The Music of Dransik

When I first played Dransik the aspect that impressed me the most was the music. Usually a game that is in the beta stage has little or no music, but Dransik had several high quality tunes even in its early stages. The music was written and composed by a very talented man named Paavo Härkönen. I must tip my hat to him because his music is totally enchanting. I often find myself humming the tunes at work because they have worked their way into my psyche. I found that I wanted to listen to the music of Dransik even when I can't play the game. After hitting several web pages and asking multiple people send me the music, I have finally compiled the full list of all the Dransik music files.

All of this music was originally available from Paavo Härkönen's site at, however, most of those files are gone now, and the site itself tends to go up and down sporadically. To preserve the files for everyone I have placed them on my page so they will always be available for download.

MP3 Music
MIDI Music


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