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Appendix - C Playing Hints

Visit the king often and have your deeds recorded on the imperial scrolls of honor (To save your game)

Your adventure is much longer than you think, so long that you'll never achieve your goal in a single day. (Although that's debatable!) To save your game, you must return to Tantegel Castle and visit King Lorik on the second floor. Another thing, even when you're not ending the game I'd advise you go and visit the King, for example, at each promotion in level.

Skillfully use your items!

The various items that you can buy in the general store will really come in handy. For example, you won't need Herbs if you remember the Heal spell, but they'll be very welcome if you've almost run out of magic points when fighting a surprisingly strong enemy. If you've got enough money to spare and you want to travel a long way, buy the Wings. Many times you'll wish you'd brought some along.

Gather lots of information!

To defeat the Dragonlord, you must of course be strong and seek out where the Dragonlord lurks. To do that you must visit lots and lots of districts in Alefgard and gather information from the townspeople. Some of the things that they will tell you may not make much sense at the time, but as you go forward in the game you'll understand the meaning of their words. You would be well advised to make a note of what they tell you!

Learn the enemy's tactics!

Many enemies don't just always attack. Some can cast spells, and use special abilities. Some are immune to spells, some are especially weak to spells. Some you can easily run from, others are very difficult to run from. Keep an eye out for the ways certain monsters attack and chant spells. You can use these attack patterns to your advantage. If the enemy casts spells a lot, use Stopspell. If they attack a lot, use Sleep. If they're immune to magic, attack and heal. Each enemy is different, and different tactics are necessary.

Memorize the Caves

There is quite a bit of traveling that you will have to do underground. It's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the areas, so you won't need to worry about getting lost. If you do get lost in a cave, death is a usual outcome, so make sure you always know where you are.

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