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The Afterlife

Few mortals understand the concept of life an death and the afterlife, but most have a general idea of how it works. Regardless, very few want to die to find out.


When a mortal dies their body is left on the world to rot and fester. However the soul is led by Xale to leave for the Underworld. There they will meet Bane, the keeper of the Underworld. Bane, already knowing all the events from the mortals past life, will decide where this mortals soul should go. If Bane feels that the mortal deserves to go to the Heavens he will send them there. The way to get into the Heavens is to live a caring and loving life where you learn and find yourself. If Bane feels that the mortal has done that, Bane will send them to the Heavens. However, if they have been wicked, evil, and haven't learned the truth about life then they will stay in the Underworld, where their punishment will be themselves. Reliving all their past experiences through the vantage point of those who they inflicted pain upon.

The Heavens

The Heavens are a magnificent place, created by Starr herself as a form of holiday for returning souls. There the souls are free to do whatever they want. They take some time getting used to being dead and letting go of their mortal lives, but once they do they will experience true happiness and love constantly. They can make their own heaven as beautiful or as majestic as their imagination can create. They can be invited into other people's heavens and can see wonders that they never thought possible. They will also slowly regain all the memories of all their prior lives, so that they may judge what to do for their next life.


Although the Heavens are undoubtedly the best possible place for a soul, mortality is a nice break from perfection. Souls naturally desire change and can't truly experience it in the Heavens. After a soul has been in the Heavens for too long, they will want to go back into life again and witness the changing mortal realm all over again. These souls talk with Starr and Starr refers them to Xale who will take them back the mortal realm to be reborn with a new mortal life. Usually those souls that go directly to the Heavens are the first to leave. Those who get to the Heavens after a stay in the Underworld will usually stay in the Heavens much longer. When a mortal rejuvenates they get a new mortal body, and because of this, no memories of their previous mortal life. Their soul remembers everything from every previous life however.

The Underworld

A truly dismal place filled with people writhing in constant agony. The Underworld is a prison of souls where those who were wicked in life will relive all their evil deeds from the victim's view point. All the people they murdered will kill them. All the people they hurt will in-turn hurt them. The demons of the Underworld will manifest themselves as the victims of the soul's actions. Once the soul is truly sorry and humbled about what they've done, which could take centuries, and once they have felt all the punishment from their past life, they will finally be able to leave the Underworld and join the other souls in the Heavens. Unfortunately, there are those souls who never leave the Underworld, those souls who don't even know their dead. When a mortal kills themself they will relive their own death and despair over and over again, never realizing because it is their own self who will torture them. Suicide victims will usually stay in the Underworld forever, unless their soul can realize what is happening, but that rarely occurs.