The Secret Racketeering of Mirthik

Something very strange was brought to our attention the last time we found the elusive Tome of Silvest. The Tome was finally found in the skeleton cave tucked in the ribcage of a not too friendly skeleton. After the skeleton was reduced to bone fragments by our body guard we began to think of what to read about next.

Our group was split between two different questions. One side wanted to find out the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything, while the other side was much more interested in finding the best location in Dransik to pick up babes. A heated argument started and as two people were fighting over the book a fragment of a page was torn out.

The book then disappeared, teleporting to another random location. We were left with a fragment of page 7322, which to our surprise, stated some shocking news. It seems the old hermit Mirthik was into a big money making scheme, but how and why he was doing it was unknown as it was on the half of the page that was still in the book.

So we traveled to the island where Mirthik lives and to our horror he was coughing and choking to death. "Poison!" he declared. "Help!" Quickly, we dug into our potion reserves and gave him a cure potion. He took a swig from it and staggered into his back room. He emerged a little while later looking much better. It seems we had arrived just in time. He thanked us and said he had been bitten by a poisonous snake. Then, he bid us good day and pushed us out of his house.

We thought it odd that he would push us out so quickly after just having saved his life. Then we realized! There aren't any poisonous snakes in Dransik! That made us think... Was he really poisoned?

Determined to prove him a fraud we took an empty potion, dumped it out, and filled it with lake water. Then, we added orange food dye to make it look like a cure potion.

Making a fake potion

The next day we had a Jeel resident go and talk to Mirthik and see if he would say he was poisoned. Hidden in the bushes around his house we listened as Mirthik again claimed to be poisoned to our planted Jeel resident. The guy from Jeel gave him the potion and Mirthik again left for his back room, returned minus a cure potion, and pushed our planted hero out the door.

Then we all burst in the house and confronted him with his crime! We opened the door to his back room and to our surprise saw hundreds of orange potions! They covered the tables, shelves, and several large crates in the back! All full of cure potions! We were ready to turn Mirthik in to the authorities, but he begged us to hear his story first.

It seemed the only reason Mirthik was coning these cure potions from unsuspecting travelers was because he wanted to replace the mirrors of Dransik. As every traveler knows practically -every- mirror is Dransik is broken. Mirthik only wanted the people of the world to see their reflection once more.

We decided not to have Mirthik arrested, but we did take our cure potion back. (Later when one of our followers became poisoned we used the cure potion only to find that it was lake water with orange food dye... Damn you Mirthik!)


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