Mysterious Kobold Spears

Kobold Mystery

It has always puzzled even the most learned scholars what happens to the kobold's spear when it dies...

As any great adventurer knows kobolds never leave home without a spear. In fact, even when they are home they seem to be waving a spear around all over the place in some strange pattern. But what has always come as a great mystery is that whenever a kobold is killed his spear instantly disappears. Because of this we are led to believe that kobold spears seem to have some sort of magical enchantment placed on them.

Whatever this enchantment is it certainly doesn't increase the power of the weapon. Kobolds have been known to kill small children with their tiny spears, but even in large groups they are no match for a seasoned warrior. But then the question was raised, why do blacksmiths seem to have an unlimited supply of these things if you can't find them anywhere?

We asked the blacksmith of Vrethpool about his large stock of kobold spears and found ourselves being ushered out of his shop. (With excessive swearing I might add.) He didn't seem to thrilled about us asking about his wares. (We think his spears are fakes, but have no way to prove it.)

Still without a solid answer we decided to ask upon The Tome of Silvest the next time we found it. After months of searching we found the legendary book under a small shrub outside of Jeel. Consulting the book we examined page 2933 regarding kobold spears.

The page read: For the answer to what happens to a kobold spear when the kobold dies please turn the page.

By turning the page, of course, the book teleported into a totally random location somewhere in Dransik. Instead of spending several more weeks looking for it just to answer this question (which we are very much annoyed with) we have come to the conclusion that there is no real answer to this question and have decided not to pursue it any longer.


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