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Player Stats

You're character has several statistics or stats. Each stat focuses on a particular attribute of your character. The higher your stats the more powerful your player will be.

Stat Description

This tells you your level as a warrior. You're at level 1 at the beginning of the game. As you fight monsters and gain more experience, your level goes up, your strength increases, and you learn more spells. Level 30 is the highest level you can obtain. See the level chart further in this document.

Hit Points (HP)

This shows your life force. Hit Points will decrease when the enemy inflicts damages on you, or when you walk through swamps and barriers. Don't forget, when this number reaches 0 you will become very very dead!

Maximum Hit Points

If your life force is very low, it can be restored to maximum force by staying at an Inn, or casting several heal spells. Also, the maximum HP goes up with each level and you'll be able to withstand more damage.

Magic Power (MP)

This is your power for chanting spells. This power goes down each time you chant a spell. Some spells use more or less MP than others.

Maximum Magic Power

You can restore your magical power to maximum strength by staying at an Inn, or speaking with the old man at castle Tantegel. Like maximum HP, maximum MP goes up when you increase levels.

Gold (G)

The land of Alefgard uses one currency, gold. You get some gold for each of the monsters you defeat. (Even ones that have no practical use for it, and ones that couldn't possibly even carry it. Don't you just love fantasy worlds?) And when you've saved up enough gold, you'll be able to buy weapons, armor, and other items. Unlike many RPG's that give you way too much gold, Dragon Warrior actually keeps your gold supply low making the game take longer. (A blessing as well as a curse.)

Experience (E)

This is your fighting experience. You gain experience by defeating the enemy. The stronger the enemy, the more experience you get. As you gain experience, your level goes up and your power increases.


As this number increases the amount of damage you can do also increases.


Your character becomes faster at higher levels. This means that you can more easily avoid the enemy or run away.

Attack Power

The higher this number, the more damage you can inflict on monsters. You can increase your attacking power by becoming stronger and acquiring more powerful weapons.

Defend Power

A higher defense rating means that an enemy's attack will inflict less damage to you.


I think this effects your ability to run, and not get surprised. It might also effect excellent blows.


I think this effects your ability not to get hit, and to hit enemies.

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