Character Traits for Dransik

In the game of Dransik there are very few things to separate your character from any other individual in the game. From what I've read, then next version (scheduled to be released before Christmas :-) ) will allow you to alter your character's appearance significantly more. However, even then, the look of your character isn't enough to give him or her a "unique" feel. In order for you to make a more believable character in Dransik, one thing you can do is give your character a few traits. This will help them become a more "life-like" individual and make the game more interesting. It also helps out the role-playing value of your character immensely.

Keep in mind that there are no rules forcing you to play with these traits. Even if you pick one nobody can force you to keep them during every situation. It's up to you to role-play these traits correctly. Also, because the majority of these traits will hinder the normal "power-gamer" approach, I assume only true role-players will use these. Unlike most pen and paper RPGs there are no bonuses given to your character if you add using traits, thus making them a tool as opposed to a benefit.

Regardless of how strictly you adhere to these traits when you play, always remember, Dransik is meant to be FUN!

The Compiled Trait List

  • Accent - This could be an actual accent, or you can also use very good or very poor vocabulary. Try not to pick an out-of-game accent like Southern-American, French, Japanese, or the like. Queen Victorian, as well as Celtic accents are usually accepted. (Irish, Scottish, ect.)

  • Arrogant - You think very highly of yourself. Your ego is a major problem in your life, as you are too macho for your own good. The benefits to being arrogant, are that people who don't know you, have a tendency to believe all the boasts you make. Thus, making you look even more powerful than you really are. The problems with arrogance is that most people are annoyed by it.

  • Berserk - When you see any enemy, you instantly run up to them and attack them. This includes enemies that you couldn't possibly kill, as well as large groups of enemies that could kill you as well. This of course will get you killed quite often, but that's the life of a berserker!

  • Chatty - You are prone to talk too much. People will often get annoyed at how verbose you are.

  • Clown - You tend to make jokes about everything. Instead of being dark and dismal, you are cheery and giddy. You always see the humorous side to everything. Although you are often fun to be around, this attitude can get annoying during serious times.

  • Extreme Honor - Everything you do is done with honor. You never run from battle, monsters or pk's or otherwise. You always keep your oaths and you never lie, even if it's beneficial to do so. You will never PK someone, unless they have dishonored you. Even then, it's not done in the name of vengeance.

  • Fearless - Nothing scares you. You're not stupid, you just won't mind making a run through the valley of giants in your underware if need be. Very dangerous missions are part of your everyday life. This will often cause you death, but no guts, no glory.

  • Generous - You feel the need to put other people's needs before your own. You will often give up the majority of your spoils in order to help those who are less fortunate. You are often seen buying weapons and armor for newbies.

  • Healer - You feel compelled to help people who are injured. Much of your money is spent on potions for healing others.

  • Love/Hate - See chart below. Pick a level of love, and then something to love. (Example: Hatred of undead, or you like snakes.)

  • Observer - You are often times overlooked in a shadowy corner watching others. You listen to their conversations and learn about them. This gives you a much better feel for what people are really like. By gaining wisdom you are able to make better descisions.

  • Optimist - For you, the glass is always half full. Even in the darkest of times you will find that one small ray of hope. People tend to enjoy your company because you are always so happy.

  • Pessimist - Everything, it seems, is dark. You are rarely ever happy, usually finding sadness in even the most cheerful of things. You have a tendency to bring others down with you down in your depressed state. Not that it matters since we're all going to die anyway.

  • Phobia/Mania - See chart below. Pick a level of fear, and then something to be afraid of. (Example: Afraid of orcs, or interested in anything evil.)

  • Quiet - It's not that you rarely talk, but that you -never- talk. All your communication is done through gestures and facial expressions. Very rarely, and only in extreme situations, have you been known to speak. Even then, it was only a word or two.

  • Rebellious - What are you rebelling against? ... What have you got? You rebel against someone or something. Whether it be a guild, a government, or a king. You hate the oppression being brought on to you and you rebel against it. You may even setup small groups of people and organize movements against what it is you hate.

  • Religious - You believe in a higher power, a god or gods of your choosing. (Preferably one from the Dransik world) You are often to be found in a church praying. You make it your supreme goal to carry out the deeds that the god stands for.

  • Robin hood Complex - You consider it your duty to pk the rich, loot their belongings, and give it to the weak. (Nothing like a newbie sporting an Earth bow!)

  • Show-off - You spend the majority of your time telling everyone how great you are at everything. You will put yourself in harm's way to get people to be impressed with you. This can often result in accidents, but it's worth it for the attention.

  • Stingy - You very rarely give away anything. Even if you owe a debt you're reluctant to pay your dues. This greed will often cause you to have greater wealth, but also result in fewer friends.

  • Timid - You will often be the last to get involved in a battle. Why should you? You don't want to die. Getting involved puts you at risk of getting injured, and that's bad.

  • Vain - Your looks are very important to you. Because of this you will only wear armor in matching suits. Even if it means not wearing armor for awhile. You prefer to wear gold armor above all else.

  • Vigilante - You like to take justice into your own hands. Because the guards can't be everywhere you take it as your duty to punish criminals. You have no problems with killing and looting "grays".

  • Vengeful - You are the kind of person who remembers anything bad that has happened to you. For everyone who has annoyed you, aggravated you, or pissed you off, you will remember them. These people who have awoken your wrath will taste your fury for vengeance is yours!

  • Vulture - You think it's okay to wait for a player to fight a monster, and then take the treasure and run. This often makes everyone hate you and want to kill you. Bear in mind that this doesn't have to be a bad trait. Many stronger players just leave their treasure behind. Picking this up is usually considered okay.

  • Weapon Love - Instead of logically using the exact same weapons as everyone else you pick a certain weapon (or weapon type) and stick with it always. Even though you could wield a cold sword you still use your trusty battle axe. You will often give a name to your cherished weapon. Also, losing this weapon is like losing a loved one.

Fear chartDescription
PhobiaTotally afraid! If you see it you run away as fast as possible. You won't even go into areas where there is a possibility of encountering it.
AfraidThe thing scares you, and you'd rather not try and encounter it, but if you -have- to, you will.
IndifferentIt doesn't matter. No big deal.
InterestedYou kind of like it. It's certainly something you like to be around.
ManiaIt's amazing! Beautiful! You will put yourself in harm's way to see it.

Love chartDescription
HateWhenever you see it, you -must- kill it! Even if you have you jump into a huge melee!
DislikeYou want it dead. But if it means you might die, you can abstain from an irrational action.
IndifferentIt's just like anything else.
LikeYou certainly won't want to hurt it. In fact, you enjoy spending time with it.
LoveYou will do everything in your power to protect it, and be around it.

Phobias / Manias / Loves / Hates
Monsters Things Places Situations
Magic/Spell casters
Anything evil
Anything holy
Large forests
Mountain regions
Big cities
Crowded areas
Being alone

Remember, you can pick as many or as few of these traits as you want. Just have fun when you play Dransik.

If you have any suggestions, or if you think I should add another trait, please e-mail them to me. I reserve the right to veto any suggestion, of course, but I'll post all the good ones.

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