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You will get absolutely nowhere on your quest without weapons. There are many different types of weapons that will help you along the way.

Weapon Cost Attack Location
Bamboo Pole 10 +2 Breconary, Cantlin
Club 60 +4 Breconary, Garinham, Cantlin
Copper Sword 180 +10 Breconary, Kol, Garinham, Cantlin
Hand Axe 560 +15 Kol, Rimildar, Cantlin
Broad Sword 1500 +20 Rimildar, Cantlin
Flame Sword 9800 +28 Cantlin
Erdrick's Sword None +40 Charlock Castle


Bamboo Pole - Just a simple length of cut bamboo. It's cheap, but not very powerful. Never buy it. It is very weak and even though it is cheap, it is still a waste of your money.

Club - A shaved oak bough with an easy-to-hold grip. Although this too isn't too powerful, you should definitely make this your first weapon. You can easily afford it in the beginning of the game and is much more effective than the bamboo pole.

Copper Sword - A long sword made from copper that will inflict a fair bit of damage on an enemy. This will be your first weapon upgrade. Although 180 gold doesn't seem like a lot of money, it will take a long time to get this much gold, at the beginning of the game. More powerful than the club, but still a fairly weak weapon.

Hand Axe - An iron axe especially made for fighting. Powerful but difficult to wield. After you have a lot of experience and really start to earn a lot of gold, you should definitely save for this. It is a fairly powerful weapon and you will get far with it. If you want to go to Rimildar and fight enemies like Wolves and Metal Scorpions, you will need this weapon.

Broad Sword - A light, strong sword made of steel. A step above the hand axe, this is a very powerful weapon. Although the hand axe is good, you can't use it forever. The broad sword, is expensive but a very good weapon.

Flame Sword - A complete and total waste of money. It is extremely expensive and not even that much better than the broad sword. You should go directly from the Broad Sword to Erdrick's sword. By the time you are strong enough to fight enough enemies to have 9800 gold AND make it to Cantlin, you should be able to safely make it to Erdrick's Sword.

Erdrick's Sword - A magnificent sword with astounding power and it's free. Good thing too. If they put a price on a sword like this, you'd be collecting gold until you were too old and weak to use the thing. It is found in Charlock Castle. For complete directions on your quest for this, see the walkthrough below.

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