© 2001-2004 Copyright: Dean Tersigni

The Great Spirit

The Great Spirit is the god of Legendworld. It is a spirit presence of superior power and wisdom to all things. It has no form, no name, no appearance. It is neither male or female. The Great Spirit is the creator of life, Šther, and the angels. The Great Spirit is as far beyond angels as angels are beyond mortals. It is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent. It is the beginning and ending of all things. The Great Spirit is life. The great spirit is neither good nor bad, order or chaos, love or hate. The Great Spirit is part of everything in Legendworld and everything in Legendworld is part of The Great Spirit.


A long time ago The Great Spirit decided to put some of his power into several beings. The beings would later be called the angels. The angels were given several powers that mimicked The Great Spirit's, only on a much smaller scale. They were also given free will and the ability to do pretty much what ever they wanted.

One of the angels, whose name was Starr, decided to create a world similar to her own, but much more primitive. She experimented with creating souls, but found it difficult to contain the souls. Because souls cannot die, only become trapped, they became restless with the world that Starr made for them. She needed a way to make the souls do other things than contemplate their own existence. So she created Legendworld as we know it today. The dominant inhabitants that were created would be the souls, free willed and sentient thinkers, but their shells would be mortal. The creatures were called Humans. Now Starr created the humans for what she thought was the same reason that The Great Spirit created the Angels, but little did she know that what she created would cause the eternal struggle of Good and Evil, Order and Chaos, and Love and Hate.

It seemed the creatures in this world, the humans, began developing at a rather fast pace. They began noticing the world around them and noticed their own mortality. If one was killed, they were put back into the world by Starr, born into a new body. Starr made herself known to these humans and they began to see her as a god. They worshipped her as their deity and savior. This made Starr more powerful that the other Angels as her worshippers were sending their Šther to her. Many other Angels saw what was happening and decided to fight Starr for control of her new world. Drake, another angel, saw this fighting and was about to stop it by destroying Starr's creation, but The Great Spirit intervened. The Great Spirit decided, that instead of destroy the creations, put a form of government on it, so that all may benefit from it. So Drake set about creating a loose system of government for the creation. This was the first great intervention by The Great Spirit.

The government had to be quite weak, because some angels, namely Karei, were not big fans of order. She constantly fought all of Drake's ideas for how the government would work, but eventually the rules were decided. Each angel was offered the position of a particular task to maintain in the world. Each one was given certain powers that they could use in the world and certain restrictions. Even with these rules in place, they would constantly fight for control of souls. Every so often they would even manifest themselves into human form to try and persuade more mortals to worship them.