© 2001-2004 Copyright: Dean Tersigni


The following information was composed by me, Dean Tersigni, just because one day I wanted to create a world. Legendworld is a strange place, similar to our current world by many means, but quite different. I created this world so I could take my imagination and run around inside of it. I wanted a place that I could call my own. This world is it, it is my escape. True reality is such a terrible place at times, but my world will always be there. It all came from my brain, my imagination. From the smallest of the blades of grass to even The Great Spirit himself. Of course if you haven't guessed it, I am The Great Spirit. The land, the people, the dragons, the wrim, even the angels are my creation. I know everything about the world. I know what has happened, what is happening, and what is going to happen. I can change anything, do anything, or become anything in this world. I love all the creations that I have made, whether they are good or evil, chaotic or structured. The inhabitants, of my world all have their own separate lives, that I will not intervene with. They all move around in my head and in my stories because of me, but their actions are their own. The land changes and people die. Legends are made, heroes are forgotten. My world is here for me, the angels will always worship me, and the people will always believe in me.