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Appendix F - Complete Walkthrough

Act I - An Introduction to Alefgard

Section 1

There you stand in front of King Lorik. He informs you of the land of Alefgard's current state. The land is in turmoil. The Dragonlord has stolen the great Ball of Light, and hidden away with it in his castle. It's your job to go and get it. And so you quest begins.

Section 2

Before you leave, the king tells to to talk with the guards, and take the contents of the treasure chests in his throne room with you. The guards will give you some helpful knowledge, and inform you of Princess Gwaelin's abduction. The chest will give you a Torch, 120 gold, and a Magic Key, that you can use to leave the throne room. Once you've left the throne room, speak with everyone in Tantegel castle and receive more information about the land. There will be some locked up places you can't get to, but don't worry about them yet. Once you're ready, leave the castle by walking out it's southern entrance.

Section 3

You will see the land around the castle of Tantegel, to the east you will see the city of Breconary. And across the sea, you can see the castle Charlock, the home of the Dragonlord. Because you have no weapon nor armor, it would be wise to visit the city of Breconary and perhaps purchase some items. If you do happen to confront an enemy in between the towns, you should be alright to fight it, as the enemies at this point are very weak. Once inside the town, you will see an armoury where you can buy weapons and armor. When you speak with the man you will see that he is selling a Bamboo Pole, a Club, a Copper Sword, Clothes, and Leather Armor. Do not buy the Bamboo Pole, as it is a very weak weapon, but instead purchase the Club. Now, you will see that you almost have enough for the Leather Armor. It's up to you if you want to buy the clothes now, and try and hold out long enough for the Leather Armor. If you are still a beginner, you might want to buy the clothes. If you do buy the Leather Armor go out of the town and begin fighting, but if you bought the clothes, walk to the bottom right side of the town, to the covered house. Inside you will find a merchant selling tools. Buy the Dragon Scale, and leave. Make sure you use the dragon scale before you leave the town. Talk with everyone else, and get more information about the land, and the surrounding areas. When you have finished, leave the town and get ready to fight.

Section 4

Once out side of town walk back and fourth in between Breconary and Tantegel Castle fighting Slimes and Red Slimes. Continue doing this until you have reached level 2 which is when you get 7 experience points. At this point, unless you still have a good amount of hit points, you will probably want to go rest at the inn in Breconary then go to the castle and save your game by talking with King Lorik. Go back outside and continue fighting. You may want to try and fight Drakees which can be found slightly north of Tantegel castle. If you see a small patch of desert with a cave in the middle, keep away from it for now. Go in between the cave and the castle to find Drakees. They will attack for more, but they give more experience than Slimes. Don't be afraid if you die at this point because you won't lose that much gold, and you will get full hit points by doing it. Sometimes it's cheaper to die than to pay for an inn. Keep fighting until you get to level 3 at 23 experience points.

Section 5

You've reached level three and you efforts have been rewarded with: the Heal spell! This is by far the best spell in the game. You will cast it more than any other spell, and it will save your life more times than you can count. To use the spell, wait until you've taken some damage, and select Spells from the menu, and select Heal. You will lose 4 magic points but you will gain 10-15 hit points. Plus, as an added bonus, there is a way to avoid spending money at the inn for awhile. When you were talking with the people in Tantegel castle you came across an old man behind a counter, who said something about the descendants of Erdrick, but didn't do anything. Now that you have magic points, five of them to be exact, you can go get them filled for free! Talk to the old man, and he will fill up your magic points. The old man plus lots of heal spells equals full hit points and magic points for free! Added bonus to this, is the old man is in the castle, the same place where you need to save the game. So now that you know how to get mucho free life, you can fight more powerful enemies. Remember the cave entrance in the small desert? Well right around it, you will be able to fight Ghosts, who give more gold and experience than Slimes and Drakees. You might also run into a Magician, but run from them if you do. You're still too weak to fight them. When you feel adventurous go inside of the cave. You'll first notice that the entire place is dark. The torch you got from King Lorik could be of great use right now. Luckily this cave is under a protective spell, and no enemies reside in it. Look around until you find the stairs down, than in the second floor, look for a treasure chest. When you find it, take it and you will find an old tablet. Upon reading the tablet, you will find that you are a descendant of Erdrick. Well hot dog! If you don't have the Leather Armor by now, you should be able to afford it, so go and get it. If you already have Leather Armor, you might want to pick up a Dragon Scale as well.

Section 6

Keep fighting enemies until you've reached level 4 at 47 experience points. This level gives you the Hurt spell, which is stronger than your normal attack, but cost 2 magic points each time you cast it. Save the game every time you go up a level, as you should always do, and get ready for your next journey. A man in Breconary told you about a town named Garinham which is located to the northwest. Make sure you are full hit points and magic points, and begin the journey. First walk north until you reach the ocean, then walk west until you see Garinham. Walk into the town and speak with everyone there. When you finish go back outside, and keep fighting the enemies around the town. When you get too low with hit points, walk back to the castle to fill up. The Inn in Garinham costs way too much. When you reach 90 gold you can pick up a small shield in Breconary. Always save your game after a major purchase. When you get 110 experience points, you will be in level 5. Level 5 is a tough one. It is too easy to be fighting ghosts because it would take forever to pass the level getting 3 points at a time, but you are still to weak for many enemies.

Section 7

For level 5, you will be strong enough to fight around the outside of Kol. Where is Kol you may ask. From Tantegel Castle go around the northern mountains, and far to the east. There you will see a bridge to go over. Keep going east until you see another bridge. Cross that one and head northeast. In the forest you will see the town of Kol. Go inside of Kol and speak with everyone there. You might want to stop at the Inn, no doubt the enemies around Kol have caused some damage. After speaking with the people there, go outside the town and fight Magidrakees, Scorpions, Magicians and sometimes Ghosts. If a Skeleton appears, you are to weak to fight it so run away from it. Use the Hurt spell as much as you can because it will effect enemies a lot better than attacking at this point. When you run low on energy, stop into to Kol and rest at the inn for 20 gold which won't be too bad at this point since you are making a lot more gold now. When you have 180 gold, go back to Breconary, buy the Copper Sword then go to the castle to heal and save. You are now getting quite a bit more powerful. Go back to the Kol area. You will be able to attack enemies a lot better with this new weapon now. Keep on fighting until you reach level 6 at 220 experience.

Act II - Getting Equipped

Section 1

This is a low point in the game. You have to fight a lot of magidrakees and scorpions to get to level 7 and you also need to save 300 for the Chain Mail. When you finally get enough for the Chain Mail, go to Garinham and buy it, then save the game and go back to the Kol area. Fight until you reach level 7 at 450 experience. What's that? You've got a new spell? You got the Sleep spell! YES! Sleep is the second best spell in the game. It allows you to put even powerful enemies to sleep! And what do you do to a sleeping enemy? Bash his head in of course! The sleep spell will keep you alive for a much longer time. At this point use it against Skeletons and Magicians to keep them from massively damaging you. Be wary though, sleep has a tendency to fail against the more powerful enemies. Save the game and then head for Breconary.

Section 2

Now we're going to go do some dungeon crawling. Go to the tool shop and buy as many torches you can hold (That's six by the way). Then save quickly at the castle. (You can never save too many times.) Head west until you can go west no more. From there go south until you see a bridge. Cross the bridge and head south. You will see the same enemies here as the ones you fought around Kol. Hug the eastern mountain range and coast and keep heading south east. Soon you will see a cave. This is known as the Mountain Cave. Walk inside and use your torch. Walk around on the top floor for awhile until you get comfortable with it. There you will fight Ghosts, Druins, Skeletons, and Magicians. The top floor also holds an Herb which will help you greatly. Eventually when you have the top floor pretty much memorized, go down to the second floor. The second floor has more powerful enemies namely the Droll, Warlock, and Poltergeist. Be wary of the Warlock and Poltergeist, as both can put you to sleep! Look around, and you will find four chests. One has a torch which is always good. Next to that chest is one that holds a Fighter's Ring. A pretty much worthless item that can be sold for 15 gold. One chest has around 10-20 gold. Then there is one chest far away from the others, that holds 100-130 gold. Take the gold and leave the cave. All this fighting has probably hurt you real bad, so go back to the castle and heal. Sell the Fighter's Ring, and return to the Mountain Cave, for another go. Your gold will sky rocket fast by doing this. Game Secret: eventually if you grab that big chest enough times you will get a Death Necklace. Now this may not sound happy, but it is. You see the Death Necklace can be sold for 1,200 gold! This is a big help to your assets, and will allow you to buy the very expensive Hand Axe. When you do finally get the Death Necklace, walk back to the castle, heal and save, then go to Kol. In Kol sell the Death Necklace and buy the Hand Axe for 560 gold. If you have 800 gold now you should also get the Large Shield from Garinham.

Section 3

You should almost be at level 8 by now (800 experience). Now, what do you do after all this cave exploring? Do it again! The death necklace can only be found once, but you still get a lot of experience from the enemies, and a lot of gold each time. When you have gone enough times to have 1000 gold, go to Garinham, buy the Half Plate, save your game and go back to Kol. There, you need to fight until you reach level 9 at 1,300 experience. You will also get the spell of Radient, which acts like a torch, but effect a much wider area. When you reach level 9, go back to the castle to save and heal. Keep fighting for quite some time until you eventually reach level 10 at 2000 experience. Level 10 gives you the Stopspell with is VERY useful. Stopspell prevents enemies from casting spells, which means, no Hurt, no Sleep, and no Heal for the enemies only! You should stand around the Mountain Cave, and Kol until you can afford the Full Plate armor, which is very pricey (3000 gold) but really good.

Act III - Princess Gwaelin

Section 1

Do you remember seeing a cave surrounded by swamp? If not, look south of Kol and you will see it. This is what as known as the Swamp Cave. This is your next place to venture to. The land south of the Mountain Cave is too deadly, so you will need to fight some weaker enemies to get more powerful. So go into the cave, you'll take some damage from the swamps, but that's okay. You might want to heal a bit, or use a herb. Once inside the cave, go straight down. If you use the spell Radient here, it will help a great deal. Keep going south until you see the stairs, take those and you will be on the other side of the river. Here you will fight Wolves, Warlocks, Metal Scorpions, and Skeletons. You might want to make a quick dash for the town of Rimildar just southwest of your current location. While in this town it's a good idea to find the Key Shop. At the entrance to the town, you can walk north outside of the moat that surrounds the town. Hug the moat, and walk west. You will see a covered building with a merchant outside. Inside thee is an old man selling magic keys! Buy as many as you can carry. Once you have spoken with everyone, and rested, go outside and fight them until you get enough gold to buy the Broad Sword for 1500 gold. You will have to go to the inn often because these enemies are strong and you will use a lot of MP using sleep and heal. Then go to the inn and go back to fighting to raise your level. For now, you will be doing a lot of fighting. You will have to fight enemies in this same place until you reach level 11 at 2,900 experience.

Section 2

Now that you have a bunch of keys return to Tantegel Castle. While you are in Tantegel Castle, unlock the door that is guarding the right side of the castle. Don't open the door with treasure chests, you'll just get some piddly amounts of gold. Go to the top of the castle, then walk as far to the right as you can, one step right of the castle wall and walk downward to until you see water. Move over one more space and keep going down until you see the staircase. Go down that staircase, and talk to the old man. He will give you the Stones of the Sunlight, one piece needed to create the Rainbow Drop. Afterwards go back to the king and save your game. There are three things needed to make the Rainbow Drop. You now have one. Another thing, The Staff of Rain, is held by an old man. You may have already found him. He is in a small cave northwest of Kol. He asks for the Silver Harp in order to get the Staff of Rain. Where is the Silver Harp? In Tantegel Castle behind a barrier is a solider. Speaking with him you will discover that the tomb in Garinham has a secret wall to it, if you remember the tomb was the big locked building, but now you have magical keys! So you can leave the castle, and head towards Garinham.

Section 3

It is now time to retrieve that Harp! When you enter Garinham, go to the right until you see a locked door. Open the door and go in. Collect the three treasure chests. You get a Torch, a Herb, and something else. You will see another locked door with two guards. Do NOT open this door. If you talk to the guards they both say "I'm too busy, ask the other guard" so it is a waste of a key. In order to enter the grave, you need to find the secret wall, the solider in Tantegel castle gave you the general whereabouts of it. It's near the the top left corner of the screen .When you go through, keep going to the right until you see an old man and a staircase. The old man will tell you to stay away from the grave but he's just a chicken so don't listen to him. Go down the stairs, and get ready to explore the grave! There are some bigger monsters in this cave. You will see the Spector, Druin Lords, and Droll Magi so be careful. Turn on radiant and find the locked door, on the first floor. When you do, unlock it, go down and then to the left until you see a staircase, take that staircase down. Now go down until you, see a staircase and a path that leads to the right. Take the path that leads to the right. Now go down the stairs. When you get to the next floor, go up right away through the narrow passage for a few steps until you can't any further, than go one to the right and follow that path, and make a right turn at the first intersection. Then go up (up is the only way you can go) and again make a right turn at the first intersection. Now you will see a staircase. Go down the stairs, then go around to the other side and go up those stairs. You will be in a big room with a treasure chest in the middle. Therein holds the Silver Harp. Yeah! You probably don't have a lot of money anyway, so you might just want to die to get out. If you are strong enough though, just find your way out. Either way, get back to Tantegel Castle to save the game and heal. Go towards Kol to go to the Northern Cave as explained above. Trade the old man the Silver Hard for the Staff of the Rain. Now go back and save your game again.

Section 4

In case you haven't yet traveled there, south of Rimildar is a small cave with an old man who tells you that you that he doesn't believe you are a descendant of Erdrick. He wants some proof. Well you're not strong enough yet to prove it, so go back to the Rimildar area but keep going south, until you cross a bridge. This is the are you will be fighting for awhile. You should be able to beat most of the enemies there pretty easily except for Wyverns. You have to try to put them to sleep which won't always work, but it is the best thing to do. When you reach level 12 at 4,000 experience, you will get the spell Outside. This is a big help for leaving dungeons. Now go to the inn and head for the swamp cave and head home. Go to Tantegel and save your game. We have been neglecting the clues for too long, and her majesty is growing weary of our laziness. It's high time we... Rescue the princess!

Section 5

We've learned that she was abducted. We know she is somewhere underground. We know that there is only one dungeon that we haven't fully explored, the Swamp Cave. Well Sherlock, we have our suspect. First we need to get equipped for a perilous task. Go to Breconary and buy 6 herbs and make sure you have a Magical Key, then save. Go to the Swamp Cave and chant the spell of Radiant. Now go to the right and work your way to a narrow passageway. That is where the dragon always is. Heal yourself all the way with the heal spell. Step on the square and pray he doesn't attack before you're ready. Now chant the spell of sleep. It may work and it may not. When it does, keep using the spell of hurt. When the dragon attacks, make sure you use an herb for your next move, unless he just breathes fire which only takes 10-14 HP. Kind of funny that his special attack is weaker than his normal attack! If you are persistent, you will eventually beat the dragon, because many times it will sleep a long time. If you do get killed, reset the game and try again! It is very hard but very possible too. You will just need to work at this to be able to do it. When you beat him finally, heal yourself some more. Then go to the locked door, unlock it and talk to the princess. She will ask for your love, say yes and begin your journey back to the castle. Be careful not to die on the way back because you will have to unlock the door over again wasting a key. When you get back, talk to the king and he will be grateful. Gwaelin will give you a present, her undying love! Awwww, how cute.

ACT IV - Erdrick's Legacy

Section 1

We've heard many people speak of it, and know a bit about it's rumors. A town known as Cantlin exists. Guarding it is a huge beast known as a Golem. Someone once said that the Golem will grow sleepy at the sound of a Fairy Flute. What do you mean you don't have a Fairy Flute? Someone already told you how to get it! It's in the town of Kol, four steps south of the bath, Duh! However, before you go there it would be wise to unlock the door in Breconary and buy a few bottles of Fairy Water, as the enemies are way to powerful around Cantlin for you to fight. After that go to Kol, grab the Fairy Flute, save your game and head for Cantlin. Don't know how you get to Cantlin? Head towards the Mountain Cave, but keep going south. Once you start fighting really big enemies, it's a good time to use the Fairy Water. The land will head south for awhile, but will eventually hook northward. Follow this past the first bridge to the second, the one surrounded by swamp. Then, cross the bridge and head south. Tow will soon see a town surrounded by walls. Don't get too close! Go to the town and two steps before it you will see a Golem. First use the Fairy Flute to put him to sleep. Keep attacking him until he dies, and if he wakes up, use the Fairy Flute immediately. Then use an herb to heal yourself and attack him again. Keep doing this until he dies. Then go into Cantlin and go to the inn. Cantlin has every kind of shop available, but it also has the key information on Erdrick's Armor, and Erdrick's Token. Make sure you speak with everyone in the town.

Section 2

Now go back to Breconary, fill up on herbs and save your game. Yup, you are going to get Erdrick's Armor. In level 12 it is not too hard to do either. Go to Hauksness, and heal yourself all the way running away from everything, and praying that you don't get blocked. Go to the east side of it where there is a tree and small swamp. Stand on the swamp right next to the tree and heal yourself. Now step on the square and the Axe Knight will appear. Chant the Stopspell immediately. Now pray he will chant Sleep, wasting his attack. If he doesn't, use an herb. Then you should try to put him to sleep. If it doesn't work after 2 tries, stop trying. Just keep fighting with hurt spell, and herbs, praying he will try to chant the sleep spell. With the combination of herbs, and his wasted sleep spells, and you possible putting him to sleep, you should be able to beat him. When you do, search the ground and you will now have the Erdrick's Armor! CHA-CHING! Then head back for the castle. If you die, reset the game and try again! When you get back to the king, save your game of course. Let me give you the run down on Erdrick's Armor. This boy had some Awesome Armor! Every step you take you heal a hit point. This will let you stay outside indefinitely fighting monsters. It also prevents ALL damage from swamps and barriers! Yeah-baby!

Section 3

Now go back to the Wyvern place south of Rimildar and fight until you get to level 13 at 5,500 experience. Level 13 gives to the Return spell which works like Wyvren Wings. It is very helpful. When you get to level 13, it is time to make the bridge to Charlock Castle. Do the usual preparations, buy 6 herbs and save. Then head for Hauksness, only keep going south. You will come to a bridge that is in the hills. The enemies are very strong here so run every time. When you cross the bridge, keep going north until you see the first bridge to the right. Cross that bridge and enter the huge swamp. You won't lose any power now because you have Erdrick's Armor. Go all the way to the other side of the swamp, running away from enemies and using herbs when needed when you get to the center of the right side of the swamp, or 70, 40 if you use Gwaelin's love, search the ground and find Erdrick's Token, this is needed to prove you're a descendant of Erdrick. Now go back to the castle, either by walking, the Return spell, or death. Then save your game.

Section 4

Now go back to the Wyvern location south of Rimildar and go down the staircase. Talk to the old man there, he will finally believe you, and give you the Rainbow Drop. Head back to Breconary to buy 6 herbs and then save once more. Now head for the Rimildar area again but instead of going south towards the town, go directly west until you are on sand and come to a channel. Stand right in front of the channel and select Rainbow Drop from the items menu. The lake will flash many different colors and you will hear lots of sounds. Then a bridge will appear. The enemies are very strong, consisting of Magiwyverns and Werewolves, so run and use heal when you need to. Now go into the castle and get ready to get Erdrick's Sword! To the north until you see barriers and a throne. Cross the barriers and walk to the throne. Search there, and you will feel a draft from behind the throne. Walk directly behind the throne and search. A staircase will appear. Now go down the stairs to the next floor. Follow the path to the only staircase on that floor. On the next floor do the same thing. There is only one staircase that you can reach. Be careful. There will now be Blue Dragons and Stonemen! Use heal and herbs when needed. The next floor is more complicated. Start by going to the left as far as you can, then go down and take the first left. When you can't go left any further, go up until you can't go up any further. Now go left until you can't go left any further. Then go down and then you will see the staircase. Go down the stairs and heal yourself some more. Remember, with Erdrick's Armor you heal one point every step so this will help too. At the next floor, work your way to the bottom right hand corner. This is pretty easy to do. Now go up until you see a passageway. Do not go down this one. Instead, go left for two steps and then down along the other side of that wall. You will see a staircase going up. Now, follow the path until you reach another staircase, as there is only one on this path. Go down the stairs and you will easily see the next staircase to take. The next room is similar, there is only one staircase but this one is a little bit longer. When you go down the next staircase, you will see a treasure chest. Take the chest and you have the Erdrick's Sword! SWEET! Now, if you have at least 14 MP, chant the spell Outside and then Return and go to Tantegel and heal and save you game. If you do not, just kill yourself, go back to the king, and save. This may take several tries and a lot of resetting, sometimes 5 tries or more, but it is not too difficult too do, and you will be very glad you did it when you do.

Section 5

Now it is time to raise those experience levels! The best thing to do is to go to one step south of Hauksness and just walk back and fourth. The enemies will be a little tough at this level, but you should be able to do it with a combination of Erdrick's Sword and Erdrick's Armor. You will now be fighting Wyverns, Rouge Scorpions, Wraith Knights, Knights and occasionally Demon Knights which will be you biggest challenge at the time. When you raise your level to 14, with 7,000 experience, go back and save your game. Then go to the same location but further south to the moutainy area and go into the grassy plain to the left of it. Here you will fight Knights, Demon Knights, Magiwyverns, and occasionally Metal Slimes. Make sure you Return every time you are down to about 12 hit points, and be sure to save your game every time you go to the inn so you can reset from where you died from because you are now saving for the Silver Shield. Keep fighting and saving and going to the inn and back until you reach level 15 at 10,000. You will get the spell Repel, which will help you later in the game, but isn't that big of a deal now, because you want to fight things! Save and go back out fighting until you reach level 16 at 13,000 experience. Then go to Cantlin, and buy the Silver Shield, sell your old one, exit the town, chant the spell of Return, go to Tantegel to heal and save. You are now fully equipped to kill the Dragonlord. But you're not quite powerful enough.

Act V - Death to the Dragonlord

Section 1

You've got a bit of a wait. Just keep fighting until you reach level 20. You'll get the spell of Healmore at 17,000 experience for level 17. Level 18 at 21,000 experience just makes you more powerful, but level 19 at 25,000 experience gives you Hurtmore. Then, finally at level 20, 29,000 experience you are ready to take on the dreaded Dragonlord. To do this, first go to Breconary, buy 6 herbs and save your game.

Section 2

Now go to Charlock Castle, running from every enemy. When you get to the Castle, go down the stairs, you went to behind the throne before. When you are in the dark, use a torch instead of Radiant because you will need as much MP as you can have for the fight with the Dragonlord. Now follow the path to the next floor. Do this again. When you go down the stairs from the second basement to the third, it is a little more complicated. Now, go to the right as far as you can, then go down and make the first turn to your right. Go right as far as you can, then up as far as you can, then left and down and you will see the stairs. On the next floor, go to the bottom right hand corner, and go up until you see a staircase, and take the first left there. Keep going left until you see a stair case. Go down that staircase. On this floor, just follow the path, there is only one staircase to go to. The next floor is the same, just go right until you reach the final staircase. The last floor, will be lit up so you can finally see where you are going. Start by going up and making the first left turn, and take the last path that is going upwards. Make the first right turn. From then on, just follow the path until you are standing next to the Dragonlord. Talk to him, using talk. He will offer you to rule half the land with him. Say no, or you will ruin the game and have to reset and leave from where you were before you went to the Castle. He will then call you a fool and the battle will begin. By this point, the first Dragonlord should be easy. Just keep attacking him, and hope he attacks or uses Stopspell but not Hurtmore. When he is dead, a huge dragon will appear and it will say "The Dragonlord revealed his true self." Do NOT under and circumstances try chant any other spell besides Healmore during this battle. Attack him, and he will attack you. When your life gets low, chant Healmore. Keep sustaining and doing this until you defeat him. It takes awhile but when you finally do, you will have beaten the game! Now, chant the spell of Outside, and Return, to get back to Tantegel, or find your way back normally. (The townsfolk say different things now, but nothing too spectacular.) Then go inside the castle. The king will be waiting on the first floor. He will congratulate you, and ask you to take over the kingdom. You decline his request and go off with Gwaelin to find your own kingdom. Then the credits roll on and it is the end.

Section 3

After this, you reset and play some more. Now to raise your experience levels, go to the Axe Knight in Hauksness and fight him over and over to raise your levels fast. You will have to get 4000 points each level now. The highest level is 30. The highest experience and gold allowed is 65535. Once you get it you will be extremely strong. The strongest enemy that will ever run away from you is the Wyvern, who will finally run in level 30. That is about it. By then you can cream the Dragonlord and that is about all there is to do in the game Dragon Warrior.

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