Dransik Weapons

This is not a pathetic attempt to get Lothgar to make more non-sword weapons! I repeat:
Lothgar! You don't have to Make More Non-Sword Weapons because of this document!

With that out of the way, I've compiled a list of the weapons of Dransik and did some calculations on them. For those of you who hate math just smile and nod. First, I got the average amount of damage the weapon does. ( (low + high) / 2 ). Because the speed of the weapon isn't an actual time assume that in one second a weapon with a speed of 10 can swing 1 time per second. With that base down you can calculate how many times any other weapon can swing per second. (Example: A sword can swing 2 times a second because it has a speed of 5. (10 / 5 = 2). ) Using how quickly the weapon can swing and the average amount of damage it can do I calculated the average amount of damage every weapon can do per second. (This does not take into account skill or strength bonuses.) Here is the table below.

42Staff 142 106.0 4.286P
41Small Dagger 3 1 3 2.0 6.667S
40Axe 8 1 105.5 6.875A
39Wooden Sword 4 1 5 3.0 7.500L
38Club 6 1 8 4.5 7.500C
37Pine Staff 102 148.0 8.000P
36Small Mace 7 2 106.0 8.571C
35Battle Axe 124 2012.010.000A
34Dagger 3 1 6 3.5 11.667S
33Sword 5 1 126.5 13.000L
32War Axe 148 3019.013.571A
31Kobold Spear 8 4 1811.013.750P
30Spear 8 2 2011.013.750P
29Great Dagger 4 2 106.0 15.000S
28Kyrthan Staff 8 5 2515.018.750P
27Mace 6 8 1511.519.167C
26Golden Sword 5 2 1810.020.000L
25Long Sword 6 4 2012.020.000L
24Morning Star 7 102015.021.429C
23Sword of Ruin 7 8 2315.522.143L
22Short Stiletto 4 4 159.5 23.750S
21Trident 8 8 3019.023.750P
20Rapier 4 5 1510.025.000L
19Golden Long Sword 5 6 2214.028.000L
18 Broad Sword 6 103020.033.333L
17Stiletto 4 8 2014.035.000S
16Golden Sabre 5 8 2818.036.000L
15Sabre 4 6 2515.538.750L
14Skull Crusher 8 204532.540.625C
13Tooth Staff 7 105030.042.857P
12Sword of Desolation 5 9 3622.545.000L
11Magic Sabre 4 8 3521.553.750L
10Sword of Abolition 4 103723.558.750L
9Poison Blade 4 153826.566.250L
8Sword of Obliteration4 154027.568.750L
7Sword of Eradication 4 205035.087.500L
6Lich Staff 6 357052.587.500P
5Dagger of Dread 4 156037.593.750S
4Vorpal Axe 5 208050.0100.000A
3Flaming Sword 4 306547.5118.750L
2Lightning Sword 4 357052.5131.250L
1Ice Sword 4 409065.0162.500L

This table is missing three weapons. The Sword of Talazar, The Dark Sword, and the Rune Sword. I left them out because I don't know how much damage the do, but I'm sure it's more than the rest. As you can see from the table, large blades are by far the best weapons in the game. Not only can you do more damage, but you have the added benefit of purchasing them more rapidly as your skill increases making your character advance faster.

I love swords, don't get me wrong, but there are -way- too many and they are much better than the rest of the weapons. So, hopefully, we will see some more non-sword weapons in the near future. *crosses his fingers*

I know I left out damage resistances from items like frost plate and the like, but I didn't want to get too technical.

Do you think I was too subtle?


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