Triddle Triddle

The world of Dransik is a land filled with many mysteries.

Why do shop keepers buy handfuls of pebbles for 12 gp and nicely cooked slabs of meat for only 7 gp?
Why do wolves run at the same speed as a maimed three-toed sloth?
Why are there so many darn swords???

The greatest mystery of all lies within a creature known as a triddle. This mystery... this question... this conundrum if you will, has baffled us all. The question of course is: What the heck are these things?

Since nobody really knows the difference between a triddle and any other six-legged, four-eyed, small ugly thing, we have taken it upon ourselves to find out what the heck they are. And with that knowledge we will... uh... well, there really isn't any benefit of knowing what they are, but we're determined to find out none-the-less!

We were quite lucky this time and the Tome of Silvest was rather easy to find. It instantly appeared in a small house in Josody where the residents had thoroughly soiled themselves and ran from the house screaming obscenities. One of our scholars was there and snagged the Tome while saying the phrase, "Yoink!" and ran back to our headquarters.

With the Tome opened to the page that deals with triddles we learned much about the history and life styles of the creature.

It seems that triddles are highly evolved descendants of the trilobite. (Not to be confused with Trilobyte, the company that made The Seventh Guest.) These modern day trilobites are much more deadly than their long extinct cousins. They have evolved into a much bigger and much more deadly species.

From the common eye you will notice three triddles. The common black triddle and the less common green triddles and brown triddles. According to the Tome of Silvest the black triddle is a male and the green triddle (who is quite poisonous) is female. This proves the old saying, "The female of the species is more deadly than the male". It seems the brown triddle is actually a mutation in the evolution of the triddle, making them more powerful, but much more unstable. Thus, it carries diseases.

There is rumored to be a fourth triddle. A very large, very powerful, hive mother triddle. According to the Tome of Silvest the hive mother triddle's existence may just be a rumor started by someone who likes to spread innuendos. (We're not sure who.) Regardless, the hive mother is a huge monstrosity living in the great forests near the Crypt of Ryonkah. She is capable of destruction on massive levels and is able to shoot poison darts great distances with pin-point accuracy. This poison is extremely fatal and even the sturdiest men fall prey to it surprisingly fast. The hive mother is best left alone for all who have tried to kill her have perished. I repeat: Do not look for her!

I have taught a small group of triddles to synchronize dance. Aren't they talented?

We are now happy to know all about triddles. Yet still a mystery remains. If triddles are nothing but mindless arthropods... Why do they carry gold and jewels around? Scary isn't it?

Here we see a picture taken from the fourth annual triddle family reunion.



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