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The Council of Magi

Shortly after Myeht began counting time a very powerful magic user named Kendra Greenheart saw how magic could be used as a tool of great destruction. Being a fay, she held a great deal of wisdom around herself, and her intentions were very good. She decided to implement a new system of government that would restrict those who could learn magic, and how much of it they could use. As she gained in followers, her rules became laws. One day she came across a practitioner of magic who would not submit to her laws. His name was Aster. He was a lesser wrim who was encompassed in magic, and swam in the flows of Šther. In his eyes magic was not something you put regulations around, magic was like the soul. It sung to him and he was one with it. He would not succumb to any form of law, that would prohibit his relationship with it. Kendra was angered by this and decided that Aster must die because of his treason. A war took place for fifty years, and the land was raped of it's former beauty. Anything that got in the way was utterly destroyed. Entire species of creatures were annihilated. When Kendra and Aster realized what they had done, they were devastated. They immediately called a truce and began to talk. Aster saw that in the rage of the two magic users, the world was torn asunder, and Kendra saw that in her desire to force laws upon people she created even more problems. They both knew that this must never happen again. So Aster and Kendra planned a new form of government for all magic users. This was then called the Council of Magi.

The Council was created as to not repeat the Great Magic War. The Council governs over all magic users. It ranks them by their abilities, and how they use magic. There are two main factions to the Council of Magi. Order and Chaos. The Order faction, Kendra's style of magic, realizes that magic is to be used for the good of the mortals, and that with the proper laws and regulations a better world can be made. The Chaos faction, Aster's style, realizes that magic is not just some tool to make their lives better, but it is a form of life. They try to live as Šther, they try to become one with Šther. The see laws as roadblocks in their journey to become more true to themselves.

Regardless of the faction, each side sees the other as a fellow magic user, and although their are some who believe that the world would be a better place if the other side was disbanded, the majority feel the other side is necessary to keep things moving safely. Both sides always observe the main laws that are in place to govern all those who practice magic.

The position of a mage in the Council is determined by the color of their robes. Each rank, and faction holds a different color of robe. Each rank has a different meaning.


Apprentices wear gray robes to symbolize their neutrality. At this stage they are supposed to look at both factions to see which one they would best benefit from. Upon their graduation to sorcerer status they must choose their faction. Apprentices are always taught under the guidance of a mage, who will teach them a little about magic, a little about the politics of the Council, and a little about the two factions. The apprentice's choice of faction usually end's up being the same as their teachers, although the magi are not supposed to influence the apprentice either way.


The rank sorcerer is where a magic user is actually considered a true magic user. A sorcerer has chosen a faction at this point. The faction of order wears light gray robes, where as the faction of chaos wears dark gray. Sorcerers spend the majority of their time learning, but now they must learn about the politics of the Council more that the actual casting of magic. Sorcerers usually resent the limited amount of resources that they get at this time for magic research. Sorcerer's are not allowed to attend any Council meetings.


Since they have all the knowledge of the politics of the Council, and are familiar with how everything is done, a wizard is now given a good amount of time and resources specifically used for magical experiments. They will learn old spells and possibly create new ones. At the rank of wizard the faction of order wears white robes, and the faction of chaos wears black robes. Wizards still do not have a say in the actual politics of the Council, but they are allowed to attend the Council meetings, and they can still put influence into the magi. Wizards tend to be able to cast a good amount of magical spells.


The magi are actually part of the Council in the fact that they can vote, and have apprentices. They get a great deal of funding for their experiments, and are looked up to by the majority of the Council. The faction of order wears blue robes, and the faction of chaos wears red robes. Magi are also responsible in hunting renegade magic users, and capturing them, so they may face the judgment of the elder magi.


At all times in the Council, nine of the most wise and most magical members of the Council act as the elder-magi. The elder magi all wear robes of green. They are not split into factions like the rest of the members, for at this rank they no longer see things as order or chaos, just magic. They are the best magic users in the land, and are given almost unlimited resources for their experiments, and spells. The only other people that can questions the actions of an elder magi, are the other elder magi. Other tasks that the elder magi must perform are that of ratifying new laws, passing judgment on renegades, and keeping the Council in a state of peace. The elder magi are always looked up to, and are always well respected. Even if other people dislike their views on magic, they have to marvel at their magical powers.

Rank Color of the Robes
Order Chaos
Apprentice Gray
Sorcerer Light Gray Dark Gray
Wizard White Black
Magi Blue Red
Elder-Magi Green