The Tome of Silvest
The Tome of Silvest

The Tome of Silvest is a legendary book from the world of Dransik. The following are the currently transcribed pages from the tome. If you would like to contact the author, then just leave a message with one of our scribes.

News as of 2005/07/27

It looks like Lothgar (the original creator of Dransik) has a new game called Stygian Worlds. If you're a Dransik fan you might want to check it out.

Ashen Empires is now owned by Iron Will Games. The original Dransik (Dransik Classic) has been forgotten forever. I had a great time testing Dransik and I'm very proud of the entire Dransik team for making it so far with the game. I wish Dransik Classic had been released to the public, but I understand why it hasn't.

Page  Description
0011 - The History of The Tome
0352 - TheAlmightyGuru and Dransik
1083 - Character Traits
2933 - Mysterious Kobold Spears
3560 - The Trouble with Triddles
4697 - The Tale of Bronwin
5841 - The Dransik Music Files
7322 - Mirthik's Scheme
9102 - Dransik Weapons


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