TheAlmightyGuru and Dransik

Who is TheAlmightyGuru?

Good Question, I'm glad you asked.

TheAlmightyGuru is my alias. My real name is Dean Tersigni, and you can find out plenty about me by looking at my webpage. This is my little story about Dransik and how I came to play this great game.

Since I first played computer games on my cousins TRS-80 I've been a huge fan of fantasy adventure games. The very first time I played Ultima it instantly became my favorite series ever. Being such a huge fan of Ultima, you can assume how I reacted when Ultima Online was released. I bought a copy the week it came out. After playing for about a year I eventually quit because it stopped being fun due to all the repetition, bugs, errors, lag, pkers, etc. For over two years I haven't played an online game. I've been missing the whole "online" scene a great deal, but I hadn't found a suitable game to play.

While working on the links section to my Ultima Page, I was checking one of my favorite Ultima sites on the Internet (Ultima the Reconstruction) and I saw a review of Dransik. It claimed to have a similar look to Ultima 5, but it was an on-line game! I downloaded it in a heart-beat to see if it's claims were true. It was then that I first began playing. What an awesome game it has become! So, now I've become hooked. I began playing in April and in only a month I was able to build up a 15th level warrior. This game is very exciting and I'll probably be playing it for some time into the future.

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