The Tale of Bronwin

Herein lies the tale of the the warrior Bronwin...

Bronwin is a girl's name given to a boy. You can be sure Bronwin wasn't very thrilled about the name as he grew up. He was always the target of ridicule and jokes. Because of this he became very shy and disliked being around people. Bronwin usually works alone, but the few friends that he does have are treated as kin.

Bronwin is still a young man. He is currently seen wearing a helm of strength, gold armor, magic plate gauntlets, and magic plate leggings. He wields a sword of obliteration and a magic shield of cold resistance. He is quite skilled in swordsmanship and heals quite rapidly.

Because Bronwin grew up in a poor household he is very frugal with his money as well as the spoils of his victories. He is not one to give handouts unless he feels the cause is pure. He will also sometimes be seen picking up the treasure left behind by powerful warriors as he thinks that even small treasures still have value.

Bronwin is a friendly man. Although shy at first, Bronwin can become as talkative as the next when he feels more comfortable. Bronwin believes in the power of justice and love.

[[[ Bronwin is my first character. I was nearing level 15 before the dev team removed levels. Most of his points are placed on constitution. Thusly, he gains 6 hp per healing phase. I'm not trying to role-play Bronwin -too- much as I'm still not totally familiar with the mechanics of Dransik. Eventually, after I've done all that I can with Bronwin I'll begin my new character, Lukrain, who I will role-play heavily. Lukrain, being a wizard, must wait until the magic system is in place however. ]]]

[[[ Yes, I'm still a newbie as far as the game is considered. You may ask, what gives a newbie the right to make a web page about Dransik. Well, considering that there are only about five other Dransik pages on the web I hope my newbie presence is better than none at all. ]]]

[[[ Since the wipe of 6/12/2002, Bronwin has been resurrected and living once again in Silvest. Hope to see you there.]]]


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