The Tome of Silvest

The Tome of Silvest

Long ago, in the land of Silvest, a very wise scholar wrote a lengthy reference book. This book was then enchanted by the most powerful wizard in all of Dransik during that time. Because it was so powerfully enchanted its original scriptures began to grow at an exponential rate while the book itself remained the same size. Eventually, the book contained all possible knowledge of the land. Anyone who read the book would know the answer to all things.

This book became such a powerful tool that its presence became known to all. Wars were fought for the control of this book. Each time people sought its control thousands died. The legendary book became known as The Tome of Silvest. It was both a hated and loved artifact.

After the book was enchanted, the wizard who created it left the lands for a hundred years. When he returned he saw what had become of his creation. He forcefully took the book from its current master and cast upon it another enchantment of even greater power. From then, and for the rest of eternity, the book will never again be read fully. When anyone opens the book he or she will be able to read but one page. The tome will then teleport itself to a random location somewhere in the world to be found again. Thusly, no one person will ever hold the book for long making it much safer to the world of Dransik.

There are a group of scholars, known as The Brothers of the Tome, who have set it upon themselves to find the tome and record all of the pages of the book that are not as harmful as the others. Each time the tome is found they transcribe a page from it before it teleports away again. Their progress is slow yet steady.

[[[ The Tome of Silvest is something I work on when I'm not playing Dransik, but still in the Dransik mood. This is not an on-line newspaper or a periodical. It will not be updated on a regular basis. Hopefully, I will never let it go dormant for too long it's all a matter of how much I continue to play Dransik. Still, I hope you enjoy your time here and reading from the tome which I've created. ]]]

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