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Along your quest, you will learn many spells. They are very useful, without them, the quest would be a real drag and probably impossible.

Spell MP Level Use
Heal 4 3 Recover 10-15 HP.
Hurt 2 4 2-15 damage to enemies.
Sleep 2 7 Put enemies to sleep.
Radient 3 9 Light up caves better than a torch.
Stopspell 2 10 Block enemies' spells.
Outside 6 12 Lets you go directly outside of a cave.
Return 8 13 Brings you directly back to Tantegel.
Repel 2 15 Keeps enemies from appearing.
Healmore 10 17 Like heal, but stronger.
Hurtmore 5 19 Like hurt, but stronger.


Heal - If you use this spell when you've been wounded in battle, you can be cured without having to stay overnight at an Inn. You can use this spell whether you're walking about or in battle. For each time you chant the spell, you can gain 10-15 extra HP points and lose 4 MP points. This will be the first spell you will learn. In level 3, you will only be able to use it once. After that, your MP will increase rapidly. Although somewhat effective, it does not restore as much as herbs, but is still definitely useful.

Hurt - A spell you will use for fighting. When you chant it, little balls of fire spurt out of your fingertips. One chant of this spell inflicts 2-15 points of damage on the enemy, and you lose 2 points of MP. This spell is great when you get it. A lot more powerful than your attacks at that time, and only uses 2 mp. It is great for fighting magicians and scorpions.

Sleep - Chant this spell if you come across some really disagreeable monsters. It will make monsters fall into a deep, deep, sleep. You lose 2 points of MP for every spell and it doesn't work every time. When you get this spell, the game will be a heck of a lot easier. You will be able to fight bigger and tougher enemies, and make it to a lot of new places. Some enemies especially Demon Knights are not affected by it at all. It can be used on just about any other enemy on a regular basis. It will also not work on the Dragonlord at all, so don't even bother trying.

Radient - This spell will light up caves when you find yourself groping around in the dark. Brighter than a fiery torch, you'll be able to see far ahead. It costs 3 mp every time you use it and it eventually fades out. I still recommend it over the torch for most situations except for Charlock Castle because you will need all the MP you can have.

Stopspell - Of the various monsters you'll come across in your travels some will attack you with spells. When that happens, chant this spell. If the spell is successful you can block the monster's spell. It is useful for 2 reasons. One, you will prevent the enemy's spell from being successful. Two, enemies don't know that when you chant Stopspell, they aren't supposed to cast the spell. Sometimes, they will try over and over and it will just say "But that spell hath been blocked" which is a blessing because it saves you from losing any HP at all.

Outside - If by chance you lose your way deep down in some dark, gloomy labyrinth or if you find that you haven't enough strength to get back up to the world above, or don't want to even try because you are in a hurry, then this is the spell for you. It'll warp you back to the world above in no time at all. It will transport you outside the cave, no matter where you are inside of it. Just make sure you save 6 MP, if this what you are planning to do.

Return - When you've traveled too far away from home or you find that you just can't return to Tantegel Castle, use this spell to soar high in the sky and return. Lets you return directly to Tantegel Castle from anywhere in Alefgard. It will not work from caves, however. It takes a lot of MP but is worth it. Using 8 MP for that is a lot better than using heal twice and trying to make it all the way back from a tough situation.

Repel - This spell will cloak you in a magical aura that protects you from monster attacks. However, it won't work in foul smelling caves. And just like fairy water, you can't use it against monsters stronger than you. Very useful Spell. Does the same thing as fairy water, but you don't have to pay anything for it and it only takes 2 MP to use it.

Healmore - Some of the Dragonlord's henchman are so strong that they inflict more than 30 points worth of damage in a single attack, in which case "heal" or healing herbs won't work in time. This is a more powerful version of "heal" and will restore 75-100 HP points each time you use it. Extremely important if you are fighting the Dragonlord. Since his fire can take away 47 HP, this is definitely a necessity. Only use this if you really have to, because if you use it frequently, you will find yourself without any MP, very quickly.

Hurtmore - This is a more powerful version of "hurt". Legend has it that those who can chant the spell summon up lightning and attack the enemy with it. When you've chanted the magic spell, knife-like lightning is fired from your fingertips and destroys almost all enemies. Very powerful spell, that can take 60-70 HP away on some enemies. With this spell, you will many times be able to kill enemies as strong as Axe Knights in one attack. Enemies also know this spell but thank goodness it is not as powerful as yours because if enemies could take away 70 HP at once, you would definitely be screwed.

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