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There are many items that will help you along your way. Here is a quick reference chart. The detailed analysis of each item is below.

Item Name Buy Sell Location Use
Ball of Light None None Dragonlord Restore peace to the land!
Cursed Belt None 180 Grave of Garinham, Charlock Curses you!
Death Necklace None 1200 Mountain Cave Sells for a whole lot
Dragon's Scale 20 10 Breconary, Garinham, Kol, Cantlin Gives you 2 more defense.
Erdrick's Tablet None None Erdrick's Cave Learn about your ancestor
Erdrick's Token None None See Below Needed for Rainbow bridge
Fairy Water 30 15 Breconary, Cantlin Repels enemies
Fairy Flute None None Kol Puts Golem to sleep
Fighter's Ring None 15 Mountain Cave Unsure (See Below)
Gwaelin's Love None None Gwaelin has it Tells you location and level status
Herbs 24 12 Breconary, Garinham, Kol, Cantlin Restore a good amount of life
Magic Keys 53, 85, 93 ? Rimildar, Tantegel, Cantlin Opens locked doors.
Rainbow Drop None None Old Man in Southern Cave Makes bridge to reach Charlock
Silver Harp None None Grave of Garinham Trade it for Staff of the Rain
Staff of the Rain None None Northern Cave Needed to make rainbow drop
Stones of Sunlight None None Tantegel Castle Needed to make rainbow drop
Torch 8 4 Breconary, Garinham, Kol, Cantlin Lights up caves
Wings 70 35 Kol, Cantlin Lets you go directly to Tantegel


Ball of Light - This is the item the Dragonlord has stolen. Your ancestor Erdrick once used this precious object to fight demons and now it is up to you to recover it. An interesting side note, the Dragon Warrior Instruction Manual, claims that there were Balls (plural) of Light.

Cursed Belt - Found in two places. The first, in the Grave of Garinham. It shouldn't be too hard to find. It is in a treasure chest after you walk up a long narrow hallway. The second on the bottom floor of Charlock Castle where all those treasure chests are, guarded by a locked door. Don't put it on, as it curses you. Sell it at the tool shop for 180 gold.

Death Necklace - Found in the Mountain Cave. On the bottom floor, you will find a chest that contains 100-130 gold. The cursed necklace is in that chest at random. If it is not there the first time, chant the spell of Outside, go back in and try again. Keep trying this until you get it. It may take awhile but you get over 100 gold every time you do it and when you finally get the necklace, you can sell it for 1200 gold!

Dragon's Scale - Legend has it that this fell from a dragon's body a long, long, time ago. A light green fossil that fits in the palm of your hand. This should be one the first items you buy. Although it doesn't increase your defense power greatly, it will help a little. It raises your defense power 2 points which is nearly doubled if you buy it in level 1. It is not automatic like armor, though. You must don it by selecting it from the items menu.

Erdrick's Tablet - Not too important to find, but if you do, read it! It was a stone tablet Erdrick left you with words of wisdom and motivation.

Erdrick's Token - The item you need to show the man in the Southern Cave that you are really Erdrick's descendant. Without this, you cannot get the Rainbow Drop. It is located at 70' South 40' West and the game instructions say you need Gwaelin's Love but you don't. It is pretty easy it pinpoint the location without knowing your distance. It is in the middle of the right side of the large swamp, if you have Erdrick's Armor, it will be no problem. Just watch out, very strong enemies live there.

Fairy Water - Magical water taken from a spring by a silver ladle on the night of a full moon and purified at the altar of the goddess Aura. It is said that you can travel for some time while warding off those in your way if you sprinkle some of the water on your body. However, the power of this water is not effective in caves or against evil monsters with great power. Now we all know there is nothing more annoying then a million enemies popping up, even if they are simple slimes, (sometimes they're more annoying!) The Repel spell helps but since you don't get that until level 15, Fairy Water helps a lot. It does everything Repel does, but you need keys to get it and you need to pay for it too.

Fairy Flute - Needed to put Golem to sleep. He is the guy that looks like a red left handed Goldman, guarding Cantlin. It can be found in the town of Kol. You will see a square of water which is supposed to be a bath that cures Rheumatism. It can be found 4 steps directly beneath this fountain.

Fighter's Ring - Found in the Mountain Cave. Enix (the company that made Dragon Warrior) never released any offical documents that explained what the Fighter's Ring does. It doesn't alter your Attack or Magic power, but some claim that it adjusts your ability to hit, your ability to get critical hits, dodge blows, escape from enemies, or makes them run more. The only obvious game effect that can be seen, is the response you get from a solider in Cantlin. Other than that the only thing it is good for is selling, and it only sells for 15 gold. If someone ever decompiles the Dragon Warrior source we may know more.

Gwaelin's Love - After you rescue Gwaelin, she gives you a present. It is some kind of device, that lets her talk as long as you're not fighting enemies or in caves (like a cell phone.) It is very useful because it tells you how much experience you need to get to the next level and how far away from the castle you are. Although you don't need it for Erdrick's Token, it's greatly helpful.

Herbs - A medicine made of pulverized and mixed mandoragora root and mugwort. Just one herb package will restore 20-35 of your HP points. You can carry up to 6 at once. Very useful for when you are in the middle of a battle and have to recover fast or are low on Magic Power and need to heal yourself.

Magic Key - Special keys that open closed doors. Although you can use them on any door, you lose on for each door you have opened. There are three places to buy them. Rimildar for 53 gold, Tantegel Castle for 85 gold, and Cantlin for 93. Never buy them in Tantegel Castle or Cantlin. Not only are they more expensive, but you need a key just to get to both of these shops. Only buy keys in Rimildar.

Rainbow Drop - Needed to make the rainbow bridge to get to Charlock Castle. Go to the channel on the sand that is just a little but northwest of Rimildar, Walk right in front of it and use the Rainbow Drop. The water will flash many colors and you will hear all sorts of sounds and then a bridge will appear. You can only do it once and it is really cool to watch.

Silver Harp - Found in the Grave of Garinham. When you play it, it attracts enemies. You don't want to use it for this however. You want to go to the Northern Cave that is way up north in the woods and give it to the old man there who will give you the Staff of Rain for it.

Staff Of The Rain - One of the three items necessary for you to get the Rainbow Drop. You trade an old guy the Silver Harp for it.

Stones Of The Sunlight - Third item needed for the Rainbow Drop. Found in the basement of Tantegel Castle.

Torch - This lights up the dark and gloomy underground labyrinths. It's made from slender fresh wood and is soaked in pine resin and oil. You can buy it at almost all general stores. It is only 8 gold but doesn't light too well. You can only see for one space around you in each direction, where Radient lets you see for four blocks in each direction but then fades out. Serves its purpose until level 9 though and you will need it in Charlock Castle when you fight the Dragonlord because you will need as much MP as possible.

Wings - Another legend has it that, when lightning strikes and kills a Wyvern, it's wings fall down to earth with their magical flying powers still intact. Using these wings will bring you back to Tantegel Castle. Like the torch, also takes the place of a spell before you get it. You can fly directly home to Tantegel Castle with this if you get in a situation where you don't think you can make it home alive or you just want to quit and don't want to walk all the way back. They are rather expensive, 70 gold, but you will never need them after Level 15.

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