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The Brotherhood of Knights

A long time ago, after the Council of Magi was formed, the magi began spreading across the land. They started to get very pleased with themselves, being as powerful as they were and they began thinking that they were better than the typical commoners, and even the kings and lords of the land. The people were oppressed by the magi, sometimes even used as slaves, and the lords and kings were at a loss of what to do.

An ogre named Turk Broadshoulder, a town's only blacksmith who was very strong and quite charismatic, set up an underground group of peasants. These people were all very strong, and were all very good at fighting. They began resisting magi who thought that they were so great. The arrogant magi with all their intelligence, would quickly succumb to the power of these people. They attacked the magi as teams, and in groups. The magi were not used to being attacked, at least not by non-magic users. They might seriously injure one of the peasants, maybe even kill one, but that person was quickly replaced, and even a mage is not immune to the raw strength that these men possessed. One by one these tyrant magi were killed off by the group that would be come to be known as The Bear.

Back at the Council of Magi, the elder magi began getting word of the slain magi. They called a meeting to find out what had transpired. They reluctanly saw that it was the Council who was at fault and instantly put a stop to the egotistical magi. They offered their apologies and their services to help in anyway they could in an event known as the "Great Humbling". The kings of the land decided that The Bear should stay around forever and they, with the help of Turk, organized the Order of the Bear. The first of the Knighthoods.

Order of the Bear

When the group of peasants known as The Bear became the Knighthood Order of the Bear, they set up their plans, and rules. They would allow members to join based on their physical abilities. People who were strong, and great at combat, were allowed to enter. They put almost no emphasis on academia, and disallowed the use of magic all together, as it was the magi who cause all the problems anyway. The knights in the Order of the Bear, are big and strong men. They are a rough group who enjoy their ale and their woman. But if one thing is to be said about the Order of the Bear, they are law abiding men. They always keep in line, and literally stomp out injustices. They have many times been accused at being too aggressive at keeping the law by the people they capture, but are usually considered heroes among the people.

The Order of the Bear takes great pride in being an order of knights. Once they became a public group, and they were no longer hunted by the magi, they made their presence be known by branding their faces with hot iron. The mark looked like the fore paw print of a black bear, thusly showing the whole world who was in the Order of the Bear.

The Order of the Bear lasted many years before yet another problem arose. The magi were humbled by the Order of the Bear a good time ago, but now things were changing, and the magi resentment grew. The vigilante style justice that the Order of the Bear was known for was becoming obsolete. The world was growing more tame, and the criminals now were no longer the petty thieves who would steal livestock, for now was the time of the bureaucrats and the politicians. The Order of the Bear saw that they were being attacked by the magi again, not by magic, but by words. This was something they were not equipped to fight, they had no idea how to stop the magi this time, and because of their law abiding nature, they couldn't just fight them physically. When a few Knights attended some Council decisions to get their voice heard they kept breeching the Council's protocol, causing nothing but embarrassment to the Order. Something had to be done or the Order of the Bear was going to be just another idea.

Order of the Lion

There was a Knight from the Order of the Bear, named Palaron the Swift. Being a bureaucrat prior to joining the Knighthood he was very well versed in the laws of the land. He knew all about political power of the Council, and wanted to fight it. He assembled a few other members of the Knighthood who also knew a lot about politics, and started making his case. At one of the last Council meetings, when the Order of the Bear was in great jeopardy of being fully disbanded, Palaron walked in. He walked right past the doormen, pushing them out of the way, and there he began his speeches. Everything that the magi said, he would not only answer, but put the question right back in the magi's face. Palaron and his group verbally destroyed the magi at the Council, even to the point where some of the magi grew frightened at his stern voice. By the time Palaron was finished, not only did he restore the Order of the Bear to its former glory, but he even strengthened them. When all was said and done the Order of the Bear was forever in the debt of Palaron, who was hailed as the Legendary Knight.

Turk himself paid a visit to Palaron, and spoke to him about what he had done. He told Palaron that the Order was forever in his debt, and that he wanted Palaron to leave the Order of the Bear. Palaron was confused and hurt by this request, until Turk told him why. Turk wanted Palaron to form his own order. An order that was political, yet militant. An order that could better function in the new way of the world. Turk was a very strong man, but was also wise. He knew that the Order of the Bear didn't belong in the great cities that were springing up. The Order of the Bear was leaving to smaller towns and outposts where they could benefit those in need. Turk wanted Palaron to form his order for the great cities, and make sure that justice prevailed.

And so it came to pass that the Order of the Lion was born. The Order of the Lion is a very regal, and honor oriented knighthood. The knights are trained in combat much like the Order of the Bear, but they are also trained in tactics, and politics. They learn about large scale war, and military strategies. The Order of the Lion takes great pride in their appearance. Their armor is always polished, their war horses are always groomed, and their homes are always hospitable. The Knights in the Order of the Lion are quite fond of the Order of the Bear, but sometimes think they are better people due to their social statuses. One on one however, a Knight of the Bear will usually win against a Knight of the Lion, but in large scale assaults the Knights of the Lion will usually prevail. The Order of the Lion adopted the branding that the Order of the Bear used, but instead used the symbol of a lions fore paw.

Order of the Wolf

A young man who went by the name of David, saw the Knighthood, and wanted desperately to join. Now David was very brave, but always seemed to get into trouble because of his curiosity. He loved playing "knights" with his friends, and was always one of the best as a child, even though he was rather scrawny for a boy. He tried out for the Order of the Lion, but problems came up everywhere. He was more of a loner who didn't like politics or large scale combat tactics. He dropped out of the Lion training, and tried to join the Order of the Bear but wasn't given a fair chance.

David went into schooling at the Council of Magi to become an apprentice. He learned some basic skills of magic, but didn't have the patience to sit and study all day, and his wanderlust cried out to him. So he left the Council, and headed for the forest. He made a home deep in the woods where he stayed for many years, their he left his birthright name, and would now simply be called David of Wolf, for the wolf was his companion in the forest. One day he saw a fair maiden on a horse followed by several rouges. He skillfully dispatched the rouges with magic and animalistic martial arts and magic. The maiden was princess Mara Bendar. David took her back into the city, where her father King Darius Bendar offered David his choice amongst all of his riches, but David didn't want anything. He stayed there to teach Mara and the castle guards hand to hand combat, magic, stealth, and studying.

King Darius held a tournament with his guards and the other Orders and David's students won. Eventually, a new Knighthood was ratified, the Order of the Wolf. It's brand was the fore paw of a gray wolf. This was the founding of the Brotherhood of Knights. The Order of the Wolf was also the Order that made it possible for women to join the orders.

The Brotherhood

The Brotherhood of Knights is the fellowship that all knights have with each other. If you can make it through the rigorous training to become a Knight of any of the three Orders, you will be called brother by all other knights. Even though there is some rivalry between the three Orders, they are all friends. Each Order likes to think they are the best, and that if there was a war between the three, they could beat up the other two Orders. However, each Order respects the others, and know that the training it takes to get into an Order is very difficult, and if a person can get in, that person has the respect and honor to be called Knight. Even though the three Orders tend to get on each other's nerves, the bickering rarely comes to blows and is usually left at playful jesting. If there is ever a greater evil all three will join together to become a true fighting force that almost nothing could stop.

If a person is ever kicked out of the Brotherhood his facial brand is removed by means of branding over the mark with a large flat brand. This shows that the person has been dishonorably discharged from the Brotherhood.

Order of the Dragon

The Order of the Dragon takes place in the Eon of Chaos. Little is known about it as of now except they are a collection of dragons and other races who try to erradicate the Council of the Magi.