but slightly weaker in mind. For that reason they have less mana then their brothers the gold dragons. Crimson dragons were originally good and obedient much like the gold dragons, but they felt neglected because they thought that Drake favored the gold dragons. So the crimson dragons grouped together and began to revolt against Drake, they attempted and almost killed Drake. Drake, however, was helped by the gold dragons and they eventually forced the crimson dragons into a retreat. Drake was about to annihilate the crimson dragons, but he remembered how The Great Spirit stopped him from destroying the Mortal's Realm and gave mercy to the crimson dragons. Instead he punished the crimson dragons by taking away their shape changing abilities, thus keeping them away from the cities and towns so they couldn't manipulate the mortals. Crimson dragons are very arrogant and feel that they are more powerful than all other dragons. Some crimson dragons aren't as evil as others and a few are even still obedient to Drake. Drake still speaks with many crimson dragons, but only a few actually listen. Crimson dragons are so called because of the crimson tips to their maroon scales.

Silver Dragon

Max Age: 500 years
Body: 150
Tail: 60
Weight: 17,000
Breath: Fire
Description: In the original battle of the dragons, when the crimsons fought the golds, Drake secretly created another dragon race, so that if both the crimsons and the golds were to both be eradicated the silvery metallic colored silver dragons would live on. They are similar to the gold dragons in most respects, they breathe fire, live in mountains, and can shape change. They have one major difference however, they have a much shorter life span. They were given a shorter life span so that they could better understand what it is to be mortal. Most gold and crimson dragons only fear being killed, not old age. Because of this silver dragons are better equipped to help and understand the problems that mortals face much easier. Silver dragons are only slightly smaller than gold dragons, and are very obedient to Drake's wishes.

Forest Dragon

Max Age: 800 years
Body: 130
Tail: 60
Weight: 14,000
Breath: Fatal Poison, Paralyze Poison, Sleep Poison
Description: Created by Drake, for the angel Daine, the forest dragon, is long and skinny compared to the other dragons. They are green and brown colored, and wingless (Which is little concern since they live in the deep forests). Their breath weapon consists of several poisonous gasses. Forest dragons live in deep forests some times in caves near forests. They are very good illusionists and have many magical defenses in their home forests. They are obedient to Drake, although they are more fond of Daine who treats them very well. Although they are not evil like the crimson dragons, they do not go out of their way to be good.

Sea Dragon

Max Age: 1,000 years
Body: 150
Tail: 200
Weight: 30,000
Breath: Boiling Sea Water
Description: The dark blue and gray colored sea dragons resemble huge sea serpents. They are the largest of all the dragons. They breath hot sea water and salt crystals, blinding those who are caught in it, and burning the skin. They have huge razor toothed maws that can break ships in half. They live deep in the oceans in under water chasms, sometimes their lairs are found in coral reefs. They are obedient to Drake, but prefer Daria who treats them very well. Their magic consists of aquatic spells which they use very proficiently. Sea dragons are of course wingless.

Frost Dragon

Max Age: 700 years
Body: 90
Tail: 50
Weight: 9,000
Breath: Freezing Air
Description: Pale blue and white color scales cover the frost dragon's body. A special dragon, as far as reptiles go, it can survive quite comfortably even in the coldest of artic climes. The breath of the frost dragon is an extreme freezing blast of cold air and ice crystals capable of freezing mortals solid. Frost dragons live in glacial chasms or burrows deep in the snow. Frost dragons grow smaller than most other dragons, but to offset this they are very fierce hunters as their food supply isn't always abundant. They have been known to attack mortals when they are extremely hungry, but usually stick to polar bears and other artic animals. Frost dragons are obedient to Drake.

Dune Dragon

Max Age: 4,000 years
Body: 170
Tail: 70
Weight: 24,000
Breath: Intense Heat
Description: Living deep in the sands of the most desolate of deserts the dune dragon is very large. Only slightly smaller than the crimson dragon the dune dragon is sheer might. With a very low natural mana the dune dragon was incorporated with sheer brute strength. Putting magic aside there is no creature in Legendworld that could defeat a dune dragon. Dune dragons are yellow and brown with exceptionally large muscles. They breathe intense heat and sand capable of melting steel. They are partially obedient to Drake, but aren't the best listeners. They are not very tolerant of mortals, but rarely encounter them as they hibernate deep under the sand for years at a time. They are omnivorous and will eat all the life in a particular area when they wake up. Dune dragons are wingless.

Night Dragon

Max Age: 200 years
Body: 70
Tail: 50
Weight: 7,000
Breath: Acid
Description: Of all the dragons that exist, the night dragon causes the most fear to the mortals. Where as crimson dragons are the most evil, they care little about the lives of mortals, but the night dragons love to toy with the mortal's lives. They enjoy stealing, killing, plundering, and pillaging. They were originally created by Drake for the same reason the other dragons were, to maintain the balance of government. They live in swamps and marshes, where their dark green and black colors match the surroundings. They are nocturnal by nature, hence the name night dragon. Because they were the weakest of all dragons both by strength and mana, they felt inferior and began to hate Drake because of it. When Tendral saw this she took advantage of it by tricking the night dragons into joining her cause. She would give them more mana if they would do her bidding. They saw this as a great deal and began causing pain in mortal's lives. Because of this Tendral became more powerful and was able to give the night dragons the extra mana they wanted. Night dragons loathe Drake and will not talk to him or listen to him. Night dragons spit acid that is very corrosive capable of dissolving even steel.