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The Pantheon of Angels

There are several angels. Each one is very different from the others. Allies exists, as well as enemies. Each angel has a different mortal mythos which they picked to perform in our world. Each can manifest themselves into the mortal world, each can be hurt, sustain wounds, and be killed. Angels cannot be hurt by mortals unless they manifest themselves into mortal form, however when they are in mortal form they are usually very powerful. Although they are extremely intelligent and amazingly strong an angel's death can be arranged. When an angel dies, their mythos also begins to die out, unless another angel tries to take over the position. Angels get more powerful when people worship them. This in turn transfuses the Šther of a mortal to an angel. Because mortals give off very little Šther, it takes hundreds of thousands to actually make an angel more powerful. An angel can also get more powerful when people are in certain states of mind, and give off certain emotions. For example, when people are in love and show love, Starr becomes more powerful. However, when people exhibit fear and loss, Tendral becomes more powerful, whether they're worshipping or not.


Mythos: Disease, Rotting, Plagues, Famine
Position: Lord of Plagues
Alignment: Chaotic Wicked
Mana Types: Void, Earth, Metal, Mind
Appearance: A corpse of a human male with flesh rotting off his body and all manner of sickness showing.
Description: Adreial takes great delight in watching mortals suffer. He creates all manners of plagues and sicknesses to make all of the mortals suffer in pain. Daria disapproves greatly of Adreial's actions as does Starr. Adreial gets stronger when people suffer from maladies and tries to cause devastating plagues. Luckily for mortal-kind, Daria can many times create cures for these diseases and thwart Adreial's plans. Adreial is mostly a loner trusting only his sister Tendral. Adreial cares nothing for mortals nor does he care about the angels, or even The Great Spirit for that matter. This saddens The Great Spirit who loves all of his creations. Adreial isn't that powerful because of the great amount of people that hate him and refuse to worship him, however he does have a fair amount of followers of whom he bestows the ability to cause great diseases. Much like Tendral's follower however, they must keep their faith a secret, lest they be killed by most other mortals. Mortals come to worship Adreial for the power to kill that he offers gladly. The mortals become so desperate to kill someone that they worship him to get the powers needed to kill. This often becomes very addicting, so they fall into a terrible cycle.


Mythos: Death, Earth
Position: Keeper of the Underworld
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Mana Types: Earth, Metal
Appearance: A very tall, strong, dark, and handsome human male wearing nice clothes
Description: When The Great Spirit originally decided not to destroy the world Starr had created the angel's formed their government. The angels began taking positions where they saw fit to reign. The order of the choice was dependant on the hierarchical status of each angel. Bane was the most favored angel, due to his great obedience and loyalty. He was also the best fit to oversee the government of the angels so he took the highest position as overseer of the angels. Drake was disappointed because of this, as overseer was the position he desperately wanted. Near the end of the order the lowest angel, Adreial, was to take the worst position as keeper of the Underworld. Adreial didn't want the horrible position as it would mean having to leave the heavens and live with the mortals' souls. It was a thankless job, demanding constant toils, and no reward. What was worse, is that Adreial would be a terrible keeper of the Underworld, causing extreme torment to the people that would have to go there. Bane saw this and decided that in order for the mortals to benefit from the Underworld they would need a more caring angel to be in charge. So, Bane left his position as overseer of the angels and went down to the lowly position of keeper of the Underworld. Drake was second in line and he chose the position that Bane had left behind. So now Bane resides in the pit of the Underworld. When a mortal dies Bane passes judgment on the mortals soul. This decides whether or not the soul will go into the Heavens and be free and surrounded by love, or remain in the Underworld where their life will constantly be plagued by their own misdeeds. Bane is the husband of Daria, whom he loves dearly. Bane has several followers, most of whom falsely believe that by worshipping him, they will not have to spend time in the Underworld. The few true believers understand the cycles of life and do not fear death. His followers are usually very passive, but just. He will grant them several powers concerning the earth.


Mythos: Nature, Animals, Beasts
Position: Keeper of Forest
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Mana Types: Nature, Essence, Earth, Water
Appearance: A strong and beautiful female fay who is always covered in animal skins and leaves.
Description: Daine is a very strong willed angel. She loves her animals, her creatures, and her forests and she will make sure they are treated properly. Daine understands that people need to hunt to survive and those acts of violence are natural to the circle of life, but she will severely punish those who go beyond the normal boundaries of life and hunt for pleasure, or those who destroy large amounts of the forests for little reason. She keeps her animals well and speaks with them often. They tell her how life is and how the mortals are treating them. Daine puts nature above all mortals because she knows that animals never get greedy, nor do they ever have hatred, plants never start wars, or create destruction. That is why she loves animals so much. Daine is the creator of almost all the intelligent beasts that exist in the world. When Starr originally created the Realm of Mortals, she left the animals simple and incapable of imaginative thought. Daine saw how the humans treated the animals and created many more animals of great intelligence some even far more intelligent that mortals. The followers of Daine often times have an animal companion with them. They do not view this animal as a pet, but more as an equal and sometimes a mentor. The followers understand how the animals can usually be much wiser that even the eldest of scholars.


Mythos: Water, Good Health, Healing, Aquatic Life
Position: Empress of the Seas
Alignment: Neutral Good
Mana Types: Water Wind, Essence
Appearance: The upper torso of a beautiful pale human female, with the body of a fish. On land with legs.
Description: Daria is a loving gentle angel. She grows stronger when mortals are healthy and the Water of Life is clean. She is the protector of the oceans, seas, lakes, and rivers. Daria loves the seas because of their tranquility and chaos. She loves the living creatures of the waters as well and will usually communicate with the intelligent life forms of the sea like leviathans and krakens. She is the creator of the tritons and most other aquatic life forms. She hates Adreial, as she loves to heal, and Adreial loves to prevent it. She is good friends with Rath, but she gets mad at him when he lets his temper go and causes storms, as the storms give her a bad name. Daria is wed to Bane and their love together is very strong. The followers of Daria, including almost every triton, are great healers who love life, and living. Daria blesses her more devout healers with the abilities to heal all manners of afflictions, provided that the follower makes it known that Daria is the one doing the healing, not the follower.


Mythos: None. Rarely worshipped by mortals.
Position: The Angel to Govern Other Angels.
Alignment: True Neutral
Mana Types: All
Appearance: An enormous male gold dragon.
Description: Drake takes his job very seriously. It is up to him to make sure that the other angels keep in line and don't overstep their boundaries. Unlike the other angels who grow stronger when mortals worship them, Drake grows more powerful when -any- angel is worshipped. Thus Drake is always more powerful than all the other angels. Drake is quick to hold judgment against a rebellious angel, and always judges fairly and justly. Although he is not really liked by any of the other angels, he is hated by none of them either. Most angels just respect him because they know he will always win, but he won't abuse his power. There are very few followers of Drake, but they are very devout. They are honest and just and make for great leaders.


Mythos: Seasons, Harvests, Planting, Wine, Mischief
Position: Creator of Wine, Keeper of the Fields
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Mana Types: Earth, Nature, Water
Appearance: A pudgy yet handsome bearded brown haired male human wearing robes and a laurel crown.
Description: This angel is quite the jokester. Almost always mischievous and playful, Greegon is a lover of wine, a friend to the seasons, and the king of the harvest. He controls how plentiful the crops will be come harvest time and how good the wine, ale, mead, and beer will taste. Greegon although a weaker angel, has many worshippers, but they mostly include farmers. Greegon demands worship if the harvest is to be successful and the lack of worship can cause him to make fields grow barren and talk with Daria and cause an early frost. Greegon also loves his wine and will many times get drunk cause his powers to go out of control for a while. Greegon really hates Adreial as she causes plagues upon the plants and destroys harvests. Also, some times Greegon will get drunk and make Rath mad who will not only take the time to beat Greegon senseless, but he will also stop the rains for awhile, drying up the soil. Although few angels hate Greegon, almost all of them get annoyed by him eventually. Greegon's follower worship him as much as possible to try and get good harvests. Temples of Greegon are always filled with fruits and vegetables that grow to enormous sizes.


Mythos: Chaos, War, Combat, Passion, Lust
Position: Lady of Lust
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Mana Types: Mind, Essence, Fire
Appearance: A multi-armed gorgeous woman. The torso of a human, and the body of a snake.
Description: Karei is a woman of chaos, a woman of war, but mostly a woman of passion. She loves chaotic emotions like lust and hate. She embraces chaos and its constant need for change. The followers of Karei are quick to fight, and quick to change. Karei's lust for chaos causes constant conflicts between her and Starr. Bane and Xale also aren't too thrilled with Karei as she is often the cause of more deaths than Adreial, making their job all the more difficult. Karei is liked by several angels however. Rath really likes Karei, as he finds her most appealing. Tendral enjoys Karei's ways because she usually benefits from the wars Karei causes. Karei is a very outspoken angel always making her voice heard. She will express her opinion on matters of governing the mortals louder than anyone. She may be spontaneous but she is not stupid. Her followers understand this as well and won't put themselves in life threatening positions too easily. They just put less importance on the consequences. She will also give a great deal of power to her followers provided they follow her ideals very closely.


Mythos: Time.
Position: Guard of the Continuum.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Mana Types: None
Appearance: A very old, yet still very strong male fay.
Description: Myeht is the most strict of all the angels. He guards the continuum of time and ensures that it flows correctly. Myeht will never interfere with a turn of events, regardless of how bad they can be, unless the course of time becomes altered by it in some way. Myeht can travel through time at will and knows everything that has happened and everything that is supposed to happen. Myeht is never surprised because he knows the future and is possibly the most difficult of the angels to kill. Myeht makes sure that the angels and the mortals don't try and change time. He will only permit time travel provided that whoever does so doesn't change anything (which is very difficult). Myeht's punishment is very harsh. For mortals he will confine them to a timeless prison for many years depending on their crime. There they will sit and wait and when their time is up, they will return to the time right before they committed their crime, only with the knowledge of their exceedingly long prison sentence (which usually drives the mortal insane). For angels, whose crimes are usually worse, they can be put away for thousands of millennia. The followers of Myeht are very patient and logical. They rarely ever bother getting involved in wars or causes. Most of their time is spent learning. Myeht doesn't usually bestow powers unto his followers, but rarely he will give them abilities to effect time.


Mythos: Magic, Fire, Ether, Mana, Energy
Position: Mistress of Magic
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Mana Types: All
Appearance: A very beautiful female faerie with red hair and eyes, usually seen in very little clothing or nude.
Description: Nicerion is the creator of the faeries and the wrim. Of all the angels the one who embraced Šther the most was Nicerion. She has been swimming in the flows of Šther since she was created. She speaks directly with the wrim who she tells many things to, helping the wrim with their eternal quest for knowledge. The followers of Nicerion are always heavy magic users, many of the elder-magi, as well as the magi, are followers of Nicerion. Nicerion is a very aloof angel, caring little about the other angels, or mortal souls for that matter. Her followers rarely get special abilities from her, except for the wrim and the faeries. She has been known however, under random circumstances, to aide even normal mortals like the fay and even the humans. Every time mana is consumed, or a spell is cast she grows more powerful for awhile. Nicerion is a very powerful angel because of this. Because she stays out of the affairs of all the other angels, they often pay her little heed.


Mythos: Wind, Rain, Thunder, Lightning
Position: Lord of the Storms
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Mana Types: Wind, Water, Essence
Appearance: A huge male ogre, very handsome with a flowing red beard. Usually with a hammer or axe.
Description: Rath is a very vocal angel. He is strong willed and strong headed. He controls the Winds, the Rains, and the Storms. He is a gambler and a game player. He hates people who cheat at anything even though he has been known sometimes to do so. He also loves fine drink and is many times seen intoxicated. Drinking and gambling are many times used against him thus peaking his bad temper. Although Rath is very chaotic, he remains still a good angel at heart. Rath is attracted to Karei and even though he would never be the sensitive type, he has been known to hold her in very high respects. Karei remains aloof to his advances knowing the ways of Rath, but sometimes her passions get the best of her. Rath has a very quick temper and when he gets mad he will cause the skies to quake and hurricanes and tornados to destroy that which has made him mad. Many times innocent victims get caught up in his rage, upsetting Starr, but delighting Tendral. All in all, Rath doesn't hate any of the other angels. Followers of Rath usually have his personality and carry many of the same traits as Rath. They are often times gamblers and very vocal enjoying sports, competition, and liquor just like their angel.


Mythos: Love, Order, Caring, Peace
Position: Lady of the Heavens
Alignment: Lawful Pure
Mana Types: Essence, Mind, Metal
Appearance: A beautiful human female with feathered wings. Very pleasing to look at, elegant and modest.
Description: Starr is a very righteous, very just angel. Her ways are very set in order. She is also not very prone to show passions of any kind. She is the keeper of the Heavens where good souls go when their mortal bodies die. She oversees all the rejuvenations of souls back into new mortal bodies for when souls want to return to the land of mortals. She tries to insure peace and order in the land and her followers will do the same. She is in very good standings with The Great Spirit and she tries very hard to enforce his wills. Sometimes she will go too far and make it her will that is done instead of The Great Spirit's, but she always tries to do good. She is hated by several other angels because of her constant involvement with the mortal world. Karei dislikes how structured she is and how she dislikes to let passion show. Both Tendral and Adreial completely hate her. The followers of Starr are paladins of virtue. They carry with themselves Starr's attitude of taming chaos, and creating love and peace where ever they go. They are often well armed, and know how to use there weapons properly, but dislike killing, even evil people. Starr will give them great powers, but only if they can prove they won't abuse them.


Mythos: Pain, Envy, Hatred, Agony, Evil
Position: Mistress of Pain
Alignment: Lawful Wicked
Mana Types: Mind, Void, Metal
Appearance: A very stern seductive arcainan women.
Description: Truly the worst angel by mortal's standards, Tendral is evil incarnate. She derives great pleasure from the pain and agony of mortals. Each time a mortal cries out from a battle wound, each time a love ends in hate, and for every person who is mad at the world for having such a bad life, Tendral grows more powerful. The followers of Tendral all know that they are going to die painful horrible deaths at the hands of her other followers, but they don't care. They are given powers so that they may cause pain and suffering in the lives of those who they envy. They derive great pleasure from taking a hero and making him an outcast. They contaminate the name of legends, and cause pain and hurt in those who are the most happy. Tendral loves this, she loves making mortals hurt, she loves making mortals suffer. She feels that that is what The Great Spirit has done to her, so why shouldn't she do it to the mortals. The Great Spirit still loves Tendral even though she is so wicked. Tendral feels that The Great Spirit abandoned her because she has such evil tendencies. She feels that if The Great Spirit truly loved her she would be like Starr or Daria. She has envy for them greater than any mortal has ever had envy. She would never admit it, but she desperately wants to be good. Because she can't she tries as hard as possible to be evil. Her followers are usually social outcasts who had terrible childhoods. They will find themselves killed if they are not careful about keeping their beliefs hidden because nobody likes a follower of Tendral.


Mythos: Rebirth, Hope, Dawn
Position: Gatekeeper to the Afterlife
Alignment: Neutral Good
Mana Types: Mind, Fire, Essence
Appearance: A huge bright white male bird of prey always surrounded by flames.
Description: Xale is a very noble angel. He does his tasks efficiently and orderly, never worrying about payment or questions. Xale is the gatekeeper to the afterlife and he shows people to Bane where they will be judged. He also takes souls from the Heavens and returns them to the Realm of Mortals. Xale is also the angel of rebirth and will sometimes make bargains with Bane in order to get souls out of the Underworld so they can continue their quest in life. Xale will only do this if the soul is special and if they desperately want to return to the living, which is very rare. Bane will always ask extremely high prices, but then that's Bane's job. The followers of Xale are usually clad in fiery colors like red, orange, and yellow. They are against war and killing other intelligent life forms and have interesting abilities. Xale has an intense hatred toward Adreial and Tendral who are constantly trying to kill people and make them suffer. Xale also tends to dislike Karei, as she too is the cause of many deaths. However, Xale gets along very well with Daria, Myeht, and Drake. Even though it may seem like Xale wouldn't like Bane because of all the bargaining that is made between them, they are as close as brothers.